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Epstein Torture for Get trial:Judge Wolfson rejects defense of violence for religious purpose

Some excerpts: ... On the face of the Indictment, it is unclear whether all non-violent methods were exhausted before the alleged kidnappings took place here. That fact, however, does not change this Court’s analysis. Indeed, if Defendants had acceptable religious alternatives -- instead of resorting to violating the criminal laws -- I find that the Government’s application of the kidnapping laws to Defendants here does not substantially Defendants’ religious exercise. Nevertheless, even if Defendants had exhausted all other available non-violent means of coercing a husband to give his wife a get, and the only remaining method of coercion, as argued by Defendants, is through violence or force, i.e., kidnapping, I remain convinced that would not amount to a substantial burden. This Court has not found any authority condoning the use of violence under the guise of religion, and more importantly, no case has found the Government’s application of violent crime laws to certain religious practices is a substantial burden. 

 Even assuming Defendants could prove a substantial burden on their religion as a result of their prosecution, the RFRA challenge fails under the remaining two prongs of the test. As to the first of the two elements, the Government has the burden of demonstrating that the law which constitutes a substantial burden on an individual’s religion furthers a compelling governmental interest. Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao do Vegetal, 546 U.S. 418, 429 (2006). On this issue, Stimler posits that “deterrence of possible future efforts to use violent means to coerce recalcitrant husbands to authorize the writing of a ‘get’” is not a compelling interest. Stimler Br. at 11. To contrary, the Government maintains that prosecuting crimes of violence is compelling. Gov’t Br. at 16. 

When determining whether a government action serves a compelling interest, it is not sufficient to use broad terms; RFRA “contemplates a more focused inquiry.” Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., 134 S. Ct. 2751, 2779 (2014). Thus, even if the government can show that the law is in furtherance of a generalized compelling interest, the government must prove that “the compelling interest is satisfied through application of the law ‘to the Person’ — the particular claimant whose sincere exercise of religion is being substantially burdened.” Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita, 546 U.S. 418, 430–31 (2006). 

 ... Defendants’ purported use of force to effectuate a mitzvah involves kidnapping and even physical violence to others. Even more compelling, the Supreme Court in O Centro found that there was little evidence to demonstrate the type of harm to the religious personal drug users that the government there proffered. Thus, the Court found that the government’s stated interest to protect the health of those religious users was not a compelling one. To the contrary, the Government’s interest, here, is to protect the health and safety of those individuals who were victims of Defendants’ alleged violence and kidnapping. Accordingly, I find O Centro distinguishable. 

... The least-restrictive-means standard requires a showing that the government “lacks other means of achieving its desired goal without imposing a substantial burden on the exercise of religion by the objecting parties.” Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. 134 S. Ct. 2751, 2780 (2014). As stated above, the Government has a compelling interest in the uniform prevention of violence. Stimler has argued, as discussed supra, that the law burdens the “mitzvah” of using force, if necessary, to obtain a get; thus, there is no method by which the Government could enforce its interest in preventing violence without burdening Defendants’ religious exercise. In that regard, in this case, any effective means to prevent violence would necessarily prevent Defendants from using the force, which, according to Defendants, is permitted by Orthodox Judaism. ...



  1. It's an act of desperation by the defendants to present a defense admitting they committed violence but that they should be acquitted of U.S. criminal laws against violence since it is a "mitzvah" and necessary to do under their religious law. It was obvious from before the trial this was highly unlikely to succeed in obtaining an acquittal. Yet they had no real defense or anything better to explain away the violence. And they were caught red-handed in the act of violence by the FBI bust with their torture tools at the ready, that they couldn't even deny having engaged in violence.

  2. Can't read through 53 pages of legal jargon. However, it's obvious that the constitution grants people personal freedom of religion not permission to force that belief on someone else, in this case recalcitrant husband

