Sunday, May 13, 2018

Putting Haredi Men on the Path to Financial Stability

Thought this might resonate with your readers. Vote to give $70K to one of 4 projects, one of which is "Putting Haredi Men on the Path to Financial Stability" -

The Issue: Basic math, English, and science skills are critical to forging a successful career path and achieving financial independence. While Haredi women are exposed to secular studies in high school with the expectation that they’ll be their family’s primary breadwinner, Haredi boys only learn religious subjects. It’s no surprise then that only 50.9% of Haredi men participate in the workforce and more than 50% of Haredi men drop out of college. As the population grows, the poor state of education for Haredi men is an issue that is impacting the national economy.

The Solution: Cutting edge schools that combine secular and Torah learning.

A small group of brave educators are challenging the status quo — and two schools are gaining traction. The first, Hachmey Lev, just graduated its inaugural class. The other, Torah Academy, is one of the first of its kind in the Hassidic community. These start-up schools are creating a new model of education that is empowering the next generation of Haredi citizens to become agents of change in Israeli society.

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  1. Feh. I wouldn't trust the UJA to serve kosher food at anything they organize so I surely will not trust them sticking their hand into any religious issues, let alone the education of Chareidi children.

    Just look at the other three choices they offer. Left-wing pseudo-Judaism run amok. Keep them far away from anything Jewish.


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