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On-Line Web Resources

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Rabbi Anthony Manning – – revised March 2017
On-Line Web Resources
Index to the List
Topic Page
Important Notes 1
Audio Shiurim 2
Halacha /Jewish Law 3
Medical Ethics 5
Jewish Philosophy and Hashkafa 5
Chumash/Tanach 5
Contemporary Issues 6
On Line Torah Journals and Periodicals 7
Israel/Religious Zionism 8
Kiruv and General Torah Education 8
Rabbis’ Personal Sites 10
Rav Soloveitchik 13
Jewish History 13
On-line Sefarim and Articles English 14
 Hebrew 15
Teaching and Educational Materials 17
Talmud 18
On-line aids to Tefilla, Nusach and Jewish Song 18
On-line Learning 19
Kashrut 19
Miscellaneous 20
Marriage and Relationships 21
Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and
General Jewish Knowledge 21
Manuscripts 22
Academic Sources 23
Blogs and current issues 24
Links to Links 26
Other Lists 27
Important Notes
1. This List of almost 400 sites has been prepared in response to requests from students for
information on what’s ‘out there’ on the web, so as to help them to take forward their Jewish
education following some intensive Jewish learning, usually post high school or post college.
Although many of the sites on the List are geared to such students, many others are in truth
more suitable for the more experienced scholar seeking to make use of web resources for the
purpose of shiur preparation or advanced study. Rather than prepare two separate lists, I leave
it to the intelligence and discretion of the user to discern which sites are most helpful for them. I
believe that most people can gain something from almost all of the sites on the list, but you’ll
hopefully find the ‘niche’ that fits you best.
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Rabbi Anthony Manning – – revised March 2017
2. The List primarily comprises sites in English. Although there are many excellent Torah sites in
Hebrew (a few of which are included in the List), my assumption is that most users will read
more quickly and comfortably in English and my aim here is to assist in the acquisition of a
broader and wider general Jewish knowledge. Since time is very limited and the task is
momentous, speed is an important factor. However, it is critical to appreciate the Hebrew
resources out there. Searching on Google in Hebrew will yield a goldmine of extra results!
3. The List should not be taken as an endorsement of all content on the sites mentioned. Whilst
most of the sites broadly represent Jewish Orthodox thought1
, they span a range of
contemporary hashkafic approaches. I make no attempt to label the sites according to modern
hashkafic labels; the discerning reader should be able to work that out for themselves. Some of
the sites are by academic writers and thus reflect academic perspectives and styles which may
not accord fully with today’s religious sensitivities.
4. In most cases, sites contain further links to other resources which may (and often do) fall
outside the spectrum of Orthodox thought. As with all internet use, care must always be taken
and considerable discretion used when ‘surfing’. The unexpected and often undesirable may only
be one click away!
5. Some sites may be controversial in certain circles and the reader is urged to use thought and
discretion when reading all material and to seek appropriate Rabbinic guidance wherever
necessary. I have consciously chosen to include controversial issues and Rabbis on the basis that
those using the web will be exposed to such issues anyway. Again, I do not personally endorse
or support every view expressed, but, as Chazal state, only through debate can one arrive at
6. Sites that I personally recommend strongly are marked with a star “*”. A few sites are listed
in more than one section to make them easier to find.
7. Websites are sometimes shut down and links become broken. My apologies if this happens to
any entries on the List. You can help me to keep the list up-to-date by letting me know if links
are broken –
8. Finally, the list can no doubt be enhanced and improved. I would be very happy to hear from
other people with suggestions as to what they feel could be added (or should be deleted!)
Audio Shiurim *
A goldmine of Torah – 65,000+ audio shiurim, many with source notes, from the top YU
Hundreds of shiurim with audio and source notes from the OU.

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