Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rav Moshe Sternbuch: Har Nof Massacre

  Rav Sternbuch 
Rav Sternbuch's shul at the time of the attack

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  1. Unfortunately, this report , if accurate, is befitting of the Gaon to whom its authorship is ascribed. it seems that he has a list of top 10 hates in this world, and whenever a disaster takes place he brings them as the "root cause of evil".
    However, the arguments brought, if looked at intellectually, are very false indeed. My objections are only towards the words,and not the place from where the words came. The hate list has some familiar topics, which are often brought in this blog. Lenient (allegedly false) conversions; lenient [fradulent] shemitta observance. talking in shul. And most recent addition, is the aliyah to har habayit.
    Let me explain why the argument is false. To blame the massacre on someone else's sins is a very cheap and false way of "explaining" things. In fact, the author contradicts himself in this matter. Quoting some previous Hassidic rebbe, who said the Sephardim were protected because they had kavod for the bet Knesset, but Ashkenazim were destroyed in the Holocasut because they didnt. Whether this is true or not, i shall not get into now , but the argument at least does not blame the sins of one Kehilla for the slaugther of another. he says that the sepahrdim were protect for their righteousness, but the ashkenazim were destroyed for their own sins...


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