Sunday, June 16, 2019

President Trump Accuses the New York 'Times' of a 'Virtual Act of Treason' for an Article His Own Administration Reportedly Cleared

Trump responded to a New York Times story that detailed his administration stepping up attacks on Russia’s power grid in response to Russian-directed U.S. election interference. The President called the story “a virtual act of treason” before accusing the paper of writing without regard to the consequences of the reporting, calling them “true cowards” and repeating his line that the Times is “the enemy of the people.”

Soon after Trump’s accusations, the Times responded on Twitter and claimed that the paper had described the content of the article to administration officials before the story’s publication.
According to the article, officials at Trump’s National Security Council declined to comment on the reporting, but said that “they had no national security concerns about the details of The New York Times’ reporting.”


  1. Typical Dr. Eidensohn lies.

    Which "officals" exactly at "President Trump’s National Security Council.... said that “they had no national security concerns about the details of The New York Times’ reporting.”?

    Just another work day for Dr. Eidensohn's liberal-leaning spin aggregator website.


    I tell you this sad tale ..... just to illustrate how political pressure and the braying of the media can addle the minds of otherwise smart people.


  3. dt: Virtual Act of Treason.

    כי תבאו לראות פני מי בקש זאת מידכם רמס חצרי. -ישעיהו א יב

    למה זה רימיתני - רמת טראמפ:

  4. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 17, 2019 at 3:50 PM

    what nonsense , you are just making up your own lines, an apikores and false prophet

  5. why are you willing to accept what trump says especially when he gives no sources except some say or he heard

    do you agree windmills cause cancer?


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