Saturday, October 25, 2014

Iran to execute woman accused of killing attempted rapist

 Update USA Today  U.S. condemns hanging of Iranian rape victim

The U.S. State Department on Saturday joined other organizations condemning the execution of an Iranian woman convicted of killing a man she said she stabbed in self-defense during a sexual assault.

Despite a robust international campaign and social media outcry, Reyhaneh Jabbari — convicted of murder in the 2007 death of a former Iranian intelligence agent — was hanged at dawn Saturday in Tehran, according to Iran's official news agency IRNA,[...]

 update: Iran postponed execution Tuesday

Fox News    An Iranian woman sentenced to death for killing a man who tried to rape her told her mother goodbye and prepared to die, even as the Islamic republic’s president was meeting with world leaders at the United Nations.

Rayhaneh Jabbari, 26, is set to be executed Tuesday, according to reports from Iran. [...]

==========================Islam requires 4 male witnesses for crime of rape =====
Islam Web

Fatwa No : 156817

A daughter accusing her father of sexual abuse

Fatwa Date : Jumaadaa Al-Aakhir 15, 1432 / 18-5-2011

A 14 yr old girl has accused her father of sexually abuse since the age of 9 and also of rape. The mother of the girl says the father has admitted the abuse but not the rape. The father is now flatly denying that anything happened and says the mother has misunderstood what he said. The girl is still adamant that it all took place and by the way the man is on bail. How would this be dealt with according to Islamic law?


All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.
It is an abominable sin that a father sexually abuses his daughter and it is even more abominable if he rapes her. If he does so with any girl, it is strictly forbidden, let alone him doing so with his own daughter.
However, it is not permissible to accuse the father of rape without evidence. Indeed, the Sharee’ah put some special conditions for proving Zina (fornication or adultery) that are not required in case of other crimes. The crime of Zina is not confirmed except if the fornicator admits it, or with the testimony of four trustworthy men, while the testimony of women is not accepted.
Hence, the statement of this girl or the statement of her mother in itself does not Islamically prove anything against the father, especially that the latter denies it.
Therefore, if this daughter has no evidence to prove that her accusations are true, she should not have claimed that she was raped by her father and she should not have taken him to the court. But if what she says is true, then she has the right to ask for protection from him even by taking him to the court so that he would not continue committing this evil or practice more sinful acts with her. In this case, she would claim his dissoluteness and her fear of his evil so that she will be kept apart from him.
Allaah Knows best.


  1. Reyhaneh Jabbari admitted to stabbing the Sarbandi in the back.

    However, the victim's family is prepared to forgive her and therefore cancel her execution if she will reveal the name of the man she testified was in the house with her and who she claims is the real killer. So far, Jabbari has refused to do so.

    Jalal Sarbandi insists that his father's murder was premeditated, adding that Jabbari confessed to having bought a knife two days earlier.

    "She (also) sent a text message to her boyfriend saying she would kill him," he said.

    This case has been in the international news since 2007.

  2. iv been hearing about this case for years but never really paid all that much attention to it. this is the first i'v heard of this aspect so it looks like its a little more complicated then the news media let on.

    anyway they hang and execute people in Iran and all these Persian and Arab countries all the time. they r savages what do people expect? whats with all the shock and outrage in this particular case?

    there's probably several hundred others being hanged and worse in these countries for every one of these Reyhaneh Jabbari for all kinds of minor infractions so why r people acting like this is some sort of isolated incident and if this execution is stopped it will make all the difference in the world?

    seems kind of silly to me but what ever i guess people like scandal and drama so if u want it u got it.

  3. @snugglykindness - you are not living up to your name.

    I assume that when the Americans were reading about Jews being killed in Europe you well understand why they said like you - what't the big deal and turned the page of their newspapers.I assume you understand why they said - why should be concerned - the Jews killed Jesus etc etc.

    when Israelis are being attacked by terrorists - people in Brittain and France will read your comments and say we understand

    Perhaps you should read Rav Moshe's teshuva about aiva which permits violating Shabbos to save a goy's life - before your write another such comment. We are living in galus for many reasons - one of them is lack of empathy and sensitivy to our fellow man - including non-Jews.

    This blog is not just read by Jews and I am sure there are many people - Jews and non Jews who find your apporach disgusting.

    I approved your post - as an opportunity to state clearly that such views have no place in Yiddishkeit

  4. well just cause 2 people say the same thing about each other doesn't make them both right. one can be right and the other can be wrong.

    its like the argument that if a cop and a robber both use guns doesn't make them equal. one of them is right and the other is wrong but they both are using the same device (substitute using the same argument in this case).

    but even if they did say that i don't care i don't expect the American's to fight for Jews i expect Jews to fight for Jews which we failed miserably during that time.

    perhaps i will read Rav Moshe's teshuva book i'm always open to learning almost any Rabbi's (with few exceptions).

    but perhaps u should read Rav Meir Kahane's Ohr Harayon which i swear has the exact opposite statement about saving a goy's life on shabbos and i will try to find the source for u.

    anyway it seems that there is a Rav that backs every bodies opinion these days and always no matter how different they r so no matter what opinion one holds he will always be able to find a Rav that supports it.

    i don't hate goys and i don't want them all to hang but any goy that is anti-israel or anti-Jew i would not care if they were hanged or anything else dreadful that could happen to them.

