Monday, November 22, 2010

Rav Eliashiv strongly condemns those who defraud the Israeli government



הרב אלישיב: דין רודף למעורבים בפרשת ההונאה

בהתבטאות נדירה בחריפותה יצא מנהיג הזרם הליטאי נגד המעורבים בפרשת הונאת המיליונים בכוללים. למרות השימוש במושג ההלכתי החמור, אין הכוונה להתיר את דמם של העצורים

מנהיג הציבור החרדי-ליטאי, הרב יוסף שלום אלישיב, התבטא הערב (יום א') בחריפות נגד העצורים בפרשת ההונאה בכוללים באזור ירושלים, ואמר כי אם החשדות נגדם נכונים – חל עליהם דין רודף.

 הוא הסביר כי העצורים החרדים גרמו במעשיהם לחילול השם, שעלול להתנקם ביהדות החרדית בארץ ובעולם - ויש להתייחס אליהם בחומרה.


  1. Years ago Haredi yeshivos in States started to defraud the American government out of hundreds of millions in pell grants. The Israeli operation is a copycat

    Based upon recipient interviews and examination of school records some yeshivas received Pell Grant awards for individuals who themselves never applied for the grants or never enrolled in or attended the yeshivas that used their names. These yeshivas used individuals' names and biographical information to obtain Pell Grants. The yeshivas also used both false documentation and mail drops to facilitate the grant applications.

    Same "Student Recipients"; Different Yeshivas
    Pell Grant "recipient" lists for each of the 37

    The practice continues to this day with even even more massive and more sophisticated from of fraud with the help of the Association of Advanced Rabbinical and Talmudic Schools (AARTS)

  2. Did Rav Elyashiv also mention that there is a prohibition of stealing aside from chillul Hashem?
    I think only mentioning chillul Hashem can mislead one to believe that the problem is getting caught, and that itself is a chillul Hashem.
    And for those who do not accept the legitimacy of the state, they are still causing great loss to the taxpayers (taxes are automatically taken from paychecks) who have to fund their fraud.

  3. Show us the actual letter with an actual signature before asking us to accept this surprising claim.

  4. t is a political issue not a moral issue, the perpetrators of the fraud and those who snitched on them are part of the Mea Shearim/Eda Charedit crowd.

    Rav Elyashiv handlers could not resist milking it especially after he was publicly humiliated by the Eda Haredis regarding Tropper

  5. Penguin: It has nothing to do with the Eida Chareidis people. YNET, an anti-semitic news source, claims it was Neteurei Karta - not Eida. But I would doubt the truthfullness of anything in YNET anyways.

    And in any event, Rav Elyashev reportedly spoke against anyone who stole; so in effect -- if anything -- supported those who reported them.

  6. i have very many times seen that those that steal from the medina , will also steal from jews...


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