Sunday, July 27, 2008

Acid attack on 14year old girl in Beitar II

Just received the following. Have no way of verifying the information. I would suggest the writer contact Rav Sternbuch directly. However, I have no idea whether he can help. I can be contacted by email at

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Blatant Lies! I am a neighbor and friend of this family who's daughter was attacked. I decided to search around on the internet to see what people were saying about this and could not believe what i read here. This was not at all an incident of teenage violence or rival gangs or anything of the sort. This was an organized planned "hit" specifically aimed at this girl (actually her older sister) and her family in order to send shock waves throughout the community especially to its many wayward youth. This is a very complicated story with a history to it, both the individual family and the community at large, involving even corruption within the police and the city council, and i do not have time now to write much more. i am working with the father of this poor girl to put together a written account of events involving his family and many many others who have suffered from discrimination intimidation and humiliation, etc. They are all good people who have suffered greatly and instead of sympathy they receive only scorn for their external actions. I even went to one of the rabbanim of the city recently to ask him to protest what had happened and although he did not explicitly condone it he also clearly was not interested in making any statements. the father also spoke with him and was told basically that his daughters deserved what they got, and if they don't fit in here they should move somewhere else. etc etc there is too much to say here so i will leave it at that. something must be done about this perversion of yiddishkeit that masquerades as the haredi society we live in. if anyone out there knows a good journalist or lawyer or anyone who can help please let me know your email address through this blog and i will contact you. (i am just a 25 year old kollel guy, i feel kind of overwhelmed with this but feel that it is i efshar al yidei acherim and bmakom sheeyn anashim hishtadel lihyos ish)


  1. In terms of verifying the information, i would leave my contact info but honestly i am afraid to. i am serious this ciy is like the wild west. i mentioned before that i know colleagues of yours who can vouch for me. i will email you directly if you want. anyone who is really interested can come to beitar and meet the father to hear his story. also, the bochur who basically saved her eyesight by flushing her eye with water after the attack learns in my yeshiva, an american. he can verify info about the actual event.

  2. ps - btw r eidensohn if you read this, i know a lot of your colleagues ( R gershenfeld, tribetz, etc.)... if you personally are interested in helping or know someone who would be...

  3. This is inexcusable vigilantism at its worst!

    See "A vigilante is a person who ignores due process of law and enacts their own form of justice in response to a perception of insufficient response by the authorities. Several groups and individuals have been labeled as vigilantes by various historians and media..."

    One wonders what would happen if the Haredim and Hasidim would take over Israel. How would they run the police force, the courts and the justice system, especially crminal justice system?

    This is the result of a brutal chinuch system, just as bad in essence as the secular system that teaches an "us versus them" way of life to the children.

    This is also indicative of a social downslide, both among secular anbd religious Israelis, that will add to the destruction of the kiruv movement because secular Jews will read about and see Haredi Jews acting as literal barbarians and Haredi Jews will act with violence against what the mob rule of the jungle on the streets deems to be not in accordance with Halacha.

    The Brisker Rov used to say that the Zionists are chashudim on retzicha and now Israeli Haredim have gone full circle and seems they want to prove that they are no different. How pathetic.

    It is a painful and hellish situation.

  4. Regarding the acid incident (and its like), obviously whoever did it is a fringe lunatic and should be prosecuted. That being said, it should be recognized as such. Fringe. It is lunacy and thankfully almost unheard of. It is no reflection on anyone (the Vaad's, etc.) other than the criminal who committed it.


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