Sunday, July 24, 2022

The One Time Trump Couldn’t Lie His Way Out of a Crisis 

Trump had known for a while that COVID-19 was poised to spark a pandemic unlike the globe had seen in a hundred years. After he and other top aides, among them Mike Pence and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, initially downplayed warnings coming from elsewhere in the administration — including from national security aide Matt Pottinger and trade adviser Peter Navarro — the president had grown convinced of the danger posed by what he often dubbed “the plague.” He confided in the journalist Bob Woodward as far back as February 7 that he knew the virus was deadly.

But publicly, Trump lied.

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  1. Politico wants to forget that the minute Trump did want to start doing something by limiting flights from China and quarantining arrivals, the liberal left screamed that it would be racism to do so!
    And just to show we've learn absolutely nothing in the last two years, we now have a new virus spreading more and more rapidly but because 98% of victims are from a specific, favoured community, we're not allowed to say it aloud or demand that the community restrict some of its, um, orgiastic activities to reduce the spread. Because... homophobia!


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