Sunday, March 15, 2015

Satanic child abuse is believed by anti-Semites to be a world wide Jewish plot

One of the disturbing issues - in the wild conjecture over Satanic abuse rings which requires believing incredible claims and the  paranoia required to digest all of this - is the fact that two can play the same game. If you take Rabbi Berkowitz words about the widespread Satanic (or Christian missionary plot) in Jerusalem - and do some brief searching with Google or Youtube for similar reports - you find a very disturbing thing. It is not hard to find such reports - but there is a twist.

The exact same "facts" and "logic" are used to prove that there is a Jewish pedophile plot involving horrible abuse of children,  mind control, government figures blocking investigation, destroying the present world order and wanting to take over the world. If that sounds ridiculous - then why not when Rav Berkowitz says it is a Satanic plot or a Christian plot - with possible police involvement to coverup the facts? And if you acknowledge that it is in truth just as reasonable that it is a Jewish or Satanic plot as a Christian plot or even a Muslem plot or Russian plot or  [fill in the blank] - then you need to ask - on what basis do you decide? If standing at the edge of an incredible deep chasm - makes you dizzy when you realize that you are falling into a world of paranoid psychosis  - you need to consider the obvious alternative.

The alternative is to climb down from the tree - and to step back from the precipice - before it is too late .
Let me give a few examples of allegations that Jews are involved in major Satanic abuse rings. (The term "illumanti" found in many of these sites is referring to Jews or  people who pretend to be Jews Smololko - who are concerned with dominating the world This is Zionism)

Vicki Pollin- founder of the Awareness Center that focuses on Jewish sexual abuse

Proof that Jews are involved in rituatistic torture of babies comes from Vicki Polins confession on the Oprah show.. See Henry Makow Blog discussing what this says about Jews .  

The Realistic Report uses Tablet Magazine's   debunking of the allegations of Satanic child abuse ring at Nachlaot to prove that Jew are in fact involved in Satanic abuse and the Jewish publications help cover it up.

Former FBI agent Gunderson reveals Illuminati (Jews), Satanism, pedophile rings. 

If you want to become paranoid - please listen to this recording by the former head of the L.A. FBI office describing a conspiracy of coverup of widespread child abuse, satanism, corruption of the government including the FBI in dealing with these cases - and he includes the White House. For good measure he was allegedly killed by arsenic poisoning because he exposed the "truth".

Jews killed investigators who expose their crimes
The Blog the Common Sense Show   says that it is a Zionist plot to killing pedophile investigators

Jews are prominent pedophiles
The blog Jewish Paedophili   argues that Jimmy Savile was a Jew and Jews are prominent pedophiles

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