  3. Is
    it only a mitzvah when the Laguna's put up the cash. Why is it not the same
    Mitzvah for ANY Agunah? Why isn't the average cost of a Get sufficient to
    perform this same Mitzvah. Isn't this the essence of the STING proving that they
    had no intentions performing a Mitzvah, only for the MONEY and nothing but the
    MONEY? The essence of a GET is that it must be done from A to Z "LISHMAH" purely
    for the sake of performing the Mitzvah of LESHEM GET, and not for the sake of
    MONEY. Since this was purely performed for MONEY, not only is it SHELO LISHMAH
    making it a GET POSSUL, but it is worshipping the EGEL HAZOHOV, that is IDOLATRY
    of which is one of the three most severe AVEIROS shebaTorah, making it an
    AVEIRAH habo beAVEIRAH. There isn't even one HALACHIK POSEK that permits
    KIDNAPPING, DEADLY BEATINGS applying excessive force, or threats for ones LIFE.
    The SHULCHAN ARUCH does NOT permit the use of corporal punishment without
    permission of the GOVERNMENT and the LAW of the LAND, while Epstein clearly
    stated their methods are outside of the LAW. This violation was with full
    knowledge and intent against the LAW of the LAND. This country was founded on
    FREEDOM of RELIGION, and any person is entitled to practice their RELIGION
    FREELY without any interference from anyone else's RELIGION, and since even
    those that permit the subtle coercion in order to procure a GET, it is not even
    a minute of the MINORITY that would condone such brute force. Indeed, the
    practices that have involved these GOON SQUADS operation is not only outside the
    LAW of the LAND, but it is also outside of the HALACHA. Therefore, not only is
    there no MITZVA, but against the HALACHA as well, thereby, encroaching on
    anyone's freedom of practicing their RELIGON as is accepted within that same
    RELIGION. As for the SUMMARY, these are nothing but THUGS applying MAFIA tactics
    by using extreme gangster methods with brute bloody force as their ways and
    means in making a living, purely for financial gains. The population of law
    abiding citizens aspiring to live in the LAND of the FREE have been suffering
    from these scum of the earth low lives for over three decades, and time to bring
    them to Justice and to throw the book at them. Lock them up in ALCATRAZ away
    from any humans, and throw away the key, so that peace and Justice will reign
    and let the chips fall where they may. AMEN veAMEN.

  4. The ruling is not responsive to all the arguments. Stimler argues that regardless of the illegal intentions of the others defendants, he simply was carrying out the dictates of his religion , namely to bear witness to the writing and tarnsmission of a "get" , which is as the evidence he presented suggests, is mitzvah. The testimony provided by Rabbi Breitowitz is presented not to suggest that since violence is tolerated by Judaism in certain circumstatnces therefore it ought to constitutionally protected. Such an argument is ludicrous on its face. But the judge's so ruling is actually a straw man response, for it is attacking an argument that was not made, but it is obviously patently specious.

    No, Stimler's argument was HIS behavior ought to be constitutionally inviolable. Stimler said that he never condoned the violence, never witnessed the violence and never intended to take part in the violence. Remember, in this case in which Stimler is implicated there never was any actual violence, for it was merely a sting operation at which Stimler was picked up when he appeared as a witness to the writing of the purported "get. The government's case against Stimler hinges on the assertion that Stimler was conspiring to abet a situation in which illegal violence was to be employed.

    Stimler's argues that his actions were of a religious nature; to spend two hours acting as a witness in a "get" process. For his perrformance he was to awarded to munificent sum of $75.

  5. Stimler is legally culpable under Federal law for the planned kidnapping and violent beating that was planned in the sting he was nabbed in. This is not because he was planning to physically participate in said violence like the other defendants. But rather even though he was "only" the sofer or eid and not the actual thug who was planning to do the beating, nevertheless he was part of the conspiracy and group planning the kidnapping and beating. He was clearly aware the kidnapping and beating was to occur. And, fundamentally, he facilitated and made possible the kidnapping and beating.

    He was clearly aware the kidnapping and beating was to occur. He didn't come to some deserted warehouse in the middle of nowhere in Yehupetzville New Jersey for some run-of-the-mill routine Get that he was the sofer or eid. No. It was obviously done in that remote location in order to avoid the police in engaging in the illegal violence. Stimler saw the other guys wearing ski masks, Halloween masks and bandanas. And he saw the other conspirators handling rope, surgical blades, a screwdriver, plastic bags and cattle prods. He was far from oblivious to the pending violence. He came to the place knowing what was about to occur and how it was to occur. And in all likelihood this was not his first such participation. This was the first time he was caught red-handed by the FBI.

    And, fundamentally, he facilitated and made possible the kidnapping and beating. Without the sofer and eidim it wouldn't be possible for the other conspirators to engage in their kidnapping and violence. Without the sofer and eidim, there would be no reason for the other conspirators to engage in their kidnapping and violence. The other conspirators engaging in the planned kidnapping and violence needed the sofer and the eidim to facilitate their illegal plan. Thus the sofer and eidim are part and parcel to this illegal kidnapping, violence and conspiracy.

