Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Clip of Lindsey Graham Saying 'Russians Are Dying' Misleadingly Edited

But as the backlash against Graham escalated, it soon emerged that his comments were misleadingly edited in the short clip, which conflated different comments.

A longer version of the conversation, which was released by the Ukrainian government and published by Reuters, among others, shows that the two remarks—framed as part of the same comment—were in fact unrelated.

In the first part, Zelensky thanks the United States and allies for their "bipartisan support" of Ukraine, stating that America's support since the start of the invasion exceeded "$38 billion."

To that, Graham replies: "The best money we've ever spent," adding that this is "467th day of a war that was supposed to last three days." The latter comment appears to hark back to Putin's alleged pre-war goal of "taking Kyiv in three days."

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