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Brooklyn District Attorney. - Is selling out to Satmar part of the job?

Verdict Justia by Prof. Marci Hamilton Here we are at the end of Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and let’s just say that the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community as a whole is not going to receive any justice awards soon, though two brave individuals should.

First, there is the specter in Brooklyn of a sweetheart plea deal for the criminal who threw bleach on the face of the bravest advocate of sex abuse survivors in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Second, at the end of last month, there was a veritable celebration in honor of the prison release of the criminal who tried to bribe a young woman and her boyfriend with $500,000 to drop charges against ultra-Orthodox molester Rabbi Nechemya Weberman.

The Sweetheart Plea Deal for a Vicious Assault

Former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes repeatedly let down the victims of child sex abuse in the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. He actually lost his job because of it. The man who replaced him, Ken Thompson, ran on a platform of protecting the children who were abandoned by the Hynes administration. He started off strong by dropping the charges against Sam Kellner, who was unfairly charged with extortion when in fact he was trying to obtain justice for his son, who was sexually abused. He made many points then. Earlier this week, he backtracked.

The fight to protect victims of abuse in religious communities is difficult and daunting, and those inside the community can pay the steepest price. One of those men in the ultra-Orthodox universe is Rabbi Nuchum Rosenberg, who has persistently ministered to the abused in his community, forced the issue into the public square through a call-in show and blog, and proudly stood in support of legislative reform in Albany for them. His dogged persistence has created a wedge in the community for justice, and survivors sorely in need of support have started to speak up.

Tempers were running high December of 2012 following the trial and guilty verdict of sick molester and esteemed counselor Rabbi Nechemya Weberman.

Rosenberg had been a victim of violence before, but the day after the Weberman verdict, Meilech Schnitzler approached Rosenberg and threw bleach in his face. But for the quick action of a person who threw a cup of water on Rosenberg’s face, he might be blind today.

In a move that has sent chills through the ultra-Orthodox survivor community, Thompson cut a deal with Schnitzler that will hardly deter future violence against the survivors’ advocates. Instead of serving the years in prison the crime should have earned, Schnitzler confessed to throwing the bleach on Rosenberg and received nothing but unsupervised probation. To quote Rosenberg, “Probation in our circles is a joke.” [...]


  1. Please be advised that anybody who comments on this blog and agrees will be arrested.

    1. Gut gezucked!!

      Kurtz un sharf.

      Gut Shabbos.

    2. Everyone a rosha gomur, besides for Nuchum!May 5, 2014 at 12:28 AM

      Rav Dovid Shelita,

      As you've propounded many times, it is all the fault of the reshoim gemurim who do the terrible crime of teaching Toras Hashem. Please, Don't be afraid to say it as it is. OK? Thank you.

  2. The common and disturbing factor between Vienna and Brooklyn is that a COMMUNITY supports the aggressor- rodeif and ba'al aveiro.

  3. @comment #1

    Is that what happened to the guys of KJ?

  4. Disagree that the deal was so sweet. 5 years probation is very tough. I don't think he deserved lengthy jail time. He was a first time offender and the victim provoked him.

    1. Dopamine, read the facts! You're totally wrong.

  5. what facts? about the plea or the fight between schnitzler and Rosenberg?

    From what I understand Rosenberg walked into Schnitzlers store and promised he would see his (schnitzlers) father in jail for alleged sex abuse crimes.

    Schnitler got so worked up he ran after him and assaulted him with the bleach. Now I'm not condoning what he did at all, but you gotta admit the victim acted recklessly and in a highly provocative manner.

  6. dopamine,
    You know, getting acid in the eyes is what you deserve when you protest molesting children.

    1. Everyone a rosha gomur, besides for Nuchum!May 5, 2014 at 12:22 AM

      Rabbeinu Hagodol V'hakodosh, Moreinu Horav Dovid Eidensohn Shelita,

      Is Mr. Rosenberg's only intention to protect children? Was he confronting Mr. Schnitzler (the son/bleach thrower) in a quest to protect children?

      One visit to Mr. Rosenberg's blogspot reveals that protecting children is certainly not his primary concern - and it is doubtful how much of a concern it is to him, if at all.