    In a murder case, the getaway driver, the wachout guy and the guy who did nothing more than take the cash from the cash register are equally liable for murder as the guy who shot the cop or store owner while the others did not kill anyone.

  6. It is pretty crazy to claim one has the right to kidnap and violently beat someone because allegedly *their* religious beliefs permit and *their* religious belief somehow view the victim as agreeing to it, when the victim himself in fact does not subscribe to the perpetrators alleged religious beliefs.

    It is no different than a Muslin committing violence (or even murder) against a non-Muslim on the basis that his Islamic religion requires said violence and the perpetrator's Islamic beliefs even views his victim as agreeing to be violently violated because it is good for the victims soul.

  7. Thanks for the update. I quote Proverbs 26:18-19:

    Like a madman scattering deadly
    firebrands, arrows, Is one who cheats his fellow and says, “I was only joking.”

    Tamar Epstein with her long-time lawyer Goldfein hired Mendel
    Epstein et al to cheat Aaron Friedman of his possessions and of his rights by
    behaving Like a madman scattering deadly firebrands, arrows to him. Now that a US court is prosecuting Mendel
    Epstein et al and possibly others for grave and serious criminal acts, they al
    all say “I was only joking.”

    In Hebrew:

    משלי כ"ו י"ח-י"ט:

    כְּֽמִתְלַהְלֵהַּ הַיֹּרֶ֥ה זִקִּ֗ים חִצִּ֥ים
    וָמָֽוֶת. כֵּֽן אִ֭ישׁ רִמָּ֣ה אֶת רֵעֵ֑הוּ וְ֝אָמַ֗ר הֲֽלֹא מְשַׂחֵ֥ק אָֽנִי.


    כמתלהלה, כמהתל
    בחברו, ותחלה מורה זקים של אש ששורפים הבגדים, ואחר כך חצים שעושים פצעים,
    ואחר כך חצים משוחים בסם המות שממיתים. כן איש רמה את רעהו, כן איש המרמה
    את רעהו, שתחלה יזיק קניניו, ואח"כ גופו, ואחר כך את נפשו, וכל זה אצלו כמשחק.

  8. You put it very well, thank you. I would just like to clarify and add, that being an eid or witness, is a crime in and of itself, even outside of being part and parcel of the kidnapping. Just like those karate choppers are comitting a crime of attacking and harming the victim within the bigger picture of the kidnapping in order to subdue, these sofers and witnesses are commiting a crime of stripping and robbing the husband of his wife without consent, against his wishes in severing all ties and undo anything and everything that have been accomplished through CHUPAH VEKIDUSHIN. in order for a Watch to tell time, all components underneath play a integral and independent part, in conjunction with all the teamplayers ending up on the Dial. This pie consists of many layers and many flavors and various crimes to complement a multi-tier fiasco ending up in a Whipping Torte, no pun intended.

  9. In this case, stimler was the legal equivalent of a getaway driver trying to claim his driving was a religious act, even though the major part of the conspiracy involved beating up husbands. (Sexual discrimination: not beating up recalcitrant wives.)

  10. Don't understand why stimler didn't take a deal. I'm sure he could have gotten off with a slap on the wrist like walmark

