Monday, October 27, 2014

Today: Satmar Hasidic Men's-Mikva sexually abused activist Joey DiAngelo Candlelit Memorial in Monsey Upstate NY.

 Guest Post
Candlelit Ceremony at the Burial Site:
6:30-7:15pm - 221 Brick Church Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977

Memorial, Remembering Joey:
7:30-10:00pm - Rockland JCC, 450 W Nyack Rd, West Nyack, NY 10994
Bring along some form of ID (Standard JCC building security requirement)

America is now all consumed and busy with the woman's mikva voyeurism abuse, but by us Hasidim in Bror Park Williamsburg Monsey & Monroe, men and boyz use a naked bath house together called the Men's-Mikvah, and kids are sexuality molested and abused! Nobody cares!

One now died of a overdose. Please come over to report this vigil and lets stop this abuse once and for all!

Rabbi Nuchom Rosenberg will be talking. 

Here are some reports on this terrible loss of life due to abuse in the Mens Mikvah

1.  like by Deb Tambor the family stole the deceased body, that they disowned while alive because he was talking about his trauma, and didn't let his friends be by the funereal.

2. Here you can read about the cold callous divisiveness of our pain by the community mouth pieces, how they shun and hush those who speak out against child sexual molestation.

3. Mark Openhiemer of the NY Times, this weekend went so far re the Woman's Mikva voyeurism scandal, to dip himself in the Mikva. Little does he care that by Hasidim children get abused in the Mens Mikva!

4. At minute 70 hear Joey in his own haunting voice, how he opens his up his wounded heart, to the world, describing his life full of pain guilt and anguish, since he was abused in the mens mikvah as a young kid as old as 8!

5. Was it a suicide or an accidental overdose is the question? Read how one community activist says its a "Homicide!!!" Because the community silences those victims like Joey! And they have no other way to go but to die.

6. In Yiddish a short but heartwarming report.


  1. He was a druggie and psychopath. It is well known he invented scenarios of himself to obtain media attention.

  2. And you are probably a molester because no normal human being could read this story and come up with that response.

  3. "Ein odom nitfas al tsaaro", "Veal todin es chavercho ad shetagia limkomo"!

    You sound like a feckless, heartless scum bag adding salt to his wounds,
    umosif chet al pesha, blaming the victim. You have absolutely no feelings,
    especially when such a young frail child is inflicted with such
    overwhelming trauma of Biblical proportions, just like in Sdom Vaamorah. If you
    only know what's good for you, go to his Tsion and ask for mechila
    uslicho. Nebach, ALL these young victims and broken neshomos are in such
    enormous pain that is going to stay with them for the rest of their lives, if
    any, something you will never fathom. Indeed, you cannot fathom, and it so
    seems, that since siman of Yidden are Rachmonim bnei Rachmonim, how is it
    possible you should be mizera yisroel, vetsorich bdika achrov. Every aspect of
    their lives have been totally destroyed, ruined their childhood, robbed of
    their teenage years, never one moment of peace, live in constant fear and
    misery, having lost faith in all those that are supposed to protect them, only
    to be thrown under the bus. The common denominator for all those abused are,
    they distance themselves from religion and delve into drugs to escape their
    pain. We have seen this happen much too often, again and again. Do you really
    think YOU would turn out to be any different having been raped at the age of 8,
    never in a million years. Would you still say the same if it happens to your own
    child? Rachmono lesheizvei! This a classic example of "Tinok shenishbu", and the
    outcome is predictable. This cycle of violence keeps on repeating because of
    people like you and your ilk, veasidin liten olov es hadin. Not enough that the
    damage has been done, they then go harass the victim and their families, squelch
    them so as not to disclose to the world what NEVOLO BEYISROEL has been done,
    spread all kinds of lies and rumors AS IF it is the parents that are guilty of
    the same. It is exactly thus, KAZOS, UKELE 'ukele hadvorim' that ENABLES the
    true perpetrators breathing freely in the open while endangering the public at
    large. What a waste of oxygen. Is it a wonder that this cycle of violence keeps
    going On and On with no end in sight. No, of course it is not they themselves
    that commit such atrocities, not in the UK, nor in Belgium, or "Morroco - Uganda
    -Ebolia -Zambia- Berlandia- Hollandia- Zud Afrika - vechol Horei haChoshech
    vechol haruchot bechol mokom sheheim". Of course, instead of lifdos tinokes
    shenishbu, offering them sympathy in feeling their pain, they gather hundred's
    of thou$ands for so called pidyon shvuyim, throwing good money after bad.
    However, ein podenu veein matsilenu, veono miponecho evroch, vesof ganav
    litliya. Yes, admitting in public we have a problem and sweeping it under the
    rug is not a solution, it is only a good start, but we also need a follow up
    doing something about it so as not to happen again. For those that claim to
    attempt in preventing such reocurrences complain, that they are hindered and
    threatened by the ENABLERS not to go to the authorities, or else they will
    not deliver the votes. They are only voted in through the public to serve the
    public, and not to serve themselves. It is Therefore, why our children remain
    the korbones, tmidin kesidron with no relief in sight. And so it goes. Oy no
    lonu, ki chotonu!

    And for you my friend, you have no TACt, and have no SKILLS. C.W. is spot
    on! It is YOU that is the psychopath, while our children are left out to suffer
    in the cold. BTW, what have you been smoking lately? And one more thing, with
    friends like you, who needs enemies.


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