      And definitely, Mr. Rosenberg came into the store to bully Mr. Schnitzler - not for any other reason. Did Mr. Schnitzler have the right to throw bleach at Rosenberg? No, it was inappropriate. Hence the five years of probation.

      Let's be clear and honest, as is appropriate for a student of Hagoen Ha'amiti Moran Horav Aaron Kotler ZT"L etc.

    2. Everyone a rosho gomur,
      You say "Let's be clear and honest." Who should be clear and honest? The only honest thing you wrote there is that I am a gadol and kodosh. It seems that the acid thrower is a tsadik I(along with me) and Rabbi Rosenberg is not. Well, the rest of us rosho domurs such as me who is also a gadol and a kodosh according to you will have to wait for the other world to see what Mr. Acid gets and what Rabbi Rosenberg gets. Also, the liars have something to settle there also. And the children who get molested because Mr. Acid and his tsadikim friends protect the molesters, well, we can talk here all day, but in 120 years all of this will be open for everyone to see. In heaven, they don't ask Everyone a rosho gomur who is good and who is not. They have the facts and will reveal them.

    3. Where is your proofMay 5, 2014 at 3:56 AM

      Can you prove R' Nochum was in the store at all. Did this meatball oddball shnitzl claim that in court as well? You could rest assured, if such ever happened, when R' Nochum was tapped on the shoulder, he would not have so calmly turned around unsuspectingly, as was observed by the spanish bystander. You sound just like yossi G. liar with your incoherent rantings and ravings. Tipesh beribua. All your guys live a life of lies tapping yourselves and each other on the back. Your chevre are the worlds foremost leaders in chilul hashem, of course all leshem shamayim. What a disgrace. If not for R' Nochum, that torah (ox) the-rapist would still be raping your Dinah's while burning his signature with cigarette lighters without anyone batting an eye. So much for your clarity and honesty.

    4. Everyone a rosha gomur, besides for Nuchum!May 5, 2014 at 11:00 AM

      Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn,

      Please answer these questions in a straightforward manner, without sarcasm.

      1) Is it permissible to detail the heinous behavior of abuse - the sexual nature thereof - in a very graphic way? Is it permissible to do this to an audience of children and teens?

      Fact: Mr. Rosenberg does so on a continuous basis on his call-in show. His mouth is dirtier than sewage.

      2) Do you believe that the organization Bonei Olam, which has helped bring over 4,000 precious children into this world to childless couples, are "machrivei Yisroel"?

      Mr. Rosenberg claims that they are on his webpage.

      Please respond with a yes or no.

      At 120, he will not get a pass for all the vulgar language he has spewed.

      One more point. You may have some grievances against those who teach Torah. That does not give you the right to continuously call the reshoim gemurim. If you can find it within yourself to see "righteousness" in Mr. Rosenberg, then you should be able to see some righteousness in those who teach Torah. Haven't they done at least one good deed in their life?

    5. Everyone a rosha gomur, besides for Nuchum!May 5, 2014 at 11:04 AM

      To "Where is your proof" AKA nuchum,

      Your language reveals your identity.

      Nope, I'm not Yossi G. (whomever that is).

      How nice that you try to take credit for the Weberman verdict. And to top it off, you take all the credit for yourself.

      No one deserves any credit, only Nuchum. What did you say about "Tipesh beribua"?

  7. Scum of the earthMay 4, 2014 at 9:09 PM

    They are encouraged to harass child protectors. When several mothers complained about their children being molested by the Menahel to both brothers, they promised to look into it, but never did anything to stop it and has continued for another four years. Weberman that worked for both factions raped girls was also bragging to his victims, no one will believe you anyway against my word, and that's exactly what happened, at least so they claim with that Ostrich syndrome. Im bearozim noflo shalheves ma yomru ezovei kir? Just like in Pilegesh begivoh, these thugs gang up on anybody that protests child rape, harass, intimidate, bully, steal their parnosos, the same like in Lakewood, or anywhere these anshei bliyaal are in charge. They have their bucket brigade, each one in turn throws a stone, ad sheteze nishmoso like in Sdom Vaamoiro. If anyone is determined to pursue justice, the goon squad kicks in to besmirch the victim and make the general public pay for they joy rides of the rapist in bogus pidyon shviyyim appeal, so all should earn a chelek in the mitzvah of chote veniskar. Do you wonder why such a low life has the odacity to throw bleach in the child protesters eye. FYI Yes, it did cause damage and just like Weberman was brought to justice in spite of all the efforts to dismiss the case by machers and fixers of Irgun Pilegesh beGivah by keeping it at centers stage in the limelight, same will be done by ALL PARENTS OF CHILDREN and neemonei laH' vetoiroso, till Justice will be served to this megaRosho.