  11. @
    Goldie, john halmark, Stimler, Walmark et al

    far as Halacha is concerned, doing a mitzvah can be done from your own pocket,
    not on someone else's expense. You are also not doing any Mitzva on behalf of
    the Husband as a zchus, since in Talmudic terms it is "Bemakom shechov
    leacherim", of which stealing his wife is non other than a liability. Just like
    you cannot steal in order to give Tsedaka, be makdish someone elses property,
    steal someones Etrog lulav and make a bracha, kidnap someone and extract by
    force anything that belongs to him, you cannot be generous on account of someone
    else performing a Mitzva, same here. As far as the Law of the Land is concerned,
    the law of Kidnapping entails any consideration that is extracted under duress
    while holding the victim against his will, and BEIING the witness of a GET is
    the mechanism whereby that consideration is executed in order to STRIP him of
    "Ki yikach ish isho" his wife belonging exclusively to the Husband along with
    everything that a Kidushin entails as enumerated in the Talmud. When someone
    makes himself available for Eidus to an Issurei Kidushin is not isolated as if
    something of a static innocent standby onlooker, he is actually aiding and
    abetting 'venitfal lidei ovrei aveira' making it viable as far as maaseh
    Kidushin tofsin is concerned. So much for the Defense of pilpulei Epstein
    vaHevel "Hashomer ochi anochi" is concerned. KOL Dmei achecha tsoakim elay min
    hadama! At the end of the day, you Stimler and you Walmark as well as the whole
    Chorum will pay the price for it, so that all other crooks, Goon Squads, so
    called Mitzva machers, Karate kickers, waterboarders, Sofrim uMonim shel
    yisroel, vechol shaar minei maros bishin, aka ORA militia ysv, - and Don't even
    think about it! What Klall Yisrael is asking, Have you no decency? Have you no
    shame? Look at the GRANDIOSE CHILLUL HASHEM YOU CAUSE in front of the whole wide

    yes, and one more thing, although no actual violence has been commited to the
    virtual unknown soldier of a HUSBAND, My Dear, let me teach you a thing or
    two, THAT is the essence of a Sting Operation in order to prove in no uncertain
    terms, beyond the shadow of a doubt 'Kedei lehotsi miliban shel Tsedokim' , that
    all the other performed alleged Mitzva Gittin's in the past, have been performed
    and executed with the same MO, terrorizing - victimizing and all, having
    absolutely no questions asked while making an offer you CANNOT refuse was, ALL
    FOR THE ALMIGHTY DOLLLAR sham and scam and NOT leshem MATZOS MITZVA as they
    claim to use for the Defense. Therefore, you Bnei Adam Yoshvei Choshech can look
    forward to eat Shmura Matzot leshem Matzot Mitzva rofl 'Bechipozon', while
    pointing rofl MARROR zu sheanu ochlim al shum mo, mosneichem chagurim umakelchem
    beyedchem, sitting betsavsa sing singing 'Chad gadya' IN the Chad gad ya. The
    virtual husband and the real husbands will be singing shebchol haleilos anu
    ochlim shaar yerakot bein yoshvim ubein mesubin, veatem "BNEI ODOM YOSHVEI
    CHOSHECH UBASESER" ochlim kulo MARROR, gam halayla hazeh vegam shaar kol
    haleilos mikol yemos hashanah leolam vaed Amen. So much for leshem matzos
    Mitzva. And last but not least hearing from the Horse's mouth the ProdFather
    Capo di tutti capi - " IF you 'eh' 'na' 'a' have 'eh' 'da' 'maahney', you 'na'
    'eh' need 'eh' apply." Kappish!

  12. Q.Who payed for Walmark's lawyer? A.Walmark.
    Q.Who's paying for Stimler's lawyer?....

    He who pays the drummer, calls it's tunes.

  13. This is a helpful appendum to comment of -

    Goldie, john halmark, Stimler, Walmark et al

    * 18 U.S. Code § 1201 -

    (c) If two or more persons conspire to violate this section and one or more of such persons do any overt act to effect the object of the conspiracy, "EACH" shall be punished by imprisonment for any term of years or
    for life.

    -- This covers STIMLER as well as all COHORTS,
    yotzer meshorsov, vaAsher meshorsov and ALL the rabbis of correspondence as reflected in the courts papers and files!

    ** Kidnapping is so severely punished because it is a dreaded offense. It usually occurs in connection with
    criminal offense, or underlying crime. It involves violent deprivation of liberty and it requires a special criminal boldness. Furthermore, the act of moving a crime victim exposes the victim to risks above and beyond those that are inherent in the underlying crime.

    --- This covers the Goons, The Stimlerts Sofrim veEidim et al and whatnot that are responsible in drafting, validating and executing an INSTRUMENT called a "GET" of which
    relieves and relinquishes the Husband of exclusivity to have and to hold onto his wife and marriage as one unit as defined in the instrument of the "KETUBAH" in CHUPAH VEKIDUSHIN, for better or for worse, thereby upon serving a GET of which is to the Husbands detriment, severing all ties as a Husband and Wife as we know it.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    (1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

    (3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.

