Friday, July 15, 2016

Brooklyn Man Hangs Self — 26th New York Orthodox Suicide in Year

Forward   Brooklyn’s Orthodox community is mourning the apparent suicide of 22-year-old construction worker Yakov Krausz, whose body was discovered Wednesday in an elevator motor room, the Daily News reported.

His death marks at least the 26th suicide of a young adult in New York-area Orthodox community over the past ten months, according to Zvi Gluck, founder and director of the Orthodox social service group Amudim.

Members of the Boro Park Shomrim, a private Orthodox security patrol, organized a frantic search for Krausz on Wednesday afternoon after he missed a meeting with his wife, according to reports.

The Daily News reported that Krausz suffered from depression. [...]

Amudim’s Gluck, who has been tracking suicides among men and women under the age of 35 in the Orthodox community in the New York area since last Rosh Hashanah, said that the Orthodox community needs to cultivate greater awareness of mental health issues.

“Once we can, as a community, accept that mental illness, sex abuse and addiction is as big a problem as it is, we can create programming to provide services,” Gluck said. “We have to acknowledge that this is a problem that exists.”

Krausz’s suicide comes just weeks after Rebecca Wassertrum, 28, died after jumping off of the George Washington Bridge. That followed the July 2015 suicide of ex-Orthodox coder Faigy Mayer and the November 2015 suicide of Mayer’s sister, Sarah Mayer.

Gluck said that, until recently, any death of a young person was blamed on an “aneurysm.”

“It’s the shame factor that’s killing the next generation,” Gluck said. “That’s what we’re trying to take away.”


  1. why? what has gone wrong? This was apparently not the case a century ago?

  2. really - what was the suicide rate then?

  3. The_Original_Bored_LawyerJuly 15, 2016 at 3:20 PM

    Why do they believe it is a suicide? All I read is that he fell down an elevator shaft, which could happen accidentally. Are there some facts we are not being told?

  4. Eddie,that was a pretty dumb statement you just posted

  5. The count of "26" since January of this year is an untrue figure grossly and widely exaggerated for media effect without a shred of evidence. That would work out to about one a week.

  6. Doesn't suicide bring a domino effect? One could easily say that when people do not know about it, it will actually keep people alive?

    They mention a former Yeshiva of Flatbush student by name. Do they believe that all orthdox Jews do not have awareness of mental health issues? If so, what is their solution - other than a big grant?

  7. Amudim playing fast and loose with the numbers. A few weeks ago they claimed it was 75 suicides.
    Simply fear mongering

  8. Better yet, this particular individual was under psychiatric care, according to the Daily News.

  9. Menachem GoldsobelJuly 15, 2016 at 7:08 PM

    Actually sadly if I'm not mistaken Mr Gluck gave a lower figure he said a while back the number was higher

  10. I heard that he was on antidepressant and he may have taken the wrong dose.

  11. And you know this how? I imagine you think that every suicide will be splashed across the news a you can tabulate the numbers appropriately.

    Boy, there really are some people who never know when to take סייג לחכמה שתיקה to heart.

  12. If there's a suicide almost every week in the frum community, we'd all have been hearing about it a lot more than we do.

  13. The other facts are, that upon falling down the shaft, he fell into a noose and a popped a whole container of atidepressants on his way going to an unlicensed Doctor. He first spoke to his wife to postpone his meeting. What meeting? When you go home is that called a meeting. The machers and the fixers messed up in the cover up, and much more coming is on the way.
    From meachorei hapargud, they say he was molested in the past and all the damage came now back to haunt him, a repeat of the one who threw himself out of the Hotel in midst of his sheva brochos. Since those perpetrators have been fixed with, messira!, marbeh raglayim, and nogea bedovor, it had been swept under the magic carpet that keeps on awallowing victims in this lack hole with a kisui hadam. You also have the support of the Enablers swearing in chei paroh, that yodeinu lo shofcho es hadam hazeh. Lock up all the perpetrators together with the machers, fixers and the yodeonu lo shofchos in one can.