    BTW, FYI, the mega rapist was designated for Rosh Vaad Mishmeres Haznius, for the simple reason he was a sadist and was used to blackmail, extortion purposes and punish as an electric cattle prod for anyone that is "not with us", or is in the way of furthering their political interest. How else would such a scum of the earth remain in such a position. Therefore, "ein lonu lehishoen elo al ovinu shebashomayim."

    1. Scum of the earth,
      You were going strong until the end when you said "We have nobody to rely on except our Father in Heaven." Meaning, we can't do anything. But Reb Elchonon disagrees and interprets that statement to mean that we do have a Father in Heaven and if we try we merit help. That is why this blog cleaned up the garbage with the forced Gittin and the hideous false ruling of the major Rosh Yeshivas. That is why this blog cleaned up other smelly people. And this blog is not finished, because "our Father in Heaven" likes it.

    2. Part 1 - Oh Yes of course, sure we can and did - BE"ZHYIS much more than something!May 5, 2014 at 6:44 PM

      Of course we must do all we possibly can, veal yevoish mipnei hamaligim, veal yefached mipnei haBullvaness. What I meant was in regards to the mishneh, kan sofrim tisrach, vehoemes ne'ederes with all the rest of CHUTSPEH YASGEI. Those alleged self declared manhigim think they own the people in the communities and they are hefker for them to do as they please to their hearts content, shame them, accuse them of committing awful crimes without any foundation outside of NEKOMO just like eishes Poitifar did, of which when the Kolko's commit them, they protect them, HAYITOCHEN?, seif mefureshes in Shulchan Aruch, it must be leshem shamayim, not for self serving interest, and judge the SAME and EQUAL for ALL. When you chased out of town R' Talmid Chochom Godol veChoshuv, you were in violation of ALL these conditions. Indeed, torah achas yihye lochem, and not to discriminate bein dom ledom, bein din ledin and you yet have to retract what you have done, IN PUBLIC to this beloved talmid Chochom with the same "pumpfe". We the people are not blind, and we see how you trample on the Torah, megale ponim batorah shelo kehaloche, together with the epsteins, wolmarks and all the other yimach shemams vezichrom. So much for, neged hashem vetorato beinom lebein koinom. Back to yordim lechayehem bein odom lachavero, these "gedoilems" excommunicate their manufactured victims just because they can, disenfranchise them, send their thugs and Kol dealim Gvar'nikes, anoshim pochzim vereikim, shaming them in public, mamash shfichat domim par excellence, mind you all this in the victimized own shul lifnei kohol ve'eido rachmono litslan. These "gedoilems" with their goon squads anshei bliyaal, commit all kinds of chicanery chasing them as if the towns meshugener, texting each other and messaging on his whereabouts making themselves 'vichtig' with their busy loaded tshatchkes on their belt, while these same bullies have a history and criminal records of their own, piste leidigeirs, outcasts, why else do they join these degenerated clubs for.

