Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Joey (Deutsch) Diangello - courageous advocate against child abuse and rape survivor - buried in Monsey

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz - A message to Family Members/Love ones of Abuse survivors

Over the joyous Yom Tov of Succos, a 34-year-old man named Joey DiAngello tragically died. His Levaya (funeral) was in Monsey this past Sunday. He was a passionate advocate for abuse prevention and victim's rights, having been molested in a Brooklyn Mikva when he was an innocent seven-year-old child named Yoeli Deutch.

After Joey/Yoeli's burial, a dozen friends of his gathered to share their memories of his all-too-short life. One of the people who spoke was a middle-aged, chassidic man. He softly stated that his son had been abused many years ago and said, "I am terrified that I might be here one day burying my own son."

He said that his family is following the advice they received from Rabbonim and professionals who are knowledgeable in these matters [to give their son "space" and the love/support he needs] even though, "it is very, very difficult for us to do that."

My message to parents, siblings, and loved ones of abuse victims is that you please, please listen to the wise words of that father and support the survivors in every way possible. And to all members of our community, always keep in mind that you never really know what pain and suffering people are contending with.

We are burying far too many of our kids who couldn't deal with the pain and confusion of the childhood abuse that shattered their innocent lives - and for many of them, the support they get from you could be the difference between their life and death.[...]

*MONSEY, N.Y. (PIX11) –* The marker on the freshly-dug grave in the Monsey Cemetery had the name “Joel Deutsch” in Hebrew, the name 34-year old Joe Diangello was given at birth in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Diangello had walked away from the Satmar Hasidic community — and his name — at age 17, ten years after suffering what he said was a brutal sexual assault in a mikvah bath on Marcy Avenue.

“I think when that person raped me, he murdered my Jewish soul,” Diangello told PIX11 Investigates in early 2009, when he finally started going public with his story.

Diangello was buried Sunday by members of the Hasidic community, not long after he was discovered dead in his Manhattan apartment by a social worker.

His close friends who became his true support system in recent years, after Diangello’s family rejected his new lifestyle, said he would not have wanted a Monsey funeral.

Diangello certainly stood out in a crowd, with his dyed, jet-black hair, black fingernails, and heavy metal t-shirts.

The cause of death was listed as a drug overdose, but many friends insisted to PIX11 it must have been accidental, since Diangello had been taking a more positive outlook on life.

He was running marathons, working as a medical biller from his apartment, and enjoying Yankee games.

Still, his life was one filled with pain. [...]


  1. another death from legal prescription drugs. watch out people these pills r more addictive, more dangerous, and more deadly then the drugs u find on the streets.

    watch The Marketing Of Madness and protect ur self from modern day drug pushers found in your schools and doctors office.


  2. It's not the prescription drugs that are the problem SK, but the alleged rape in a mikva. Seems like mikva may be mighty dangerous places - with peeping toms (even possibly in the form of rabbis!!) and rapists often mentioned in the news. Not places where either gender can feel comfortable. Get your priorities right SK!


    More likely from after being raped, only to be excommunicated for not practicing omerta. Let's say he died of a broken heart. So much for blaming the victim, and Enabling the Enablers. How much more blood needs to be spilled before calling a spade a spade? If malbin pnei chavero is shfichas domim, how much more shfichas domim is a Rodef achar hazochor, misallel bo, vesoref es nishmoso vehoreg es hanefesh? Who is responsible for his Death? Those wearing Chef pants. Harotsachta vegam yarashta? In times of Sanhedrin, they would push you off from shtei komot, if you were still breathing, they put you a big slab on your chest, and if that didn't do the trick, you'd be thrown stones like the Etrogim on Sukkot al yad hamizbeach for kohen shenechmatz vekilkel beavodoso.
    yehi zichro boruch.

  4. If someone got stabbed, lost a massive amount of blood and expired, who and what really killed the person? Is it the STABBER with his knife, or are you going to blame the loss of blood? Kappish?


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