Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Schlesinger Twins: How an outside observer feels about Beth's plight

This letter was forwarded to me by Beth. The author wants to remain anonymous


  1. Hearty congratulations to Rabbi Eidensohn for his civil courage in the face of the constant flak emanating from people who fail to see the truth shining through this horror story of Beth Alexander and her sons. "Just me" above has eloquently described the situation of court-licensed abuse and complicity of the Vienna Jewish community which Rabbi Eidensohn has dared to expose on this blog.

    The UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) has just criticized the Vatican's handling of the clerical abuse scandal. They may not yet have been informed about how the whole Vienna Jewish Community and in particular Chabad has been dealing with one case typifying the torture of two small children and their mother in this city. When they find out about it, however, their comments are likely to be similar.

    The emotional and cognitive development of two small, innocent children has been put at stake to satisfy the sick desires of malevolent abusers by proxy such as the boys' disturbed medico father, Dr Schlesinger, and his enablers - a well-known but mendacious Viennese psychiatrist, a mother who blithely spread false rumours about the sanity of the twins' mother throughout the community, a woman judge who is accused again and again of abusing her position of authority, a Chabad rabbi whose hearsay is accepted as 'evidence' in court, a woman judge who lacks both the sensitivity and knowledge of children's matters expected of a person in her potentially destructive position, and anonymous threateners of both parents in the Chabad kindergarten and those who have given testimony to the situation in the Schlesinger household.

    "Just me" - your candour and depth of comprehension of the case at hand is inspiring. Thank you.

  2. Eidenson wrote the Letter himself. This is so obvious. He loves himself.

  3. @insane - your comments are so bizarre I can't call you a liar because you are so nutty you really believe it. I am only allowing your comment because you provide such clear evidence about the true nature of Michael supporters.

  4. @insanebeth:

    Dr Schlesinger or Mag Tina S (boys' aunt): so here you are again! What about the boys' welfare? Do you want them to grow up into strong personalities and be happy, like other children? It's a tragedy that they have been awarded to twisted people like yourselves by the court in Vienna. But at least you make this clear to the world, including the family court judge and the Chabad rabbi, in numerous places on this blog. There is nobody else who posts so cynically, cruelly and disrespectfully as you do. You even told us a while ago that you didn't care about the boys and that you have no respect whatsoever for the Chief Rabbi in Vienna, Rabbi Eisenberg. May Sammy and Benji be rescued from your clutches sooner rather than later!

  5. Michael's supporters have never said anything in his favour! They only run Beth down.

    They have never given a true account of the boys! Why is no one prepared to stand up and tell us why Michael Schlesinger is such a good father. What the children have achieved whilst they have been in his care.

    What we have heard and seen is that they have missing teeth and can't/ won't speak!

    Is this the behaviour of thriving children.

    Michael has had the boys in his custody for three years can anyone of his supporters tell us if these children are on par with other children of the same age. If they are ready to move into mainstream school with them?

    Why, having seen Beth at the boys birthday party on Sunday as a normal loving mother, not as Michael has told them, is she being denied
    custody or at least to see the boys lots more.

    Questions are starting to be asked
    How has Michael gotten away with this?

    Perhaps Michael's supporters can give us all something positive.

    Beth is normal probably, even more normal than most of us!

  6. Eve or beth or her parents here you are again. . .
    Mr Eidenson is this the only way for you to get attention :-(
    did you actually asked the father for permission to publish all this rubbish?

  7. @insane - you should ask Michael to present his side of the story and explain why he thinks that minimizing Beth's interaction with her children is good for them?

  8. It's been 14 hours and not one of Schlesinger's supporters have said anything good about him or the poor little boys?

    The question is why?

  9. Rachel, you mention the boys' birthday party on Sunday but what about last Tuesday (20.5)? Beth thinks there was probably one at the kindergarten that day and asks (elsewhere on this blog) if anyone heard about it.

  10. Goodness, insane----, fancy calling YOURSELF this! Is your name also Beth?! If it is, there is no doubt about your sanity or deficiency thereof.

    Beth always uses her own name on the rare occasions when she posts and we're all aware of that. I doubt that her parents ever post here, so you're barking up the wrong tree as far as they're concerned. I've met Eve and can assure you he's (!) never been to Manchester!

    Your knowledge of domestic violence, the behaviour of perpetrators, and abuse in general is clearly scaringly limited for you to be daring to take part in the discussion here. In other words, take a running jump (and get informed)!

    So you think the father's the author of the letter above that was forwarded to the good Rabbi Eidensohn? Why, otherwise, would you expect him to give his permission to publish it?

    Yes - 'bizarre' is certainly the word to describe you and your confused thoughts!

  11. Very strange still no one is prepared to say a good word about Michael Schlesinger. I doubt his sons will either.

    I wonder what he replies to them when they ask for their mama. He probably tells them some lies! Poor little boys. How sad it is for them. What a sad father they have!

    Whatever lies he tells them, he will never be able to fool them. They will know what they feel and know what they see! Michael is a fool to think otherwise!

    Biderman is the other fool to think he can protect him. Biderman the world is watching you including your Chabad mates!

  12. I think Beth should widen her media campaign and contact the Dr Phil show (his wife runs a domestic violence campaign and is into helping women) or an equivalent show in England that gets international coverage.

  13. This story reminds me of the case of Daniel Pelka who died because the authorities including the court the social services and the school who watched him eating scraps out of bins whilst being told by their mother that he had a medical condition that made him over hungry. The school ignored the fact he was wasting away. No one reported anything. They all closed their eyes whilst this little boy was beaten to death.

    We have seen evidence of what a good mother Beth is to the children. Yet the evidence we have seen since the boys have been with the father is missing teeth and hardly any speech.

    The British Government must now act
    because there is evidence that things are very wrong in this case.

    It is a shame that Rabbi Biderman has his feet stuck in, because with or without him justice will be done.

    There is now so much evidence against him and the father for it not to be.

    I suggest Rabbi Biderman tells the court that he has been mis guided and got it wrong, or he maybe he is up for a very nasty surprise, as is happening to some
    very famous people in England!.

    In the end their injustices came back to haunt them. What a disgrace it will be to him and his family and of course to Chabad!

    Rabbi Biderman needs to act now for the sake of two little boys, as he knows what he is party to is wrong!


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