Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breaking News: Kolko wants to withdraw guilty plea

Asbury Park Press    The lawyer representing a former yeshiva camp counselor in a Lakewood sexual abuse case wants to have his client’s guilty plea nullified, claiming the defendant was pressured by the community into admitting guilt in the case.

Alan L. Zegas, a Chatham attorney representing Yosef Kolko, filed a motion to withdraw his client’s guilty plea.

Kolko, 39, of Geffen Drive in Lakewood, had been scheduled to be sentenced in the child sex-abuse case on Wednesday, but Zegas’ motion prompted its postponement.[...]

Superior Court Judge Francis R. Hodgson gave Zegas until Sept. 30 to file a brief outlining the reasons why he should consider allowing the guilty plea to be withdrawn.

Hodgson scheduled a hearing on the motion for Oct. 17. If Zegas doesn’t convince the judge to allow his client to withdraw his guilty plea, Hodgson will proceed to sentence Kolko that day, according to court officials. [...]


  1. It is like the game of three card monte. You see the red? You see the black? Now you see and now you don't. In a catch 22 situation, this is how you try to get some wiggle room stalling for time, nebbach. Now is his chance to charge his victim and turning tables. Yom ki-Purim is coming, like ke-Fufim, & is matir assirim.

    1. This schmendrik shouldn't play 3 card monte. He has a terrible track record at gambling and passes up the sure bets. He got caught and had a chance to never get arrested or publicly charged. All he had to do was stay in therapy and stop working with children. But he took advice from the wrong people and ignored a sure bet. Instead he got himself arrested. He could have pled guilty and probably gotten about two years in jail. but he insisted on going to trial. Another bad gamble since going to trial brought two more witnesses out of the woodwork. He pleaded guilty and got a deal of 5-15 years (still better than 40). So he tries to withdraw his plea. It wont work but it will convince the judge that he is a lousy candidate for rehab because he still can't admit he has a problem. For his sake, let's hope he does not get a second trial, because if he does he will get the full 40 years at sentencing plus he will have some more of his victims outraged enough to also testify against him. By the time this is over, he will be lucky to get out of jail before Nechemya Weberman. This is a man who should go into therapy for his gambling problem, since his molesting problem is probably uncurable.


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