    3. Part 2 - Oh Yes of course, sure we can and did - BE"ZHYIS much more than something!May 5, 2014 at 6:45 PM

      Ma osoh hakodosh boruch hu, the same *** individuals who were designated *** through the machers and fixers of the community dealing with our "Dinah saga" found their pants caught on fire through the hishtadlus with mesirus nefesh -Thanks to them all-, of none other than Rabbi Nochum Rosenberg 'zol zein gezunt in shtark', along with the gevaldige help and contribution of Daas Torah Shlit'a blog, YL's as well as MANY MANY thoughful and helpful others through various means to each his own, PUTTING THE SHEIGETZ SHTIKS IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, kedei lekayem ma sheneemar "UFORSU HASIMLOH LIFNEI ZIKNEI HAIR" *** has induced these designated individuals to turn 180 ***, and sought out the real RODFIM and real gangsters to show That JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED AFTER ALL in trying to remain in office. An instant example of "lev mlochim vesorim beyad Hashem". Since this tactic of Mitzvah lefarsem horeshoim brought forth gevaldige peiros of "Didan Notsach" in the near past, R' Nochum vesiyato will do it again along with ALL the support he can get 'michol asher yiras hashem nogea el levovoi' in protecting our young, wherever it takes, whatever it takes, till JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED! fershteist? The need to spell it out calling a spade a spade as in Talmud "kemakchol beshfoferet", is for those that try to whitewash and launder words, thereby cover it up as in the camp where all the perp allegedly did was tickle feet. Feet? my foot! Kedei lehotsi milaban shel Tsedokim, there is no choice other than spelling it out berochel bitcho, and rightfully so.
      Lemaan TASHBA"R lo echshe, ulmaan hakinderlach lo eshkot!
      Together with klall yisroel be'ezer hashem yisborach shemo, we will overcome and TZEDEK WILL PREVAIL & REIGN, rak oz yishkot haaretz.

      Dear Reb Dovid, Reb Dovid and Dear Reb Doniel ish chamudois. Yeyasher kochachem for all the time, help and relentless effort. Indeed, veyesh schar lepeulaschem, cheilchem leoirayso, rak chazak ve'emotz, bearichas yomim veshonim kulom letoivo amen. Veshovo bonim ligvulom!

  8. Now that is encouraging. Thank you.

  9. To Dovid Eidsonsohn:

    I apologize if my comments were taken out of context.

    1. I definitely do not support molesters

    2. Nochem Rosenberg has at times fought a lonely battle to bring justice to victims

    3. By being a critical thinker, I reserve the right to not agree with every single action that Nochem Rosenberg takes.

    4. I think that at best Nochem is a flawed Hero. The primary reason for this is that: Justice is better served cold, and not in a hotheaded provocative manner.

    5. I don't know if schnizlers father is guilty of what Rosenberg accuses him of, I know little about the case, I just know that for a son to react the way he did is sort of expected. I would look at this completely differently if say the Satmar rebbes gabbai was accused of throwing the bleach.

    6. Living in NYC, I get to witnesses firsthand people's reaction to new Abuse stories as they unfold publicly. Usually people respond in Binary Fashion. Either believing the words of the victim, or the accused. It devolves into a wholly unproductive "who do you believe" scenario. What would be far more productive, would be if people learned to listen and analyze a story to uncover the truth, thereby using their on intelligence as the missing "kosev hashlisi", to be "machria".

    7. Please. Just because I think that 5 years probation is not all that lenient, and that Nochem Rosenberg is not "eliyahu hanavi", do not equate me with supporting abusers. I made a comment on this particular plea that is all.

  10. Dopamine,
    Thank you for your lengthy remarks to clarify your position. You write, " I don't know if schnizlers father is guilty of what Rosenberg accuses him of, I know little about the case, I just know that for a son to react the way he did is sort of expected. I would look at this completely differently if say the Satmar rebbes gabbai was accused of throwing the bleach." Tell me, when is the last time you heard of a son throwing bleach in somebody's face maybe blinding them because the person insulted the father?

  11. Derech eretz, plishtimMay 6, 2014 at 6:30 AM

    R' Nochum Rosenberg is NOT judge, Jury and executioner. He has tact, and ALWAYS gives fair warning putting perpetrators on notice. Vayahas Kolev was also a tact so that people should pay attention and heed to what needs be done. For the last 5-6 decades, never has any action been taken by rabonim to prevent our children from being attacked by molesters. Indeed, they only helped the offenders repeat their offense, sweeping it under the rug, erasing video camera tapes, while nebach the children paid with their lives. They tried to sabotage everything so that it should not reach the authorities with various bogus excuses, this one with checking bechorin ubisdakim ubimvo'os hoafelim if the penetration had a shiur of C. Ish, the other one with lack of kosher witnesses, some threatened to stom piyos, still others paid ksus enayim, until one had the courage to say in Public, Houston, we have a problem, yet still and all nothing has been done for the safety of our children. Since they have admitted that they neither have the expertise, nor the means to enforce any meaningful restraint, the authorities do have ALL that is necessary to keep the perpetrators at bay, and do what's needed to be done. Let Dina demalchuse Dina handle it, and let the chips fall where they may. We have B"H, hanei shtei tsantere dedahava Rabbi Eidensohn's, jointly and severally all that's needed to comply to halacha, Experts in this field, hen Mibchinas refuas hanefesh and hen Mibchinas refuas haguf with all the bells and whistles. They carry the input sheshimshu shnei Gedoilei haDor, R' Moshe and R' Elyashiv, ukeday lismoch alehem. As you could see on this blog how much koiches was put in to bring these reshaim of mamzerim factories rachmono litslan to Justice and put them out of commission. This travesty has been going on for over two decades under the nose of all those so called "gedoilems", umideshoskei shman mina denichei lehu. You should be grateful that by these HAWKS, your children would be safer from molesters and from cattle prods. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Oh yes, and one more thing, at least when you apologise, you address A talmid chochom vegodol sheboki betiv gittin vekidushin vechulhu, a musmach from Reb Elyashiv, as "REB" Dovid. He is mishichmo vomalo and deserves some respect, kappish.