    *האב נפרד מבנו המת והאשים את אנשי *החינוך

    אביו הפנה אצבע מאשימה *לעבר אנשי החינוך* שלא פעלו מספיק אביו הפנה אצבע
    מאשימה לעבר אנשי החינוך שלא פעלו מספיק

    הלויית רווית כאב ויגון התקיימה בסוף השבוע האחרון ליענקי קראוס ז"ל, אברך חסידי שנמצא מת בבורו פארק לאחר שככל הנראה התאבד. אביו הפנה אצבע מאשימה לעבר אנשי * החינוך * שלא פעלו מספיק (חרדים, בעולם

    הלויית רווית כאב ויגון התקיימה בסוף השבוע האחרון ליענקי קראוס ז"ל, אברך חסידי מודרני תושב בורו פארק שנמצא מת בנסיבות טראגיות לאחר שככל הנראה התאבד בפתח בניין מגוריו. אביו, הרב בן ציון קראוס, נשא הספד מרטיט לב במהלכו האשים את אנשי החינוך שלא פעלו מספיק עבור בנו.

    "אף פעם לא אהבתי מישהו כמו שאהבתי אותך. אני כל כך כאוב בגללך", אמר האב בבכי לבנו המת, "מדוע לא סיפרת לי שיש לך בעיות. כעת כולנו בוכים ואבלים, איך עשית את זה לנו?".

    "היית נשוי לכזאת נסיכה, אשה מיוחדת טובת לב. אתה עצמך היית נסיך. כעת אני רוצה רק לבכות ולא לעשות שום דבר אחר".

    יצויין, כי על פי דיווחי העיתונות בארה"ב, קראוס שנישא לפני שנתיים לרעייתו רבקי היה בדרכו למפגש אצל רופא, אולם בושש מלהגיע.

    שומו שמים !
    ************** אירעו 77 מקרי התאבדות של אנשים ונשים מהמגזר החרדי. *********
    שומו שמים !

    לטענת עסקנים, *מאז ראש השנה האחרון*, אירעו 77 מקרי התאבדות של אנשים ונשים מהמגזר החרדי. "הדבר מלמד על תופעה שאי אפשר להתעלם ממנה ולהמשיך לטאטא אותה מתחת לשטיח. יש להפשיל שרוולים ולטפל טיפול שורש יסודי לעומק במשבר הזה".

    And they keep on singing the same old song,

  15. Ahh, so everyone else's fault. Don't dare think for a moment that his fater should have been helping him. No! It's the chinuch fault.

    In reality though, the headline is Failed moshiach's style. The father did not say anything like what the headline claims he said. The father did not blame anyone. However, I anticipate about two hundred pages of Ehud "quoting" the father as "proof" to all sorts of fantasies, problems, crisis, epidemics and who knows what else, in support of his pet peeves.

  16. Ha! Subliminally you seem to have read "Brooklyn" as "jewish community".

  17. Ha. No. If you'd read the article, you know that the talking about the entire Metro New York area. The exact area that Amudim serves.

  18. see so much more...


    AbuG'ane's, BasHaYa'ano, Ostrich lemineihem:

    מדובר בארגון "לב שומע" - שאינו לב ואינו שומע

    הוי רעי־ישראל - "גדולי ישראל" אלו, הם "פושעי ישראל".

    בארגון "לב שומע", שלכאורה מושיטים עזרה לבחורים ובחורות שיש להם בעיות, ידעו מ26 ראשי ישיבה שאנסו בחורים, וע"פ הוראת ה"גדולים" השתיקו את הנפגעים ולא נתנו להם ללכת למשטרה.

    די ארגאניזאציע "לב שומע", וואס אייגנטליך העלפן זיי ארויס פראבלעמאטישע בחורים און מיידלעך, האבן געוואוסט פון 26 פעלער ווי ראשי ישיבה האבן פארגוואלדיגט בחורים, און אויפ'ן באפעל פון די "גדולים" האבן זיי שטיל געמאכט די געשעדיגטע און האבן זיי נישט געלאזט גיין צו די פאליציי.

    The organization "Lev Shomea" that apparently helps problematic boys and girls, knew of 26 roshei yeshiva that raped boys,

    and on the command of the "gedolim" silenced the abused and didn't let the report to the police.

  19. The 26 is Brooklyn/the New York area. The 76 in the"Jewish Community" refers to frum people who actually live in other states. You call it fear mongering but aren't even clear on the meaning of the titles, let alone the topic.

