Friday, May 16, 2014

Mendel Epstein's son arrested in new case: Stun guns used to force Divorce

Asbury Park Press    Two men were arrested at their township homes Thursday on charges that they took part in a kidnapping of a reluctant Orthodox Jewish husband to force him to grant his wife a religious divorce, beating him and shocking him with a stun gun on his fingers and genitals, according to the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey.

David Aryeh Epstein, 39, and Chaim Baruch Rubin, 32, are charged with kidnapping, according to U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman. Epstein is the son of Mendel Epstein, a 68-year-old Brooklyn rabbi who was accused of similar charges last fall.

According to the complaint, in November 2009 Rubin called the victim concerning a sales job opportunity at ShredZone in Lakewood, and the victim, who had been living in Brooklyn, moved to a temporary residence in Lakewood to begin work. A few days later, Rubin asked him to stay late for a private meeting.

When he walked to his car that evening, the victim was attacked by a group of men, the complaint says. He was dragged into a van, bound with duct tape and zip ties, beaten and shocked with a stun gun on his fingers and genitals until he agreed to grant his wife a divorce.  [...]


  1. Our daily chillul Hashem

  2. Now ORA should be next for using extortion tactics against men

  3. Gett'em, lock him up and throw away the keyMay 16, 2014 at 12:36 PM

    Lock up ORA, the leaders and activists. They are committed criminals, and violate the law of the land. Give them a good well deserved beating for entree.

  4. C.B. Rubin is head of the shomrim in lakewoodMay 16, 2014 at 12:53 PM

    It is all one package. The ra bonim use the shomrim as their strong arm commiting atrocities, they pair up with chaveirim for break ins. And you shnooks give them the melave malke monies and your votes to keep these goons in power. With such chaveirim, who needs enemies. next time call the police, till shomrimquarrel to figure things out, leiby's die. Most of them are ex offenders anyway. Does mishmeres haznius allow to use prods beoiso mokom?

  5. What about arresting those that hired the thugs?

    1. You mean the wives who hired these thugs?

      Yes. Certainly. Line them up, handcuff them, frog march them, out them on trial and incarcerate these wives. Then they will realize their Get Me'usa, invalid Get, they got by hiring these thugs to beat their husband are worthless.

  6. How long until we get a list of all the Epstein / Wollmark Gittin ?How long until we figure out who are , and how many "mamzeirim" are running around in OUR yeshivah world?

  7. I am sick and tired of what ORA and the gangster rabbis do. They use "AGUNA" as a means to get the public to have mercy on these women. Many of these women are instigators and with the power of ORA are making the women recalcitrant as they drag their divorce for years making them look like victims rather than aggressors. This is exactly the case with Meir and Lonna Kin. ORA is guiding he to refuse to mediate an end therefore they have a nice free "poster child" for their AGUNA PROPAGANDA machine. Meir divorced his first wife very fast and amicably and was able to do the same with Lonna if it wasnt for her teaming up with ORA from the start to harrass and intimidate him. The Mendel Epstein saga also proves that if he can order a kidnapping of an FBI agent thinking its a jewish husband, what does it show of his rabbinic or judicial abilities? Its all about the money. Ora is the same!

  8. I think this whole thing came to the forefront of the public's attention some 20 or 25 years after the Epstein gang started their Get-mob business because Hashem wants the world to know who the mamzeirim are now that the earlier mamzeirim born to these wives who had their husbands beat into giving an invalid get me'usa and then remarried and had more bastard children - those mamzeirim are now of marriagable age so any potentitional shidduch with them will be able to research the mother's history (i.e. child is from her second marriage and inquiries with the first husband indicate he states he was beaten into giving a false Get).

    The mamzeirim will be identified before they G-d forbid intermarry with kosher Jews and thus create more little mamzeirim.

  9. Is there an other side to this story? What was the justification of Mendel Epstein for promising the FBI undercover agent to force her non-existant husband to give a get? There's got to be another side. I want to hear it.

