Tuesday, November 12, 2019

She went from a liberal non-voter to burning books with white supremacists. Here's why she finally left the movement


In May 2017, Samantha went to a book burning in upstate New York. She had entered the inner circle of the modern white power movement called the alt-right, and it was the moment its activists see in retrospect as the peak of its power.

The home was classically suburban, with a picnic table and a fire pit in the backyard. The atmosphere was like a family barbecue, but she felt an air of intensity. They stood around the fire and cheered as books were tossed into the flames. Some gave Nazi salutes. Samantha did, too.

"It's all so surreal," Samantha says now. "You're literally standing there, going, 'I'm at a book burning at someone's house. Like, there are families that live next door. There's probably a nice person who lives across the street, and I'm burning books about Jewish people.' ... It doesn't even feel like it's wrong or right. It just feels unreal."

At the time, she texted a friend that it was the best weekend of her life.

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  1. Well, I'm happy Elle Reeve, the reporter, has moved on to CNN. Good for her.

    But tell me this: teaching girls to sterilize themselves, kill their babies, and encourage them to become super-sluts is not misogynistic? The real cults are public schools in my opinion.


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