  20. Of course it's not true. You know of every suicide in our community. Our community is very closeknit that way. DanielNY is not Hareidi. He buys it.

  21. He hung himself in the shaft.

  22. Since the organization in question services a specific local community (metro ny), I am under no obligation to assume that it includes areas 2000 miles away.
    So even if this is all true, it's still fear mongering for not being clear.

    The vast majority of Orthodox Jews in the United States live in the New York metro area. By far.
    Stop fishing.

  23. A suicide every week or two can't all be hidden. You'd hear a lot lot more frequently about them even if you didn't hear about all of them.

  24. Nuchem - the self proclaimed rabbi - Rosenberg has not done anything to earn credibility. He has done the opposite; he has said and done things which have made him lose credibility. Now, why has Nuchem not named his supposed 25 raping "roshei yeshiva"? Oh, do they not exist?

  25. And if you will
    or if you will
    all this is yet without the kitchen sink.

  26. None of this says anything, in any way, similar to what you claimed.

  27. Again, you use Shulzauens unverified claims against NAMELESS people. He was dead wrong with Derry, despite over 200 posts dedicated to slandering him in a short three months.

    1) Lets have specific accusations first.

    2) This has nothing to do with your insane claim of 25 roshei yeshiva.

    No worries. Just repeat yourself. Good luck.

  28. You want Moshiach NOW! It is against the law in Israel to dissseminate before official charges and arrest. Give it a chance, a day or so and you'll hear all about it. Od chazon lamoed. Then we talk.

  29. It is against the law, since it is slander. Yet, here you are slandering people on all sorts of baseless stupidities. Why don't you wait before you slander? Ah, then you wouldn't be able to slander. OK, just don't let the facts ever get into your way; your mind is already made up.

  30. You don't win an argument by resorting to name calling. That is all you have been doing lately, shooting off left and right as if out of control. So much for slander.

    I give mareh mekomot for my claims, and if you don't like it, bevakasha, give your own perush on things how you see them. Vehakriah keDas, ein onness. LeDovid beshanoso es ta'amo, r u the same Honesty as from yesterday or born again?

  31. What are you talking about? Do you mean all the people that you have called murderers, rapists and molesters?

    You did not cite any proof to your claims. Period.

  32. It says anything and everything just the way I said and so claimed!

    Soon you will hear more of this ping pong, until everything will be crystal clear. Esti fought nebach fiercley like a Lionness for her cubs. Unfortunately, she lost, and her life along with it. Her children meant the world for her and there is no life without the world.

    הבת עונה לאבא שלמה וויינשטיין


    קראתי את המכתב שכתבת לבנותיך.

    אלי כמובן לא שלחת כלום,

    אפילו לא התקשרת לנחם אותי על אובדנה של אמא.

    בעצם לא שמעתי ממך כבר שבע שנים.

    גם לאחר שאמא נעדרה הדבר היחיד שביקשת למסור לי הוא שביום שאחזור בתשובה אחזור להיות הבת שלך,

    אז זהו שאני כבר לא יודעת אם אני רוצה.

    אבא- אני אמורה להיות הבת שלך ללא תנאים, אני הבת שלך כי אני הבת שלך.

    קראתי מה שכתבת והאמת לא ציפיתי לקרוא אחרת.

    הרי זה ברור שתכחיש הכל. אתה חי בכת סגורה ומסוגרת שהדבר היחיד שחשוב בה הוא מה הסביבה תגיד.

    גם אם בתוך ליבך אתה רוצה להתנצל. להתנצל בפני העוול שעשית לאמא. אתה לא יכול! אתה חייב להציג ארשת של צדיק ותמים.

    תמיד מה שהיה הכי חשוב לך בחיים זה מה הסביבה תגיד עלינו,

    אמרת לי לא פעם- בבית תעשי מה שאת רוצה, אבל מה שחשוב זה אל תעשי לנו בושות בחוץ.

    אבא אני מעדיפה לחיות את חיי כמו שאני מאמינה. לעשות בחוץ את ה״בושות״ הכי גדולות. אבל להיות שלמה עם עצמי. ולא להסתיר שום דבר.

    ליבי ליבי על חללי כתבת עלי?

    אבא אני עדיין בחיים. אני מבינה שבשבילך כנראה כבר לא.

