Sunday, September 27, 2009

Abuse in Beit Shemesh - Jonathan Rosenblum

There is a very important discussion on the David Morris's Tzedek Tzedek blog concerning child abuse

Jonathan Rosenblum was severely criticized by Michael Leshier for in an earlier article in the Jerusalem Post and this is his defense - comments to it are especially interesting.

I am not taking sides but will just note that the people involved are all sincere and articulate. Nonetheless there are children who have been harmed


  1. gmar chatima tova.
    please check my new web log about Orthdodox Jewish and Israeli musings.

  2. Rav Yonasan Rosenblum is a decent and sincere man. He is also a PR guy for people who have a vested interest in downplaying what is going on in the Chareidi community. Unlike some outright apologists who never met a Chareidi criminal they couldn't metaher, Rosenblum is far more fair and balanced. However, there is only so much he can say while retaining his "street cred" with his community. Were he to come out and write what everyone wants him to, he'd find himself without a job or friends.

  3. Lkvoad Harav,
    Thank you very much for overseeing a blog that informs, enlightens and allows discussion in a torahdik fashion. Wishes for a Gmar Chasima Tova.
    Mrs. Caren V. May

  4. Rosenblum wrote 2 different articles about the same subject one for the general public and one for the haredi public, it is Palestinian tactic to say one thing to the outside media and another to their own media ( thanks God for MEMRI).

    The problem is greater than one individual, part of the problem is that starry eyes baalei teshuva who become haredi refuse to see anything wrong with their new community and therefore there is nothing to fix. People who live in the community all their life can admit that something is wrong and to find solutions. Also sometime BT who are haredi become so rigid in their hashkafa and do not realize that in order to solve issues you need to work with people who do not share your hashkafa. This is maybe another reason Rosenblum partnered with Tropper, because both of them detest Modern Orthodoxy.

    Few years ago Rosenblum wrote an article in Cross-Current praising then Israeli president Mosje Katsav for refusing to call Reform Rabbi a Rabbi. After Katsav was indicted and was removed from office because of allegations of rape and sexual assaults on multiple women I sent an email to Rosenblun asking him if he is going to comment on this, I sarcastically asked if he thinks it OK to rape and assault women as long as you disrespect Reform rabbis.

    He did not answer, some people in the haredi world should realize that sexual crimes are just as bad if not more than woman wearing pants and guys wearing kippa seruga.


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