Friday, November 21, 2014

Har Nof massacre: Widows ask that everyone be more loving and caring


  1. Dear Tayere Yiddishe Mammes and Tayere Kinderlach,

    My heart goes out for each and everyone of you. I am at a loss of words
    how to console you and your Kinderlach. Indeed, there are no words for such a
    tremendous loss and sacrifice of a Husband and a Father of such great caliber,
    sheniktefu bidmei yomov al Kiddush Hashem bidei anshei Bliyaal ubnei avlo.

    Hoy, Heich noflu Giboyrim?!

    May Hashem watch over you and your family beayin pekucho, 'beir asher einei
    Hashem bah mereishis hashonoh vead achris hashonoh'.
    Hamokom yenachem otchen
    ve'etchem betoch shaar aveilei Tzion viYerusholoyim, Umocho dimo meal kol ponim,
    venoimar Amen.



    From heart to heart Tanchumim, mimDinat Hayam

  2. @RaP don't know why you are being so fussy. The letter was circulated around Yerushalayim by reliable people as well as signs of the letter.were posted Don't see anything controversial about being nicer to other people.

  3. Rabbi Eidensohn said: "RaP don't know why you are being so fussy."

    RaP: Not being fussy at all. Trying to look a little more analytically at the the letter and the signatures, and something does not add up, as I explained in great detail. That is not called being "fussy" it is maybe called "investigative" or "curious".

    "The letter was circulated
    around Yerushalayim by reliable people as well as signs of the
    letter.were posted

    RaP: Not questioning that at all. My question is who the people are that COMPOSED the letter? Was it the widows who jointly come up with this idea in the middle of their shiva? Who was responsible for creating the letter and for its distribution. Surely the widows did not hire people to publicize the letter. Who paid for all the printing, PR and getting it posted and sent all over. Why is that a "secret"? There should be someone who knows the answers to such simple questions.

    "Don't see anything controversial about being nicer
    to other people

    RaP: Of course not! Being nice is important and there is nothing controversial about nice. BUT there is something controversial if someone FORGED signatures and wrote up a letter that the widows had NOTHING to do with. Just a PR stunt and spin to keep people off the trail of other questions and issues. In addition, the question of why the most important widow, the wife of the Toras Moshe Rosh Yeshiva, and herself the daughter of a Rosh Yeshiva is listed LAST on a letter that is signed by a bunch of former clerical workers who worked in the offices of Neve Yerushalyim, (no insult, just the facts, but they are not of the caliber of Rebbetzin Twersky, who is also the head of a prestigious Seminary.)

    It just seems to come across that some "politically correct" types have taken advantage of the tragedy to talk about things that are just truisms and trite. Of course people must be nice. It looks like all four rabbis were the nicest people one could meet and they only dealt with and lived among nice people. Telling all the people who are mourning for them to be "nicer" is pointless because they are so nice already they could package and market their niceness by the truckload. Do all the alumna and talmidim and talmidos of Toras Moshe Yeshiva of Neve Yerushalayim Seminary have to be told to be "nicer" and not to speak "loshen hora"?? Makes no sense. They are already the nicest and finest people. Who is this letter addressed to really? To tell all the nice people of Har Nof who almost all the nicest of the nice olim and great folks from "Anglo" countries to be even "nicer" still? Weird! Who thinks of these things? Is anything the widows say going to influence anti-Charedi Israelis to become "nice" to Charedim? Did the widows get up in the middle of their Shiva and decide all of a sudden to tell all of their neighbors and friends that they are not nice enough, that too many people around them are all speaking "loshen hora" and therefore they must come up with a letter to the world, and they called up a few rich folks with time on their hands to print up the letters and get them sent out all over. Who even listens to such things? Has to be something else at work.

    Read what I wrote first time around and answer those points. Then maybe we will get somewhere.

    Finally, PLEASE get CONFIRMATION from someone who has spoken to ALL the widows and CONFIRM that they indeed composed this public appeal letter and that ALL signed this print-out with their names on it! Without such first-hand confirmation by reliable WITNESSES, and until then there is good grounds to believe that it is a point blank forgery.

  4. There is no need to look any further than Issiah 1:1:12 and 1:1:15.
    Veaf al pi she'ein rayah ledovor, zecher ledovor.
    12 -> Ki sovau leroas ponoy... mikdosh me'at
    15 -> uvforischem kapeichem a'alim einay mikem (in contrast to Einei H' Elokecho bah...) gam ki sarbu sfilo eneni shomea, yedeichem domim meleu. If you look a little closer, this happened at time of tfilo just when preparing for prisas kapayim. Indeed, some were out washing their hands and thereby saved. There definitely is a message out there, hamalbin pnei chavero keilu shofech domim and we need to be yemashmesh bemaasov as it states "im roiso echod mibnei hachabiro meis", yidagu kol hachaburo.

    No need to make a federal case out of the signatures. It is quite obvious that none of those sitting shivah sat down to sign kol kore's, just everyone understood the wink what this is all about. The widows have been approached whether they would take the opportunity to be merorer the oilom in their names for the zchut of their husbands neshomo. Hashem picked from his garden the most precious flowers as mentioned by the assoro harugei malchus. That is all, my friend. May they all rest in peace.


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