    אל תשקר לי כמה שאתה בוכה עלי. כולנו יודעים שמהיום שאני לא דתיה מחקת כל זכר ממני.

    ורק שתדע. נשאר לי הרבה מעבר לנקמה והתרסה. זה לא שווה את זה.

    מה אני רואה כשאני מסתכלת על עצמי אתה שואל,

    אני מסתכלת על עצמי וגאה!! הלכתי עם האמת שלי! קמתי ובניתי לעצמי חיים חדשים! חיים שאני מאמינה בהם! בלי שקר! חיים שאני בוחרת כל יום מחדש את הבחירות שלי. אני עצמאית! הקמתי לבדי עסק! אני מגדלת לתפארת ילד מחונך, חכם ושמח! ילד שאתה בחרת לוותר עליו רק בגלל העדר הכיפה.

    לא רוצה שתתפללו עלי. אני את דרכי עושה בכוחות עצמי.

    אולי כדאי שתתפללו על עצמכם. שתפקחו את עיניכם ותבינו יום אחד שדת זה לא הכל בחיים!! יש פה בחירות. רגשות. דם!!

    אני לא אכנס לעומקו של הסיפור כדי לא לפגוע בכבודה של אמא, אבל ברור וידוע לכולנו שהכל אמת לאמיתה.

    יש לנו אינספור הוכחות לכל דבר ודבר שכתוב בספר. ויש מספר לא מועט של אנשים במשפחה שיכולים להעיד כל כך.

    מה ציפיתם?? שאמא חרדית תבוא לבנותיה התמימות ותספר להם מה קרה בחדרי חדרים? תפתח אותם לעולם שלם של חיים כפולים ושקר?

    אמא שתקה שנים רק כי לא רצתה לפגוע בכן ובנפשות שלכן.

    שתקה עד שלא יכלה יותר.

    אתן רוצות להמשיך לשקר כמה ״ציפיתן״ לדעת מה עבר עליה ולמה עשתה מה שעשתה? באוזניים שלי אמרתן לי ״אנחנו לא רוצות לדעת וזה גם לא מענין אותנו״!

    אמא נלחמה עליכם כמו לביאה! לביאה שרוצה לשמור על גוריה. אך גוריה לא מעוניינים בה. זרקתם אותה שוב ושוב מכל המדרגות בצרחות שהיא לא אמא שלכם, שאתם לא יודעים מי זאת אסתי ושהיא רוח רפאים.

    בתקופה הקשה ביותר שהיתה לאמא, התעללתם בה התעללות נפשית אכזרית. שבעה מדורי גהינום. כולל איומים על עצמותיה ועל חייה.

    לא הייתם מנתקים לה את הטלפון?! אני רוצה להזכיר לכם שהשבוע ניסיתי להתקשר אליכם. הדבר היחיד שקיבלתי זה ניתוק הטלפון בפרצוף. זה במקרה היחיד שבטעות עניתם לי בכלל.

    לא. אמא לא בחרה בהתאבדות. לא נשארה לה ברירה! לקחתם לה את החיים!! כי איזה מין חיים יש לאמא ללא ילדיה??

  33. My Dear Mr. Honesty,

    This is a forum for free and open exchange of ideas and opinions to exchange views, in the belief that all bloggers are welcome where you have the right to hear and be heard.

    According to the Gedoilei uPoskei haDor, namely R' Elyashiv z'al, R' Moshe Shternbuch, B'Datz Eidah haChareidis, R' C. Kanievsky to name only a few, consider a molestor a Rodef all three you mentioned and called as one, and the Mishnah mefureshes of harodef achar hazochor clearly states his fate. I merely quote them, and it is my prerogative to follow their Psak and opinions. So there is your link and proof!!!

    As far as our exchange is concerned, you try to knock me personally while I am merely a messenger. Relax my friend, take a deep breath and concentrate before you throw wild punches right and left in the air. Since your tvias einea bekola took a 180 recently, why don't you tell your friend to address me directly without a meilitz beinosom. I can handle him with one hand tied behind my back.

    It would also be helpful if you stick to the issues at hand, instead of being all over the place. May peace be with you.

