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EJF - marriage to Ohr Somayach /RaP's comments

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comment to "EJF - Trojan horse proselytizing":

Horizons & Ohr Somayach in Phoenix, Arizona, get together for a party and the town joins in.

For the first time in a long time an infomercial obviously coming from Rabbi Tropper's sources does NOT mention the name "EJF" at all, altho there is an obvious hint to it, EJF is not mentioned explicitly, what's up?

And once again, since knowledge of the split between the Rabbi Tropper & Dr. Tom Kaplan duo from their former partner Guma Aguiar was blown wide open, the name Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation is not mentioned (Guma still controls it), why is that?

Tom Kaplan himself is also keeping a low profile as his name hardly comes up publicly in association with Rabbi Tropper as it often did in the past when Kaplan-sponsored programs by both Horizons and EJF were written up. Why?

There are still a number of things to consider when reading the following:

What has brought about this new "marriage of convenience" bteween two bitter foes? since from the time Ohr Somayach and Rabbi Schiller let Rabbi Tropper go about 30 years ago, Tropper has never pulled his punches about his differences with Ohr Somyach and its relatively more moderate approach versus his steam-rollering of new recruits to become eovernight farbrente yeshivishe people, "more holy than the pope" [lehavdil] as the saying goes.

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  1. Tropper coming to Phoenix cannot be a good things for that town. Previous attempts by Tropper to get foot in out of town communities ended up with disaster.

    Two of the small Orthodox communities where Tropper already caused irecoverable damage are San Francisco and Lexington where Tropper tried to reach to BTs behind the back of the local rabbis and ended up pushing them away from Judaism.

    After Tropper behavior in Lexington nobody there will ever want to have anything to do with Orthodox Judaism. In San Francisco you can ask the local rabbi there , Shlomo zarchi about the damage he did there which caused BTs and converts to leave Yiddishkeit.

    He came once to Anshe Emeth in Pico-Robertson (he has henchman over there) and tried to pull his shticks there but the SouthCal homies would have nothing to do with him and he was sent home never to come back again.

  2. I am really amazed how well RaP analyzed the Horizons Phoenix launch its really close to the truth..

    Here is the scoop...
    Rabbi Michael Dubitsky is a Musmach from YU in his mid-30's. for the last six years he has been Rabbi Rebibo's Associate rabbi with his main work focused on kashrus. Earlier this year he resigned and was without a job for a few months.

    The event at Young Israel (which has no real interest in Horizons other than the fact that they have a bunch of EJF converts there) Must have cost well over$10K.

    The community Rabbis came came to support Rabbi D. who baruch hashem now has parnoso.

    All told Rabbi Dubitsky has been seen learning with some people and hanging out at the Kollel which has 8 rabbis and another six alumni/affiliates in town

    Oh by the way the Rosh Kollel's correct name is Rabbi Zvi Holland.

    No one here really cares until the fundraising starts with a pre school, day school, girls high school , kollel, campus outreach , six orthodox shuls and seven chabad houses to support no one needs another local tzedakah....and that is truly the bottom line!

  3. See the full response to this post by Phoenix Insider from RaP at Recipients and Publicity said... (March 13, 2009 7:08 AM).


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