Thursday, November 11, 2010

American "Terrorist" in Peru

Time Magazine

Lori Berenson, the American woman arrested on terrorism charges in Peru 15 years ago, should be happy. A judge accepted her petition for parole late last week and she was released from prison early Monday evening. She is living in a rented apartment in Miraflores, an upscale apartment in Lima, Peru's capital, has her 18-month-old son, Salvador, by her side, and her mother is in town from New York to help her settle in.[...]


  1. Not sure why the word 'terrorist' is in quotes. Does not the Time consider the Túpac Amaru to be a terrorist organization ?

    Japanese embassy hostage crisis

    or the Time believes Lori Berenson declaration that the Túpac Amaru is not a terrorist organization.

    She was heavily involved with the Túpac Amaru, the house where she stayed in Lima was found to contain an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, together with armed men who violently resisted capture

    Lori Berenson is sort of the Peruvian equivalent of Rachel Corrie

    Rachel Corrie


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