Friday, September 20, 2013

New Brooklyn Messianic center set to missionize Orthodox neighbors

Times of Israel  As Sukkot arrived in Flatbush Wednesday, the many ultra-Orthodox Jewish residents of the Brooklyn neighborhood were completing their temporary dwellings and preparing to welcome their physical –- and metaphysical — guests, in the best festival tradition.

But during the week-long holiday, another guest was set to appear in the neighborhood: A multi-million dollar Messianic Jewish center will open its doors to target members of the religious community. 

The Chosen People Ministries has been putting the final touches on a new seminary in the heart of this highly Jewish section of Brooklyn. The price tag for the building, the former Yablokoff Kingsway Memorial Chapel at 1978 Coney Island Avenue, was $2.1 million, and some additional $900,000 has been spent on renovating it.

The prominent missionary organization, which describes itself as “Messianic Jewish,” has long operated in what might initially seem to be hostile environments. Encouraging Jews to accept the Gospel, the organization has opened summer camps in Israel and a guest house targeting young Israeli backpackers in South America. According to anti-missionary activists, members of the ministry sometimes even don traditional Jewish garb like yarmulkes and ritual fringes before going out on recruiting missions.

Neighborhood anti-missionary activists have called in nationally prominent experts to figure out how to confront the Chosen People Ministries’ flagship Brooklyn Messianic Center and the Charles Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies in their neighborhood. [...]


  1. Import some of the sikrikim from Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh into Flatbush. I'll bet they can get rid of the "Messianic Jewish Center" in no time.

  2. We already have a huge bais avodah zora in downtown Brooklyn called arko'oys which many chareidim not only willingly attend but run to just like Menashe the son of Chizkiyahu did and all with the approval of the fake gedolim of flatbush who rather protest about metzitzah be'peh. Nicha l'hu just like with kamtza and bar kamtza. When was the last time they protested? So they just moved it a bit closer and it is now in flatbush. Let all these fake gedolim whom I can easily list but at the current time won't who won t protest arko'oys and mesirah and allow the perpetrators in their shuls and yeshivohs just keep quiet about the missionary center because nicha l'hu.

    1. Stan:

      No rabbonim allow arkoyos stam for no reason. They only authorize arkoyos if one party first violated halacha or the orders of beis din.

  3. @A - "They only authorize arkoyos if" -

    Your comment is blatantly false. There are hordes of "Orthodox" women who have received bogus, pasul "heterim" from various corrupt rabbis, allowing the women to moser and destroy their husbands in arkoyos.

    On Succos I just met another divorced Jewish man who is a victim of a moseres wife being assisted by corrupt rabbis. One only has to open their eyes to see the all-out war being waged against Jewish fathers. The truth of this horrific situation can no longer be concealed, regardless of how many trolls will attempt damage control for the corrupt rabbis helping these women.

  4. Mr . A. Keep on dreaming. Just for starters, please explain Why satmar is in arkayos.

  5. A you obviously have the luxury of living in a fool's paradise and are totally ignorant of what is going on in NYC. Why don't you call rabbi Gestetner in Monsey so that he can waste his time to enlighten you of what is really going on in NYC. You could also call meier kin for example who deposited a get for his wife yet the notorious chief rabbi of brooklyn, the same one who accused rabbi S of molesting his own child issued a fake siruv against meier despite his wife being in arko'oys. While your ignorance is not your fault given that the pravda newspapers yated and hamodia fail to inform you of the real corruption in the purported torah world, your publicizing your ignorance is not my fault either.

    Contact the jewish press and ask them why they have siruvim on men whose wives are in arko'oys and oyver mesirah. when was the last time there was a protest against the jewish press? wake up A. don't comment on things you know nothing about. And do you really think dovid cohen who lied about cheating on income taxes is any better when it comes to issuing fake hetterim permitting these machashefahs to go to arko'oys.

    your statement itself is in violation of the rulings of rav elyashiv, rav nissim karelitz and rav wosner who have ruled that today only a bais din can give a hetter to go to arko'oys, not a single rov who usually hasn't even got training to be a dayan.

    1. Really great trolling attempt. You totally managed to derail the comment thread.


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