Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pushing the false idea of Get on Demand - Activists Plan ‘Gett-Refusal’ Protest in Crown Heights

Rabbi Oliver told them the halacha
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A group of activists are planning a march in Crown Heights to raise “awareness and change for Jewish wives who are ‘chained.'” According to organizers, this march is in response to a so-called “crisis in our community.”

The march is being organized by Itta Werdiger-Roth online through a Facebook event page, and has around 200 people confirmed as ‘attending.’ Werdiger-Roth writes on the page that this event is targeted ‘against’ the Besht Shul and their Rabbi.

Much discussion has been generated in the form of Facebook comments arguing some of the merits pertaining to Gittin and Halacha – most of which were ceremoniously deleted, and even going as far as to ban and dismiss people from the group who disagreed with Werdiger-Roth’s opinions.

A poster named Yehoishophot Oliver wrote that he devoted many years to studying the Halachos of Gittin and Nisuin: “There is a vast Halachic literature discussing when a Beis Din, or anyone else, is allowed to require a get. It is simply untrue that Halacha can require a husband to divorce his wife simply because she demands so,” he wrote, directly contradicting one of the march’s main premises.

After deleting most of Oliver’s posts, Werdiger-Roth wrote “You are not welcome to comment any further on this thread or any of the pages associated with the POSITIVE change we are trying to make.” She later dismissively wrote that her thumb was getting tired deleting all his posts and that she will delete the rest later. [....]


  1. RDE: Please read this link and share your thoughts on it and its accuracy. (Perhaps even in a new post if you feel it warrants one.)


  2. This is the group that organized this:


  3. fedupwithcorruptrabbisMarch 24, 2015 at 2:55 PM

    Wow a new lunatic group! I think the men are wasting their time in NY, the hotbed of corruption and feminism and move to Las Vegas where Meir Kin has started a shul that will never act against a man with a seiruv, since they are mostly fake. The men need to start their own "TEA PARTY" against feminism and their ideology in respect to Hilchos Gittin.

  4. There's much discussion online, here and elsewhere, where the point has been made that Rav Yosef Shalom Eliashiv zt'l paskened or at least stated that the RCA-type "halachic prenup" is invalid, unenforceable and most vitally if utilized may trigger the resulting Get to be invalid - a Get Me'usa.

    I'm trying to locate something substantitive or authoritatitve, or as close to that as possible, indicating this indeed has been Rav Eliashev's position. And, preferably, as to which organizations prenup Rav Eliashev was speaking about.

    Would RDE or any of the readers here have any information, even bits of information or little pieces, that might point in the direction of finding some sources on Rav Eliashev and halachic prenups?

    Much thank in advance.

  5. Allison Josephs writes, "We must spread the word and protect women everywhere." One might expect that in the not-too-far future she will be getting her message out to children -- can't start too early when misleading people! Young girls playing jump rope might then chant in sing-song:

    Pre-nup, Post-nup,
    Smash the cup,
    Break up,
    No need for a
    Beat up.

    Fairy tales will also have to be updated. "Not so fast there with the glass slipper, buddy. Sign THIS first."

  6. Rabbi Eidensohn,
    Can you please post the links of where you dealt with the Halachik issues of prenups? Which Poskim are opposed and what are their reasons? thanks

  7. http://daattorah.blogspot.co.il/2015/03/rav-eliashiv-rejected-prenup-because-of.html

  8. bishvili_nivraisiMarch 25, 2015 at 6:06 PM

    Joe O.

    rapper "יצט ביסט דו א ריכטיגע "רעפפער"

  9. Thank you. (And thanks to Google Translate.)

  10. "Werdiger-Roth wrote “You are
    not welcome to comment any further on this thread"" - Scratch a feminist and you will find an anti-male, shallow thinking, fascist who can tolerate no opposition to her tyrannical rule. Feminists can be of male or female gender, but in either case they represent the epitome of "daasan kalios". Unable to offer any valid intellectual response to valid challenges to her ideology, her only recourse is the delete button.

    If the current weak and politicized rabbis allow these types of shallow political demagogues to influence halachic practices, this will surely spell then end of any authentic Judaism.


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