Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Child & Domestic Abuse Volume II

I just submitted volume II to Amazon. This is the the Chapter listings.
Still awaiting approval of formatting changes to Volume I


  1. No book on abuse could be fair, accuarate and complete without a few chapters devoted to women going to arko'oys, manufacturing lies against their husbands, being oyver mesirah, preventing their husbands from seeing the children, deliberately bankrupting their husbands, often obtaining fake heterim for mesirah from thugs like Dovid Cohen, and the so called leaders of the generation at the very most writing letters but not expelling the women and all their family members from frum society including nephews, nieces etc not being permnently being expelled from all mosdos, camps, minyonim etc.

    Not to mention beatings up like Briskman which you sickeningly failed to condemn!

    Otherwise the book is just the usual feminsist sheker ve'kozuf that you and your ilk generate for your fame and bank balances.

    No wonder we are in golus!

  2. Dear R' Eidensohn,

    When the first commentator mentioned "fame," well, dear Rabbi, I was chuckling--perhaps at your expense, I'm sorry to say.

    But "bank balance"?!! Now I'm definitely laughing. And once again most certainly at your 'expense'.

  3. Despite the vitriol and inanity, he does raise a good point, though. There are abusive women too. And the court ALWAYS gives them the children.

  4. Yes, true enough, StuV. Recently I spoke to a frum divorce mediator who's handled lots & lots of cases. He said that in just about every adversarial divorce (which, for the naive among us, would be a very great many of them), accusations of child abuse get hurled as standard fare in the combat deck of divorce cards. (Like racing to be the first to get a restraining order.)

    And as matters develop, it becomes clear that many of these accusations never had any weight to begin with, but were just a leveraging tool. Is a very regrettable characteristic of the time: Motsi shem ra mammisch


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