Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Double Standard for Policing Capitol Rioters and BLM Protesters

Horrified onlookers including President-elect Joe Biden could not help but notice the striking contrast between the police response to Trump’s insurrection and the hard fist that met Black Lives Matter protests in June. During largely peaceful protests on June 1, D.C. police officers arrested 289 people, with federal officers tear-gassing demonstrators in Lafayette Square to clear the way for Trump’s infamous Bible photo-op at St. John’s Episcopal Church. By comparison, local police in Washington, D.C., who secured the Capitol grounds on Wednesday and enforced the 6 p.m. citywide curfew have made only 68 arrests as of Thursday morning.


  1. America is rotten, huh? So if the social order breaks down in Eretz Yisrael and the Jews there become refugees, what country are you planning to escape to?

  2. How many of the BLMers were in jail awaiting trial a year and a half after their arrest?

    Answer: zero.

  3. That while the initial police response to BLM may very well have been harsher -- I don't know -- eventually the FBI arrested hundreds of insurgents, many of whom I understand have been sitting in the DC jail for well over a year awaiting trial. So, yeah, I'd say the determination to legally squeeze the insurgents has been way beyond any criminal prosecution of BLMers, by and large.

  4. Are you claiming that the Jan 6 rioters are being treated more harshly than Blacks in that Jail or are you saying it is intolerable they are being treated equally?

  5. Neither. I'm saying the BLMers who were arrested were probably released with maybe a fine...the insurgents are in the jail well into their second year there.

  6. apples and oranges
    J6 are not being charged with the crimes the BLM rioters were nor are they in the same jail

    The ones still in jail were not peaceful unless you think hitting cops is peaceful?!


  8. “The Double Standard for Policing” I agree with Joe Orlow: “So, yeah, I'd say the determination to legally squeeze the insurgents has been way beyond any desire to criminal prosecute BLMers, by and large.”

    Bravo Joe a warrior for fighting double standards on policing.

    Is there a double standard in NYS courts divorce issues where man v wife disagree on where to live? The NYS Appellate Division 2nd Dept ruled April 29, 1996:
    "In July 1991, the wife commenced this separation action after the husband had left the United States to settle permanently in the State of Israel. In the separation action, the wife seeks, inter alia, support for the minor children. During the pendency of the separation action in New York, on February 17, 1993, a Rabbinical Court in the State of Israel issued a divorce decree. ...Further, even if the divorce decree of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court were entitled to full faith and credit under the doctrine of comity, New York courts would nevertheless retain jurisdiction over subsidiary issues such as child support (see, Bennett v. Bennett, 103 A.D.2d 816, 817). As such, the Supreme Court was correct in not extending comity as to the child support issues and, accordingly, in denying the husband's motion to amend his answer.

    I'm a warrior to assert the right of the man to insist on living in Israel. This is a mitzvah to many.

  9. Wow lets ignore the facts and decide what we like reality to be


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