Sunday, March 1, 2009

Abuse - Mother in Chen case agrees to plea

JPost writes

A mother of eight from Jerusalem who is on trial for severely abusing her children signed a plea bargain on Sunday according to which she would turn state witness in return for only five years in prison.

The 38-year-old American-born woman, who was arrested and indicted last year in one of the worst child abuse cases ever uncovered in Israel's history, has remained in detention since her arrest.

The alleged ringleader in the abuse case, "Rabbi" Elior Chen, who fled the country after news of the case broke, is fighting an Israeli extradition request in a Brazilian court. According to the agreement announced on Sunday, the mother's testimony would likely provide incriminating facts which would help Israel solidify its extradition case.

In January, the extradition case took an unexpected turn when Brazil asked Israel for clarifications about its judicial authority in the West Bank settlement where the suspect lives.[...]

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