  34. >>> ** " I anticipate about

    *two hundred* pages of Ehud ( don't you think I know my name by now, huh?)"quoting" the father as "proof" to all sorts of





    5)*and who knows what else*, in support of his ( hmmm...who are you talking to?) pet peeves. " **<<<

    Apparently, Tsadikim gemurim na'asseh melachtan al yedei acheirim!!!

    Links, proofs, names, and what not, to your hearts content!

    Do you mean all the people that you have called murderers, rapists and molesters?

    You did not cite any proof to your claims. Period. Proof???

    since you don't like Nuchem or Shaulson, bevakasha

    Again, you use Shulzauens unverified claims against NAMELESS people.

    1) Lets have specific accusations first.

    2) This has nothing to do with your insane claim of 25 roshei yeshiva.

    No worries. Just repeat yourself. Good luck.

    Yet, here you are slandering people on all sorts of baseless stupidities. Why don't you wait before you slander? Ah, then you wouldn't be able to slander. OK, just don't let the facts ever get into your way; your mind is already made up.

    I give mareh mekomot for my claims, and if you don't like it, bevakasha, give your own perush on things how you see them.

  35. Here are some more marei mekomot:üller-Lyer_illusion

    These links have as much relevance as your links. Actually, the last link is very relevant, as that is precisely what you're attempting to do. Good luck.

  36. In lack of a proper response you resort to mixing apples with oranges ending up with sour grapes, aka as shtuyot bemitz agvaniyot. Sore loser bela"az. Typical of orche porche orve porach. What's news in Tel-Aviv Tashbar? Huh?

    And here is your last missing link, and proof if you will

    *Tel Aviv principal, 5 teachers suspected of abusing *dozens* of kids at a religious school.*

    For more links, see Junction @ Geula and rechov Strauss.
    Think of it as minid over matter!
    over n out

  37. What does this have to do with your false claims??? Let's try this again; in short, one-line, clear English bullets make your claim. Then, in clear English, briefly state what the link is supposed to show. Prove yourself! Reality: none of your links have anything to do with your wild claims.

  38. Here is your English silver bullet, in the order of request:

    as chadoshim labkorim
    This has everything to do with everything
    Gam ---- machrish -------- yechoshev
    Time to throw in the towel if your'e truly honesty
    You are going around in circles and diamonds
    Who is on first?
    Who is on last?
    over n out

  39. What does physical abuse - too much and too strong petch - have to do with your fantastic claim of 25 roshei yeshiva supposedly raping people????

    In reality, you have thrown in the towel. You know that you made a very false claim. Yet, you continue to obfuscate. You still have not explained the point you are trying to prove. No bullet, unless you're just biting it.

  40. I beg you PLEASE stop calling physical abuse "too strong petch". Physical abuse is NOT too strong petch. too strong petch is poor judgement and lack of control, abuse is abuse. Why in the world do you decide or consider a person's claims of abuse to be nothing more than discipline? It is actually frightening to hear you keep repeating that, either because you are trying to batul someone else's abuse, or justify your own discipline measures. PLEASE, they are two different things.

  41. 1) I was speaking about the Tel Aviv case, where 5 of their staff members are accused of physical abuse. How do you know that the accusations are not about poor judgement? (Please see 1B below, after reading the next two points.)

    2) I never claimed that Yehuda's claims against his brother was not physical abuse.

    3) It would do you well to read the thread where Yehuda clearly says that the physical abuse he claimed from his elementary school was simple petch. BTW, it was proven that petch by a private school is legal. (This is not a discussion about its effectiveness, or lack thereof.)

    4) Why would you accuse me? How did you end up with only two options? Did you read the continuous back-and-forth between Ehud and myself? How do you come to decide that you know some online commenter's - mine - discipline measures (especially if you haven't been following the conversations)? Are all your judgements of other people based upon the same supposed "evidence" that you decided you have against me? On the judgemental note; what does this say about you? Is it frightening to think about?

    1-B) Are the laws about petch different in Israel? Is the school in Tel Aviv considered to be a private or a public school? Do these things factor into the charges against 5 of the school's staff members?

  42. You have at least twice referred to someone's cry of physical abuse as too strong petch. Withouth being there, without having a clue, what would make you assume that that was all it was? Yes, frightening.

  43. Links? You are trying to justify your own poor judgment and accusations of a person you know nothing about. Your baseless accusations are way off, yet you refuse to acknowledge that you slipped up. Or worse, you are projecting your pattern upon others. When I have more time, I will highlight it with links.