  10. Uviarto horo mikirbechoMay 16, 2014 at 7:11 PM

    ra bonim, goon squads, together with whoever hire them, "CHAD HU". Their common denominator is, they are all in it for the MONEY, POWER, and KOVOD, just because they can. It is all under the umbrella of Shomrim, Chaverim, Ra, ORA and all CholeRAs, vaads of mishmeres haZnis lemineihem, kulom shovim le'ach VeRA kol hayomim. Requirements for joining memberships are, have a kipah shel shrotzim behind you for tovel vesheretz beyodo, mainly mishkov zochor vavizorov e.g. vesholach yodoi bimvushov uvimleches re'ehu, and the ra bonim will PROTECT you from uktzoisoi es kapoiy as a matan schar betzido. It is a win win situation, ze veze nehene deal, mutual cover up for each other. Did you ever ask yourself, how come? or
    Why? Huh?
    Did they ever apprehend one of these yodayim askoniyois? Never! Why? Huh? How? They go from door to door , mibayis lebayis, ume'Ir la'Ir, erasing the Saftey Camera Tapes. That is why all these THUGS want camera Jurisdiction uber alles, kappish! That is how they rid themselves of the WATCHING THE WATCHERS! ARE the ra bonim out there becherev vechanis tooth and nail to free these thugs, goons, enablers, intimidators, bullies, bullvanes, kol asher poshat es raglov, vechol asher yesh lo noshe weinsteins, vechol asher korcho bederech rapists, protect them and have them roam the streets frank und frei again and again lurking after our young? You can bet your life on it. How far did they stretch out for the Rosh haVaad haznis Weberman the champion of tzod tzayid mikol habo leyodoi Kol hoarboim shono in order to free him? Huh? Ad chatzi ha'million hamalchus veseios, indeed, bechol nafshom uvchol meoidom. Was this org all leshem Shamayim? Huh? You tell me! If they cause such tremendous Chilul Shem Shamayim berabim each and every day and each and every time with WORLDWIDE reverberations, could it possibly be kol kavonosom leshem shamayim??? Did they ever make a Grandiose STADIUM asifa for these chilul hashem wholesale like for the INTERNET fiasco? Do you really think it bothers them the least bit? Not even it their 'Padeshves'. Besiyato dishmayo, they all are being apprehended kulam ke'echod bedinei demalchuso, ele beratzchonemoi, ve'ele beProgramoi snatching from our disabled childrens mouths. However, eventually sof ganev letliyo. Veda, ki al kol ele yeviacho Elokim bamishpot! VeHoelokim yevakesh es HANIRDOF. We already have the top two honcho Kapos E &W chachomim leheira with an oisoi ve'es bnoi vesiyatom, namely the asseres hashvotim leshimtzehem, vechadoshim labkorim going strong ad tumom. Hear Ye' Hear Ye'! You can run, but you cannot hide. Dina will whip ass, shove up the cherev pifiyos electric cattle prods until they will crackle from their mouths 'toch toch' kegdi mekules for a korban Soir La'Azozel. Ka'asher yozidun - aleihem. If you think what you so brutally executed and inflicted on A. R' nebech throwing him for the wolves and all the other korbonos for the last two decades with impunity and get away with it Scott free, think again. Just see what's waiting for you on judgement day, you all meratzchim, your yodayim yedei eisov hands dripping of Jewish blood R'L'. You are living on borrowed time, and are apprehended one by one. You will rot away locked up for the rest of your lives. Ah' ah', and No, You do NOT own our lives and beings. Not you, Not ORA, and not all the other CholeRAs. Yiddish blit is NOT HEFKER, and neither are our young children.
    Remember! Zchor! The fish starts to stink from the head.
    Supporting them, whether financially, morally, votingwise or otherwise is like supporting the Devil. Withdraw any and all life support, sign a Do Not Resuscitate Form, veheim kolim me'eilehem, uviarto horo mikirbecho venomar omen! NEVER AGAIN!

  11. Umidechotzif kule hay shma mina demamzer ..May 16, 2014 at 10:27 PM

    Rabbi Mendel Epstein's Son And Founder Of Lakewood Shomrim Both Arrested For Get Extortion, Kidnapping. Dovid Aryeh v'Chayim Boruch Achim, klei chamass mecheirosehem. A list must be published so as not to pollute the pool with psulim. Hazeh Shomrim??? Are these violent brutal thugs mechablim terrorists supposedly protecting Yidden. He is none other than the Mitzri raping the women first, then whipping the husband 'malkehu verodehu kol hayom' to stay away. Roshe, Roshe, lama sekeh reacho? Where are the manhigim? Why are they so quiet when they are mostly needed. Haha... because it is their own shlichim lidvar pesha ulidvar aveiro, umatan $chorom betzidom. He didn't know what's going to happen upon arrival? So as a so called Shomrim, why didn't he report to the ra bayes whasss goin on? My foot, he didn't know. The same crap like those mules carrying Antique paintings and dudoim tabak leaves in their luggages unbeknownst to them, and I ain't mean dudoim shmek tabbak, rather ketoires hasamim. That is because kol mi sheino melamed es bno umnos, keilu melelamdehu listis. Instead of sending them to learn a trade to be able to mefarnes a family bechovod, they freeze them in the so called freezer instead, so that they can count on their votes, collect programs on their names, and in turn feed the Madoff's. Ele manhigecho yisroel? What a Shande


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