Thursday, May 18, 2023

Republicans Pull Off Face-Saving Gambit to Keep George Santos in Congress

Republicans say they’re simply following “due process.” Democrats say they’re trying to do right by voters and Congress. And all the while, as the two sides bicker, indicted Rep. George Santos (R-NY) will remain in Congress.

After Republicans turned a long-shot motion to kick Santos out of Congress into a vote to refer the matter to the Ethics Committee, Democrats were quick to cry foul, complaining that Republicans were just using “due process” as an excuse to keep Santos in Congress indefinitely.

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  1. Democracy is not synonymous with the highest standards of integrity, truth, honesty, etc. There is a place for all those things in a democracy. But ultimately democracy, as practiced in America, also involves compromise, power, etc.

    Elected officials are elected by voters. Obviously. But a group of voters may subscribe to a conspiracy theory. So to get the votes of those voters the elected official may hint he or she subscribes to the conspiracy theory, or is at least sympathetic to those who do.

    In the U.S., money plays a role in elections. People make legal donations. But they can use their donation as a doorway to get access to the elected official. Perfectly legal if done right.

    Given all this, there is plenty of room to criticize even upstanding elected officials as to how they balance their desire to get and hold on to power with their desire to act according to high personal principles.

    So, have at it! Let the never ending criticisms begin.


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