    this women is a muslim and most muslims are anti-Jewish thats obvious and to pretend otherwise is just foolishness. its right in there most holy doctrine the koran and to not c it is the same as the "Gay Orthodox" Jews who pass right over G-d commanding the death of homosexual Men in our most holy doctrine.

    i have empathy for the whole human race as long as they r supporters of Jews and Israel and as long as they don't violate the 7 Noahide laws. but for Arab's and Persians there's no way i'm going to assume they love me i'm first going to assume they hate me and let them prove me wrong.

    sure people r going to find my approach disgusting just like i find other people's approaches disgusting and they don't think it is. these days everybody is entitled to their opinions unfortunately but if i had it my way it wouldn't be so

    according to your view my views have no place in Yiddishkeit but i can find others then would say it does have a place.

    as for living up to my name SnugglyKindness it was chosen as a joke years ago for several reasons but one was because it was ironic.

  5. @snuggly your argument for moral equivalence is what the New York Times does with the Palestinians.

    Kind of disgusting to equate Rav Moshe Feinstein with Meir Kahana. Kahana was an articulate big mouth hypocrite (he had little regard for the views of gedolim and he had a non-Jewish mistress who committed suicide because of his lack of human sensitivity and empathy.).

    A number of rabbis I know considered him a possible rodef because his public announcement did nothing to advance the security of the Jews dwelling amongst non-Jews in galus and much to destroy it. He basically rejected the validity of the concept of golus.

    The existance of a variety of views does mean that they are equally valid.

    It is "big hearted" of you to have empathy for the whole human race. But why should they care about someone who shows such little interest in the welfare of others. Who readily condemns people based on stereotype and bigotry.

    It would be helpful for you to learn more about the Jewish concept of golus before making "in your face" statements about others.

  6. alright well given your opinions of Rav Meir Kahane i can c why we have such different view points and i think what u wrote about him here is disgusting including this horrible mistress slander. i c no point in continuing this conversation as its just going to go in circles which is something i don't do.


  7. i don't know u well enough to know if ur telling the truth or not. i'l just say if it is true every body makes mistakes and i'm far from innocent my self and have hurt people very badly. i have remorse about it and i would never do it again.

    this is not the first time iv heard this mistress story true or not its irrelevant to his Torah teachings. weather he had that dream or not and told u that he is that rabbi is also irrelevant and what u r doing there is nothing short of character assassination.

    and the fact that even if it were true that u would expose such a thing about a man who is long dead to shame him decades after his death when he can't defend him self just shows me how low of a person u r. all this just to prove your point? its truly shameful and pathetic.

    no wonder u sit on the computer like a teenager on Facebook going in circles relentlessly arguing with people. that u can live with yourself saying such things is shocking but things like this r becoming less surprising to me ever day and u just lowered my threshold for for expecting the unexpected.

  8. @Snuggly - it would be helpful it you took the trouble of learning some elementary halacha before accusing me of wrongdoing. Your basic position and arguments are clearly not based on Torah.

    As I mentioned before- the halacha is that hypocrites should be exposed. Your position is that hypocrties that you worship should not be criticized.

  9. my argument is that the past is the past and people make mistakes. if somebody has done something wrong there is no reason to carry the burden for life if they have repented, resolved not to do it again and resolved to change there ways from there on out.

    but thats assuming all this is true and i don't know that. ur relying on the worlds of a NYT's writter Michael T Koffman and wikipedia which is known to be full of factual errors on even the most minor unimportant issues.

    i don't know Michael T Koffman and i don't know if he's telling the truth in his article about every thing he says that Rabbi Kahane said to him.

    i don't know all the circumstances and i'm not just going to believe it just because somebody wrote it.

    i also made a mistake cause i thought u write those things here for the first time i didn't realize u copied and pasted what u said from the NYT article.

    i could write an article for the NYT's today and say "Daniel Eidensohn admitted to me when i confronted him about fondling young boys in his neighborhood and put his hand on my knee and shakingly said please don't tell anybody it would ruin me and my cat".

    is it true? no. is it true if its in the NYT or Wikipedia? u tell me.

    maybe its true what Rivky Stein said cause a reporter wrote it in the Daily News and its been all over the news media.

    why is it if its in print and it fits in with your agenda is it all of a sudden true?

    maybe some of it is maybe some of it isn't. u werent there, i wasn't there none of us know exactly what went on in that situation but i guess if its in the NYT's its got to be true just like anything in the Daily News has to be true.

    i do apologize for calling u low though cause i now realize u were quoting the NYT article not actually saying those things your self as if they happened between you and Rabbi Kahane.

  10. for some reason a paragraph i wrote here is not showing up. so i'm putting it here;

    i could write an article for the NYT's today and say "Daniel Eidensohn admitted to me when i confronted him about fondeling young boys in his neighborhood and put his hand on my knee and shakingly said please don't tell anybody it would ruin me and my cat".

    is it true? no. is it true if its in the NYT or Wikipedia? u tell me.

  11. @snuggly - there is no need to trash my reputation to make a theoretical point. If you want to rewrite the paragraph I will accept it Gratuitious smears are not published and puts your agenda in a rather bad light.

  12. oh so u cut the paragraph out i thought it was an error when i posted. yea it was just theoretical but u get my point so there's no need.


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