Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Trump’s biggest impediment to winning in 2020? His personality

And that’s the problem for Trump. When you talk to people who think Trump will be reelected they point to conventional rules about how a good economy makes voters want to stay the course. That’s superficially plausible, but it leaves out the single most important fact of the political landscape: Trump’s personality. A good economy doesn’t necessarily speak for itself. Normal presidents stay on message to deny the press the ability to talk about more interesting stuff. The only talking point Trump can be counted on to stick to is himself. Hence, his claim to Stephanopoulos that no one has been treated worse than him.


  1. I plan to vote for Trump again just like I did in 2016. He’s a great President and I don’t care if his personality is not appreciated by some people. In fact, most folks I speak to in Lakewood also plan to vote again for President Trump.

  2. So Lakewood isn't interested in facts ? no matter what you will vote for him!


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