  44. links to what? I'm asking you to stop telling people they weren't abused unless you were there. I didn't say I know if they were abused or not, I'm telling you to stop dismissing other people's abuse claims.

    You tell me I'm accusing a person I know nothing about? well that's exactly what I see you are doing. I'm "projecting my pattern upon others"? That's not even English. Projecting my pattern?

    If you can't empathize with the victim, ignore them. Why negate their claims?

  45. You're making false claims. Kindly back up your claims about what I said with a link to each particular comment. If there no comments for you to provide a link to, then kindly refrain from making your silly accusations and refrain from telling me what to do.

    When I'm done with the links, I'll be glad to hear your defense of "That's not even English". Good luck. Until then I will continue to call out lies.

  46. Wow, your biggest worry is whether it's 26 or 75? You have so much empathy for young dead adults and their families. Idiot.

  47. You are hearing it here and you don't believe it. Why don't you get off your ass and make some phone calls and let us know if it's true.

  48. A lot of heartless comments here on a very tragic story. There must be something in the water erasing your empathy.

  49. haha, yes you are indeed calling out lies. Thanks for the confirmation!

  50. Calling a potch child abuse, as Yehuda has done, is wrong. Especially when that person is trying to condemn an entire generation of school leaders. How do you justify saying that these claims need to be heard, on the backs of our educators? That's just as callous.

  51. Idiot? Is that the best you can say?
    The difference between 26 and 75 is almost 50 people. That's fifty young men and women from my community in the New York metro area that DIDN'T commit suicide.
    Talk about empathy

  52. Vechi ma inyan shmita etzel har Sinai?

    Meinyan leinyan beoso inyan ubeoso mokom. We are not talking about two petch. What we *are* talking about is *sadistic* inhumane and cruel punishment *lehana'aosom* as a prelude to the mega Molestation of the children. No batiach, no battata, no bullets, without poetry, without two hundred so called pages, bli kchal ushrak in plain concise Yiddish/English ubein bechol loshon. You always try to Hijack the main ingredients and the main dish aka distraction, e.g. links/proofs etc.. Read all about it, it's all there, lechol man deboie. So much for English, Silver, n' biting Bullets. NN2R = No need to reply

  53. Don't you think that even one tayere yiddishe neshomo is one too much? 50 man dechar shmei.

  54. All molested victims end up under Psychiatric care, and therefore what? What leads them to SUICIDE? The Psychiatric care OR the trauma left over after being molested? You sound like a Launderer, and NOT of money, but of Tayere irreplaceable Yiddishe Neshommos!

    The solution is not building more Hospitals and going for treatments after the facts and the damage has been done. You need to fix the broken bridges so as not to fall off in the first place. These victims *Never* heal, and suicide is only an exit for when they can no more bear. The medication is only to num temporarily the pain, but the real damage deep down is never fixed and cannot lead normal lives as we know it. After many years the damage has been inflicted onto these victims and when put up for real life performance, they find out that they cannot function kegovrin deyeheduin in paying their dues. They become devastated and the whole world comes down crashing on them. The real damage has been covered up by the Enablers,machers and fixers, life threats, chasing them out of town, medication, and become another statistic swept under the rug, only just because they can. Hopefully, with the decree of reporting corruption to the authorities of the fixers and machers if you know of any and when you see or hear of any, will put them away for good! Sof dovor hakol mishma, vesof ganav letliyah. velo yishoma od shod vashever b'Yisrael.

    Those people dying of AIDS, never die of AIDS per se, they always die of complications, such as lung failure, liver failure, major organs failure etc. etc. Stop talking about being in therapy, that helps like for the *toite Bankes*. The OTD, leading to SUICIDES happens when they reach the end of the road, when facing reality, that nothing materilized as lied unto or promised all these years. Time to declare the Emperor has no clothes, the rabiners hands are dripping of our children's blood, yodeichem meleim dam, And YES, Yodeichem shofcho es hadam hazeh!!! They all should be locked up and throw away the key.

