Monday, April 22, 2019

Leader of right-wing militia arrested by FBI 'for detaining migrant families at gunpoint in New Mexico'

The FBI on Saturday arrested the leader of a right-wing militia that was detaining migrant families at gunpoint near the border in southern New Mexico, as the group faced a torrent of criticism for its tactics.
Hector Balderas, New Mexico’s attorney general, said federal agents had arrested the leader, Larry Mitchell Hopkins, who had been operating under the alias Johnny Horton Jr. Mr Balderas said in a statement that Hopkins was arrested on charges of firearms possession by a felon.
“This is a dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families,” Mr Balderas said. “Today’s arrest by the FBI indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes.”

Still, such denunciations were far from unanimous in the state. A prominent New Mexico Republican, Gavin Clarkson, a former Trump administration official who is now running for US Senate, met with masked members of the group in March and praised their efforts, according to a video of the encounter uploaded to Facebook.


  1. It's Chol HaMoed. I'll keep it short.

    There's a low grade fever of a war in the U.S. You really have to be living here to sense it. It's an US against THEM attitude towards illegal immigration. Thanks go to a President we put in office who is trying to stop that immigration. But the courts and much of the press are stymieing his efforts.

    So we shouldn't be surprised that citizens are taking matters into their own hands.

    Let's tie this into the holiday. Only Jews can partake of the Korban Pesach. There are many laws regarding the holiday. A strong society is built on the rule of law. Failure of a Jew to keep Pesach is bad for the Jew. Failure of a nation to enforce it's laws, including immigration laws, can be bad for the nation.

  2. Joseph Orlow says “It's Chol HaMoed. I'll keep it short. There's a low grade fever of a war in the U.S. You really have to be living here to sense it. It's an US against THEM attitude towards illegal immigration.”
    Interesting. I don’t see it, living here in Bnei Brak. My theory. Moses had a low level war going on in Egypt against רשעים starting from “Some time after that, when Moses had grown up, he went out to his kinsfolk and witnessed their labors. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his kinsmen. He turned this way and that and, seeing no one about, he struck down the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. When he went out the next day, he found two Hebrews fighting; so he said to the offender לרשע, Why do you strike your fellow? He retorted, Who made you chief and ruler over us? Do you mean to kill me as you killed the Egyptian? Moses was frightened, and thought: Then the matter is known! When Pharaoh learned of the matter, he sought to kill Moses; but Moses fled from Pharaoh. He arrived וישב [lit. sat or settled] in the land of Midian, and sat down וישב beside a well.” (Exodus 2:11-15).
    Moses wanted everyone to follow Torah laws. Moses wanted converts, but true converts that would keep Torah laws. God made it easy. Eat roasted lamb and get presents of gold, silver, clothing to bring smiles on the faces of sons and daughters. “And I will dispose the Egyptians favorably toward this people, so that when you go, you will not go away emptyhanded. Each woman shall borrow from her neighbor and the lodger in her house objects of silver and gold, and clothing, and you shall put these on your sons and daughters, thus stripping the Egyptians.” (Exodus 3:21-22).
    In Bnei Brak, overwhelmingly, people are joyous celebrating Trump in the USA and Netanyahu in Israel... Everyone is dressed for the holiday and with smiles. Wow May 2, 2019 no more waivers to buy Iran Mullahs’ oil...


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