Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chabad III - R' Belsky vs R' Miller & R Heineman/Mishpacha Magazine

Further support for my assertion - that the issue is not whether it is prohibited to view the Lubavitsher Rebbe as Moshiach - is the well known interview in Mishpacha in which Rav Belsky, shilta strongly criticises Chabad for their cult of personality.

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  1. The idea of emphasising the emunah in the Tzaddik in a way outsiders might think is exaggerated is not unique to Chabad, but is found in the entire derech of Chassidus (and in many respects, it is found in non-Chabad circles to an even greater extent).

    In the Chabad approach this belief has taken on a specific form by Chabad Chassidim all based on explicit statements of the Rebbe himself concerning his holy father-in-law, in which he modelled for his Chassidim the proper approach of emunas Tzaddikim that is expected toward a Chabad Rebbe.

    Those who are not chassidim altogether who blithely criticise from the outside simply demonstrate their ignorance on the subject at hand and their failure to study relevant sources concerning emunas Tzadikim in general, and the Rebbe's words concerning the proper emunah expected of a Chabad Chossid in particular. Don't condemn what you don't know.


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