  55. To yitzchok specifically - I read this paragraph. I don't see this as a petch.

    "I was a victim of severe physical and emotional abuse in Yeshiva Bais Mikroh in Monsey, at the hands of Rabbi Gavriel Bodenheimer, among others. Bodenheimer and other faculty abused me — and many other children — more than two decades ago, as fellow faculty and my schoolmates looked on. Bodenheimer has since pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child."

    This was a menahel. I have no problem understanding why someone who was a victim of this menahel - who was known to be abusing, was protected and eventually proved to be guilty - would want to condemn leaders or the system. I am NOT saying I agree or disagree with his methods, I am merely trying to answer your civil comment with a response.

    Children who are abused by leaders or are abused by individuals who are protected by leaders have a hard time understanding how that same system can support education, safety or Torah.

  56. See response in Tuesday, August 2, 2016

    6 teachers indicted for child abuse at haredi school

    Arutz 7
    Six? Huh? And how much more!!!

  57. What does physical abuse - too much and too strong petch -
    go on and read it, bite it, eat it, beat it, and then shovel it up. Hd it been only two petch, too much, too strong hechrashti, ki ein hatsar shove benezek hamelech.
    However, my friend what we are talking is exactly what the kids have described and called him nazi rebbe, Bergen Belsen, all so true! Do you still have any towels left?

  58. Are you intentionally missing the point or are you obtuse?

  59. If the point of awareness is to convince others to look out for warning signs, encouraging friends who are struggling to receive psychiatric help, this particular story isn't a good poster boy.

  60. Rabbi Gavriel Bodenheimer was able to pleed guilty to a very minor charge only because the prosecutor new that he wouldn't make it in court. Endangering the welfare of a child is actually very easy to plead guilty to.
    If I was up against paying $100,000 for a lawyer, or plead guilty to child endangerment, I would gladly plead guilty to child endangerment. He wasn't "proved to be" guilty. That's a big difference.
    Even if corporal punishment would be illegal and currently considered physical child abuse according to Leading experts today, it would be a great stretch to apply the term to yesteryear.
    According to your definition, I was physically abused as were the rest of my classmates. And probably all of my graduating year across the Jewish world.

  61. Not at all. Your'e downplaying the numbers as if 26 is insignificant, and that is the point. Get it? Talking about empathy

  62. Although mental illness has many causes, most of them here happen after they have been molested and thrown under the bus. Awareness coming to the recue is a little too late, don't you think. This sad story was one of them. Did you lisrten to the Hesped?

  63. It's all over the Israeli National News, is that what you call baseless stupidities? Huh?

    Now that I have waited, it didn't get any better. In order to cook the fish, you first must buy one, and then further process it. Give process a chance.

    Now that we have waited, and given process a chance, what have you got to say? Uma yomru haGoyim? Uma yomru haYidden?

  64. I was at the funeral

  65. Of course 26 is terrible. The only ones that don't think it's terrible are the organizations trying to make it sound like it's more. They should be running on that platform, not making up statistics to fit their agenda.

  66. (I am asking this civilly, please read the tone that way) Are you saying you think Bodenheimer was not guilty and just plead guilty to save money? Are you assuming all the victims were lying and only he was truthful? I hear people come to that conclusion but can never understand how. And it seems some of them just grab that stand across all abuse cases. Do you believe the kids are always lying and the abuser is always a victim of lies?

    I understand what you are saying about the way things were back in our day, yes the rebbes were much more physical. But I am sure your rebbe never tied your legs together, made you eat a mouthful of soap or pepper. Pulled your pants down etc. And I was pretty sure Bodenheimer was accused of much more than just physical harshness.

  67. Mah inyan zeh aitzel your taynot, gizmaot, bluffershtuyot of supposed rape by 25 nameless roshe yeshiva?

  68. Oid paam, mah inyan physical abuse k'mo Numchinkeh aitzel depraved taavot shel yeladim? Ain kol kesher, shum v'klum, beineihem. Kapisch? Would you like me to lend you more white towels for you raise as flags?

  69. please reread the case and tell me how many children accused him of sexual abuse

  70. Thanks, but no thanks. Just got one free of charge from rabbi YH

  71. Two hundred (200) yeladim, yefeh enayim, vetov roi, ukvutsoisehem chaguros lo taltalim klum hi be'einecho, haloi dovor hu?

