Sunday, July 20, 2008

Renegade kano'im - Denounced by Toldos Aaron Rebbe, shlita

I had previous written on the problem of renegade kano'im who have created a great chillul HaShem

The Toldos Aaron Rebbe, shlita - as reported in BaKehila - strongly condemned them.

He stated that he knows what genuine zealotry is and mentioned Rav Amram Blau zt"l.

"Concerning Rav Amram one saw that in reality that all the cracks in the wall of Yiddishkeit caused him great pain. His protests were an expression of his love of Jews and his fear of G-d. It hurt him that another Jew would sin and that pain - caused by his concern for others - brought him to protest. In contrast, the kano'im of today are motivated by the desire to destroy. They wake up in the morning with the single concern of what they can destroy that day. Their heads are not focused on serving G-d or how they can increase the honor of Heaven. They spend their days obsessed with wall posters and slander of others. There are no great men and leaders of Israel that they don't slander. This is not kana'us! This is the lowest form of degenerate personality.

Someone who truly want to be concerned with G-d's honor knows that before any activity it is required to first ask a posek and talmid chachom to clarify if this particular activity is permitted by the Torah or not. We are Jews and therefore our path has to be that of the Shulchan Aruch. These hotblooded young men mistakenly think that their acts of destruction magnify the glory of G-d. I am telling you that this is not the path of kana'us! That is because true zealotry comes only from the motivation of truly loving Jews. When a Jew is hurt by the sins of another Jew he is not allowed to make any public response without first asking the guidance of gedolim concerning possible actions and he must submit to their views. However we have never seen before the approach of these modern zealots. These men are immersed in their evil ways and their sole concern is how to cause damage.

נער הייתי וגם זקנתי. ראיתי בימי חלדי קנאים אמיתיים. למדתי את יסודות הקנאות אצל אבי זצוק"ל, יצאתי להפגנות רבות יחד עם ר' עמרם בלוי. הם היוו דוגמה אמיתית לקנאות אמיתית. על ר' עמהם ראו בחוש שכל פרצה בחומת היהדות כאבה לו. המחאה באה מתוך אהבת ישראל ויראה ה'. כאב לו שיהודי אחר חוטא ומשום הוא הביע מחאה. לעומת זאת 'הקנאים' של היום פועלים ממידות מושחתות. הם קמים בבוקר וחושבים כיצד ניתן להזיק היום, ראשם לא מונח בעבודת ה' או במחשבה איך מרבים כבוד שמים. הם עוסקים כל היום רק בפשקוולים והשמצרת. לא היה גדול ומנהיג בישראל שהם לא השמיצו. זו לא קנאות. זו השחתת המידות בצורה הגרועה ביותר. מי שבאמת רוצה לקנא את קנאת ה', יודע כי לפני כל פעולה שעושים יש לשאול קודם רב ותלמיד חכם ולברר האם דבר זה מותר על פי התורה או לא. אנחנו יהודים וכל דרכנו היא על פי שולחן עורך. לאברכים צעירים יש דם תוסס והם חושבים שבפעולות אלו הם מגדילים את שמו של הקדוש ברוך הוא בעולם. אני מודיע לכם לא זו דרך הקנאות, קנאות אמיתית באה רק מתוך אהבת ישראל אמיתית. כשכואב שיהודי אחר חוטא וכמובן לא לפני שמדברים לפני כל פעולה עם גדולים לשמוע את דעתם. את הדרך של הקנאים כיום לא ראינו מעולם. אנשים השרויים ברשעות ודרכם היא לילך ולהזיק.


  1. Point of order: The use of the word "kanoi'im" here is wrong and unjust as it implies that they may indeed be kanoi'im just that they are "renegades" and were they to give up being "renegades" then they could somehow revert to be "'regular' or 'normal' kanoi'im" which could not be further from the truth.

    These are hoodlums and criminals, that's all.

    Noone would call a murderer a "renegade soldier" because someone who is truly a murderer is a criminal, a rotzeach, and not a renegade anything.

    Thus please stop using the word "kano'im" to describe gangsters, thugs, vandals, and bullies whose acts should be faced with the full force of the law and they should be tried and punished and jailed for assault, criminal assualt, vandalism, property damage, as is to be found in secular law AND in Halacha.

    A chovel bechaveiro is NOT called a "renegade" anything, and certainly not a "kano'i" and he is chayev to pay nezek, tza'ar, shevet, boshes, rippui, and a mazik must pay for what he damaged accordingly. He is NOT glorified as a "renegade" anything nor is he related in any way to the notions of "kano'i"!

    At least by calling these thugs, gangsters, vandals and criminals by the names that they TRULY are, and not be beguiled or taken in by the fact that they may have beards, peyos and long black coats and wide-brimmed black hats that they are "nice guys gone astray" because they are not. These are hard-core "enforcers" and even hit men literally akin to Mafiosos who live by the laws of the jungle and might is right (and they like to criticize the "Tziyonim" for violating the sin of 'kochi ve'otzem yadi' yet) and they must be met with the full force of the POLICE with battons, be arested, be tried and jailed and ALSO dealt with seriously and severly by batei din (not just rebbelach saying vertelach against them) who should put them in cherem just as those nut jobs who went to Tehran and joined in the Holocaust denial conference were shunned, because the sweet nothings mean nothing to them from Rebbes who they don't respect and don't listen to in any case!

  2. anyone who is reading this and is interested in the topic please read about the girl who had acid thrown in her face in beitar. i just posted a long comment about it based on personal involvement. i am not a blogger so do not know how these things work, i just want to amke sure people out there read what i posted as it is very important. thanks.


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