  12. Derech Erets,
    I agree with your inspired post. I can't agree more with your attack on the "gedolim" who don't know the laws of Gittin, who destroy people without talking to them because somebody has a cousin or somebody has a good friend whose daughter wants a GET. This is Torah? This is the opposite of Torah. This is a mamzer factory. And of course, Kaminetsky and his son are now busy helping a woman who has decided she can remarry without a GET and they and the other "gedolim" say NOTHING. Phooey.

  13. Dovid Eidensohn:

    You write: "when is the last time you heard of a son throwing bleach in somebody's face maybe blinding them because the person insulted the father?"

    Obviously the exact set of circumstances isn't commonplace.

    However when you consider:

    Rosenberg came in the middle of the day to schnitzlers store and in front of all the customers yelled at him shouting: Your father is a pervert and I will make sure he spends the rest of his life in jail.

    Now, without knowing anything about these alleged allegations about his father, there are four distinct possibilities.

    1. His father is guilty of what Rosenberg alleges, but the son assumes his father is innocent.

    2. His father is innocent of what Rosenberg alleges and the son fears his father may be guilty

    3. His father is innocent and the son knows he is innocent

    4. Lastly, the father is guilty and son knows it. (for that matter the son may also be a victim of abuse by his father)

    As a psychologist I'm sure you are aware that people have certain defense mechanisms that are there to protect their ego from catastrophic collapse. In virtually every one of these scenarios -especially the fourth one, you must admit that the
    propensity for denial is very strong.

    When you consider that:

    1. The store bears this guys name. I.E the name of the father the alleged pervert

    2. Rosenberg is doing direct damage to his reputation as well as business

    3. Not to mention the love that a son might have for a father, no matter what he's done, he's still his father.

    4. He definitely acted out of rash spontaneous anger by doing this right after Rosenberg left his store and in broad daylight, right in the middle of a busy intersection.

    Dear Dr Eidonsohn.

    I think your earlier comment to me was uncalled for. I also think that you have to be careful not to lose your objectivity when prognosticating on matters of community. You cant just pick a side and be done with it. You must cull and weigh the information as it comes in. If not you risk devolving into some kind of one sided hate blog. Such as the one run out of Saint Paul Minnesota.

    By the way I'm still a fan of your blog and agree with you on most things.
    Don't lose your cool against anonymous commentators it devalues your image.

  14. Dopamine,
    If I am inspired to be furious and punch somebody in the eye, does that mean I don't get punished? That is wrong. And to say that a punishment that is not a punishment is proper for almost blinding somebody is also wrong. There are probably reasons that you have to sit here and justify such a hideous crime and make light of it, but I don't agree with you. I am not the only one.

  15. Williamsburg Celebrates Again at Thompson’s Expense Over Fried DismissalMay 13, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    he was let off the hook because of “insufficient evidence to prosecute”, Huh??? How did you get him arrested in the first place? Wasn't it that HE was witnessed snapping away pictures in the courtroom? Never mind who pushed whom into whom. He was seen snapping, and that is an offense in and of itself and against the law . They found the fingerprints in the cell phone, what more do you need. The witnesses are there, no one deleted them.

    At the end of the day, he will be fried just like the other driver. You can fool some of the people some of the time. You cannot fool all the people all of the time.


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