  72. Ulemitsvo gedoilo yechoshev. My heart goes out for ALL these victims and their families.

  73. If I may, would you know if this Krauss family originates from Yerushalayim, with Computers in their background. ty

  74. Read Reb Nuchimka's articles may he be blessed Amen, he is protesting *sexual abuse of children*, Loud n' Clear, Philidelphia bel"aaz, hevanta!!! You are trying to split pink Elephants and beating a dead Red Herring. Read the Charges in the Court Report where it itemizes the Bergen Belsen, Nazi Sadistic tactics, techniques and punishments as an aphrodisiac for sexual gratification amongst many, Rachmone Litslan. You are now going from 180 to 360 and chaval al hazman.There aren't enough towels red, white or black in the whole world for you, Hopeless bel"aaz. Comprende?

  75. I will, bli neder. There are still a lot more questions in that post tho

  76. I can only tell you up to the Grandfather, and he lives in Williamsburg

  77. There is one brother in Israel that developed a high tech App for the Chail Avir and was a sensation in one of the wars and all national Israeli newspapers. He works in Machon Weitzman. The GGFather worked for IBM yet in the sixties. Wonder if that's him. I once was told he has here a brother, possibly by the name Shraga. The one from Israel is YMK. Is any of this a match?

  78. Don't know. Sorry.
    I only know of a brother in Williamsburg

  79. And is the brother or the father of this brothr from Israel?

  80. A. In many cases yes. The way this justice system is structured, anyone can say anything about any educator, and an educator will be arrested. Proof is not necessary. It sounds weird but that's the fact. It's very hard and almost impossible for an educated to defend himself against charges.
    The rabbi in question had literly thousands of students over the years. Many of them had an axe to grind due to a variety of reasons, I'm sure some were bullied in school, some had problems at home, and some are simply failures in life. The common denominator of these children is that they need someone to blame. Rav Bodenheimer fits the bill.
    B. I was forced to eat pepper and soap as a kid. I don't remember if I was ever tied up, perhaps I was. And if I was, I don't think I would think of it as abuse.
    It's all relative to the time and place. Was Thomas Jefferson a racist?

  81. You might have been tied up but you don't remember?

    That may explain the point of reference of your viewpoints but I think it is unfair to be so sure that people are falsely accused because of your viewpoints. While I agree 100% that the advocate bloggers tend to present the drama "as is" when nothing is really "as-is", I remember being told the percent of false claims is a tiny percentage. Either way, and again I ask this respectfully, why is it any less wrong to jump to the side of the abuser, thereby calling the victims liars, then to jump to the side of the victims? I have always tried to find out facts before taking sides but find many people, specifically on this blog, will start throwing stones at the kids (they were trouble, looking for blame, had their own problems etc). In all fairness, would it ever, ever be appropriate to defend the wrong side in these cases?

    (And thank you very much for answering kindly)

  82. Done. It isn't true.

  83. Politically IncorrectAugust 11, 2016 at 4:45 AM

    I agree. Remazim and melitzos are insufficient. ...


    ההתעללויות בחיידר הבעלזאי של המורים ...........
    סוף סוף יצא התמונה של החיידר האכזרי הזה לרחוב בזכות האינטרנט הקדוש שהרבנים כל כך מפחדים ממנו


    Here's Today's Bulletin!

    ההתעללויות בחיידר הבעלזאי של המורים...


  86. Two birds with one shot. One for you and one for your friend.

    >>Vehineh hu kefa'am befa'am oid hapa'am, to you as well as your Politically Inclined friend. You dislike hundreds of pages, ..../ briefly state what the link is supposed to show. Prove yourself! Reality: none of your links have anything to do with your wild claims.

    and he Mr. PI claims Remazim and melitzos are insufficient. ... <<

    Making a pshara: in brief befeirush velo beremozim, behokitz velo bechaloim, in clear cool concise English all the *links* you might ever need but were afraid to ask, the Smichus haParshiyos, vechol ma shebeinehem, having everything to do with everything, ubimlitzo yeshoro, the proof is in the pudding!!!

    Kindly Read the following likutei bossor likutei as Your Choice to your hearts content.


    These are chadoshim labkorim hot of the press, Tanur Rishon Cham beLira. There is much more, but I am running out of ink.

    Do you still have any towels left?

    Who is on first, and who is on last?

    And this is REALITY my friend!


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