Thursday, October 30, 2014

Schlesinger Twins: Michael lies to court that Beth went to a beer festival on Yom Kippur to deny her weekend visits with her children!

Guest post from Beth Alexander

It seems there any no lengths Mr Schlesinger won't go and no depths too low that he won't sink to try to discredit and destroy me, the mother of his beloved children.

Every day of separation from my dear boys is another day of torturous pain and agony to endure. Special days like birthdays, holidays and celebrations are especially hard.

Shabbat and Chagim are the most testing of all. These silent lonely days are the harshest reminder of the heavy loss of all my hopes and dreams: the loving Jewish home I yearned to create together with my so-called 'religious' husband, the happy home of fun, ringing with children's laughter I struggled to build, the holiness and warmth I expected to fill my marriage - all devastatingly replaced by abuse, destruction and tears.

Unable to bear the pain of solitude on Rosh Hashonnah, I flew home to Manchester. I sat at the back of shul with my mother and we wept and sobbed in each other's arms, consoling one another; a mother bereft of her children and a grandmother's double pain for her daughter and suffering grandchildren far away. It is the 4th year without my children on the Chagim but the wound is just as fresh and raw as the day it was inflicted.

I wasn't able to stay until Yom Kippur so was forced to spend the fast in Vienna. I went to shul and cried again. Uncontrollably. I was comforted by the kindest people, strangers and old friends who shared my grief and understood what, for any mother in the world, is the greatest loss of all.

Sukkot and Simchat Torah - again separated - but the Tuesday visit I was able to take them to the shul sukkah on chol hamoed brought the three of us pure joy!

It's been a difficult month and truthfully, I'm glad it's over. Until Sammy and Benji are back in my arms, the Chagim will never be the same for me again. Simcha and celebration have been replaced with solemn mourning and meditation.

Yet to add salt to the wound, Michael Schlesinger wrote to the court this week to deny my application for weekend visits claiming that I am not religious and accused me of spending Yom Kippur 'the holiest day of the year' at a beer festival in some far flung place in Austria!!

Why do you tell such audacious lies, Michael? Why did you also lie that the twins were ill on my visit two days before Rosh Hashonnah? You claimed Sammy had pneumonia - which would take at least 2 weeks to recover from - but then both boys were in the Chabad shul just two days later on Rosh Hashonnah. Why did you then ask people to lie for you to deny that they were in shul when others had already seen them there and informed me they were there?

Worst of all are the lies to our children. They have a mother who loves them more than anything in the world. And you continue to deny them my love.

What lies do you tell them when they ask you why their Mama doesn't tuck them into bed at night and kiss them goodnight?

What lies do you tell them when they ask you why they can't run into their Mama's arms after a long day at kindergarten like all the other children?

What lies do you tell them when they hurt themselves and cry for their Mama?

One day soon they will discover the truth. Prepare yourself. How exactly do you expect them to react when they do?
========================Witness Statement =================
Vienna, October 29, 2014
I, Sofia Collar, Argentina, 65 years old and now living with my daughter, Deborah Collar in Iglseegasse *, **** (Percholdsdorf), Austria, for some weeks, I declare, on my own will, that I met Beth Alexander at the evening of Yom Kipur – Jewish forgiveness day – at the Main Vienna Synagogue, the Stadttempel and as we were sitting next to each other and she did not stop crying I asked her what was wrong with her. 
Thereafter, we spend during the whole Friday evening service and Saturday – all day long – together and on different times when she could stop crying she told me that she was very unhappy and sad because she was apart from her two little children and could not spend the Jewish Holidays with them.
                                                            Sofia Collar
                                                           Argentine Passport 1.8******
                                                           Tel (in Vienna) 0650 *******

Permanent address: Araoz 282 – 6p 19
1414 Buenos Aires, Argentina


  1. "Why do you tell such audacious lies, Michael?"

    well its probably because what ur experiencing and doing is exactly what he wants. he seems like a real sick sadist and he's probably reading this letter enjoying all the pain ur expressing.

    its an absolutely horrible situation and i had a hard time learning about it a few weeks ago and didn't go that far cause its just so evil it made me almost start crying.

    ultimately i can't c anything u can do about this aspect cause if u don't express your grief u will lose support and momentum but Michael still gets his perverted jollies and if u do stop expressing it in public then u still have to deal with it privately and the only thing u will gain is ending his twisted sort of entertainment and lose your children for good.

    G-d help u and your children, ur in my prayers. don't ever give up i have a feeling u will win in the end.

    or maybe Michael will just get hit by a bus and then it will all be over. ah dreams sweet dreams.

  2. When will this torment and torture end??

  3. No doubt corrupt Judge Susanne Göttlicher will "believe" Schlesinger despite his lies having been proved to be lies and despite his many lies being proven in the past. The mother, having never lied throughout all her court cases and publicity, will still be accused by Göttlicher of lying even though she has absolutely nothing to back up such allegations. Since when did Göttlicher stop pretending to be fair? Göttlicher and the Austrian "justice" system is the toilet bowl of Europe.

  4. What happens now? Will Mr Schlesinger need to make an emergency call to Konstanze Thau to get judge Gertlicher to "lose" these papers. The whole court case is a mockery.

