Sunday, November 2, 2014

International Conference on The Jewish Community Confronts Violence & Abuse

I will be giving two 15 minutes presentations at the "International Conference on the Jewish Community confronts Violence and Abuse" which takes place December 1- December 3 in Jerusalem at the Ramada Hotel. Schedule is still tentative

Monday December 1, in session 3 between 4:30-6 on "The Rabbinic Role in Confronting Abuse"  I will talk about: 
The critical role of halacha and piety in incorrectly reducing commonsense and the sensitivity to abuse and victims 
Tuesday December 2, in the session 4 between 5:30-7 on "Legal Dilemmas Involving Domestic Violence & Divorce", I will talk about:
The halachic problems of using Internet and public protests to free Agunos. The conflict between contemporary values of Get on demand and the halacha that a Get not given freely by the husband is invalid as a Get Me'usa

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