Sunday, July 17, 2016

Suicide in our community: We need to be more sensitive and reach out to help


  1. Nice letter, but it offers no solutions or proposed course of action community members should take other than very vague points.

  2. you want to write a guest post offering solutions?

  3. What's wrong with reporting it to the Mishtara. Lo sa'amod al dam reacha. Pikuach nefesh doche bishtei raglayim kivyachol messira. A rodef has to be stopped before it's too late. Gather up in CitiFields and declare kovel om ve'eido, Yadeichem Shafchu es hadam haze. Dam achinu tzoakim eleinu min ha'adamah. Aval ashemim anachnu....
    They start with matir assurim of gilui arayos, move on to shfichas domim. Stop blaming the OTD and the OVERDOSE. Look at the root cause of the problem, molestation in the chinuch sytem and outside of the system, cover ups by the so called gedoilim with yodeinu lo shofcho's, getting the fixers and the machers into action which only brings the biggest chilul hashem, chasing the victims out of town for being molested, singing songs of venahfoch hu for two hours on Purim, throwing them under the bus just because you can, just because they are expendable. They go OTD, go on drugs for their unbearable pain, and when after taking drugs ve'ein margoah lenafsha, they overdose, jump from George Washingto's Bridge, end it all in elevator pits. Blame it on everything else in the world, even smartphones, Apps, except the so called gedoilim threatening with messira, ENABLING the Kolko's. Have you no shame? Have you no decency?.

    Rugs and Carpet's, how much more blood needs to be spilled before you can cover up no more, Vedam Chalollim tishte? Stop looking in all the wrong places. Look in TASHABR, look at the video's, look in the Cemetaries. Do something, something that's real, something that is the ROOT cause of these problems. Look at the Ba'al dovor and nogea bedovor, lock them up for good together with the enabler's.


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