  5. Beth Alexander has over 1500 Facebook friends who are able to read that she did not attend an event on either 3 or 4.10.2014. The children's father's spies have obviously lied to him about the date and he, who is well known for lying, has taken advantage of this to deliberately distort the facts (once again). You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to work this one out. Judge G. will not be one of Brth's FB friends but over 1500 of us could appear in court to inform her if required.

  6. Lying is not new to Michael Schlesinger! Its not even second nature it comes as
    naturally to him as breathing. He
    didn’t just lie and spread lies all over Vienna that Beth was mentally ill – he
    got her ‘frum’ friend to lie and spread lies about her. He
    got a false medical report on her through a psychiatristy who has never even met
    her. How inconvenient for them that a
    truthful psychiatrist pronounced that ‘Beth Rebecca Schlesinger is not now or
    never has been mentally ill’. Lets see
    what else he lied about – he forged her signature to get benefits paid into his
    bank accounts, He lied that her children had pneumonia over Rosh HaShanna and
    managed to get people in Chabad Vienna again to lie for him telling her they
    were not in Shul when they were… He
    has got Rabbi Biderman to lie to the court and supply false information to the
    court that they were thriving and doing well when he knew full well they are
    not and one of them was self-harming at three years old. The best weapon of all is that – the religious
    women who use their vicious tongues to spread his evil lies.

    The biggest lie of
    all is when he stood under the Chuppah Kedushha wearing his Kittle and crying
    probably because he and his family knew it was a sham marriage and he was
    incapable of having a normal relationship and living a normal life.

    He is a good plotter too – he plotted with his psychiatrist
    friend Foldes to lock Beth away in a mental home when there is nothing
    whatsoever wrong with her.

  7. Well, Beth has easily proved that she was in shul Friday Kol
    Kidre and Shabbos Yom Kippur as can be seen from this lady’s written statement that
    she was with Beth in Shul all of Kol Nidre and all of Shabbos Yom Kippur and was comforted as she wept by many kind people. So Michael how do you know she was at a ‘beer
    festival’? How can you prove it? How do you know who was there? Did you see her there? What stories do you tell yours and Beth’s children
    at bed time?

  8. Dr Michael Schlesinger clearly gets a big kick out of being a sadist and forcing his kids and their mum to suffer through his lies. This makes us wonder if the basis for selecting judges such as Susanne Göttlicher in Austria is that they should be cruel people before all else.

    How about Judge Konstanze Thau - a convert to Judaism and deeply involved in the human disaster referred to in Vienna as the "Schlesinger twins case"? Is cruelty to children also the basis for her behavior?

    There are others involved in this catastrophe as well. Not just judges. Rabbis. Mothers. Social workers. But those at the top are the judges and rabbis. To those of us who are outside the Austrian IKG, the suffering of Sammy and Benji Schlesinger and their mum Beth appears to have been caused predominantly by the father and his henchmen - judges without consciences, rabbis of the Chabad persuasion (eg Rabbi Biderman), and all those who lack the civil courage to act against crimes against children in Austria.

    Shame on Austria! Sophia Collar does not lack civil courage, but she lives in Argentina! She is almost certainly from a Jewish family that was forced to flee from the Nazis. She had to abandon her homeland and start again on the other side of the world! Sophia Collar is a person we can all admire and praise! Unlike those judges, rabbis and others from today's Jewish community in Austria who have been asked to do their utmost to save Sammy and Benji's lives - but haven't. G-d knows who the good people are.

  9. Dr Schlesinger - you're a fabulous storyteller, aren't you! And you have spies in the Austrian countryside who are even able to hallucinate at beer festivals! You'd better keep away from these people in future, though! One day, the judge in the Vienna Family Court might just decide not to believe them any more and to accept your children's mother's witnesses' statements instead. Be careful, Dr Schlesinger!

  10. Why everybody shout at Chabad and Biderman? Everybody know it was Josef Pardes that make all bad things.

  11. Who does Michael Schlesinger think more about his children or himself?

    As we know he grew up without a father which must have been so hard for him , especially as his mother slung him out, as his sister did her husband!

    Perhaps he has made a pact with himself. Get married, have children and sling his wife out! This time he, as a man would have the children and exclude the mother!

    This is the mind of a bitter, twisted, selfish person, who is probably very screwed up, because of his own upbringing and how his mmother treated him!

    The Rabbis in Vienna especially Biderman
    are doing a grave injustice by not trying to bring this mixed up man to his senses! He needs to be stopped now as he is
    destroying the lives of his twin sons
    Sammy and Benji!

    Michael Schlesinger needs to recognise or be made to see he needs treatment for his
    own good, but more importantly because by denying the children their mother and palming them of to foreign strangers to do her job is cruel and irrational and ddefinitely not normal!

    No Jew or human can stand by and watch this man, whist he destroys himself and his children!

  12. No doubt corrupt Judge Susanne Göttlicher will "believe" Schlesinger despite his lies having been proved to be lies and despite his many lies being proven in the past. The mother, having never lied throughout all her court cases and publicity, will still be accused by Göttlicher of lying even though she has absolutely nothing to back up such allegations. Since when did Göttlicher stop pretending to be fair?


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