Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Most Israeli female medical personel are sexually harrassed

Times of Israel    Most of Israel’s female medical personnel have been sexually harassed at one point or other during their career, a study showed.

The research, to be formally released at a conference Tuesday, found that 69 percent of female doctors have been victims of such behavior, as were 62% of female nurses, according to a report in the Maariv newspaper. The bulk of the unwanted attention came from patients, the survey said.[...]

Participants were also asked how frequently they felt harassed. While they were given the option to report harassment on a daily basis, Kagan noted that most of them reported such incidents happened either once a month or once a year. Age was a factor, as the younger nurses and doctors reported harassment at a more frequent pace. [...]


  1. More details please.
    Years ago when I was in undergrad the university I was studying at released a survey which claimed that 75% of women had been abused while on dates.
    This sounds horrible until you read the inclusion criteria for what constituted abuse. Something like "I don't think I want to date you again because I think you're fat" counted as abuse. Now, I'm not saying that such a comment is acceptable but lumping it in with "Then he got me drunk and raped me" is completely ridiculous.
    Especially in today's politically correct age when "human rights" include a right not to be joked about even lightly one must wonder what the definition of harassment was in this study. Did they lumped physical and sexual abuse in with "Hey honey, when are you going to change my iv"?

  2. Women in the Israeli Military suffer the same sexual harassment.


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