    1. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honour and

  14. Wolmark got a sweetheart deal with five years. He's one of the top two ringleaders with Epstein.

  15. Wolmark, having been the #2 ringleader in the Epstein gang, got a sweetheart plea deal at five years.

  16. I skimmed it, and the judge does make that point a couple of times. Also, the defense oddly claimed that by "signing" (their term) the kesubah, the husband agrees that all is "k'das moshe v'yisrael," and therefore agrees to be kidnapped and beaten to give a get. The judge wasn't impressed with that argument either.

  17. I follow these threads about this trial with astonishment and disbelief. Everyone is piling on to crucify these four individuals with hardly anyone commenting or being allowed to comment as to a possible defense.

    There are four individual Yidden that are likely facing a life sentence. Even if we do believe in the inherent immortally of the forced Get, that does not mean that ipso facto everyone accused of this is guilty "as charged".

    How do you know that everyone who was in that warehouse knew exactly what was going on?

    Stimlers' defense is that he was called in as a witness and had no idea that a beating was to take place. How do you know he isn't right? Why should he take a plea deal if he believes in his innocence? He is the only one with this defense.

    I know Stimler personally. I know him to be an unusually altruistic person. He is a licensed Therapist and if he would've taken a plea he would never be able to practice his profession again. He is risking a lot just to get the chance to say his side of the story. The man took $75.00 dollars to be an Eidis, something he frequently did as a side job. If he was really in so deep don't you think he wouldve taken a least a chunk of the big payoff?

    It is obvious that commenters here, in their zeal to condemm, are not considering the human impact here. A 38 year old man faces life in prison. Maybe he deserves it, maybe he doesn't. But how can you be so cavalier with a mans life?

  18. If Stimler was indeed completely unaware, without even a suspicion, that this Get he was going to involve physical force and he actually thought that this was a simple divorce where the husband was expected to voluntarily show up and give the Get, then he should certainly be completely acquitted and be free.

    But portraying such a scenario seems implausible. The scheduled Get was planned in some deserted warehouse in the middle of nowhere in Yehupetzville New Jersey so that in should not attract and should be away from any attention. Who ever heard of a Get being scheduled out in the hicks, in a warehouse, in middle of nowhere?

    Stimler, when he got to the warehouse before the "husband" showed up, saw the other guys wearing ski masks, Halloween masks and bandanas.By time the FBI got there the thugs were already donning their masks. And Stimler was sitting there waiting for the Get ceremony. And he saw the other conspirators handling rope, surgical blades, a screwdriver, plastic bags and cattle prods. He was far from oblivious to the pending violence. Mr. Epstein couldn't have simply hired him for a routine $75 Get and tell him just show up the warehouse, write the Get and go home. What did Epstein think his hired sofer and eidim would do once they were there and started witnessing the violence with the husband screaming in agony as he is tied up and being beaten in front of them? The sofer and eidim would simply mindlessly do the ritual Get while the torture was underway?

    Epstein had to know that his hired sofer and eidim were good and willing to do the Get despite the violence. Esptein had to know beforehand that he didn't have to worry the sofer and eidim would walk out in middle of the violence once they saw the Get was only going to be achieved with kidnapping and violence. The sofer and eidim must have come to the place knowing what was about to occur and how it was to occur. Epstein couldn't risk spending tens of thousands of dollars to hire thugs to kidnap and beat a man, carefully plan a date, time and place that he fooled the husband to show up at the place to meet the thugs (a one-time shot since once the husband realized he was being kidnapped he would be careful to never be fooled a second time) -- only to then have his sofer and eidim walk out on him because they were oblivious that it was going to involve violence.

    You think Mr, Esptein told him this was some run of the mill routine Get where the husband was happily giving a Get? Epstein has had a decades old reputation of being well known to violently procure Gets from unwilling husbands.

    And where did you get that $75 figure? He had to travel interstate round-trip from his Brooklyn home to some an out the way warehouse in NJ where the travel alone, forget his time, would have eaten up a good portion of $75.

    Now despite all of the above it is theoretically possible he was stupidly unaware and unthinking of all the above. And if he didn't have the slightest idea there would be violence -- and he would have walked out without participating in the Get ceremony once he saw violence thereby ruining the entire operation -- then he should be acquitted. But such a picture seems hopelessly improbable (though admittedly not impossible) as the entire coerced Get operation would have fallen through if the sofer or eidim walked out - and Epstein was an old experienced hand with decades of this type of violence successfully behind him, who knew how to get the job done - and with which people he could count on to come through for him to the end.

  19. forwhat itsworth, you are a true mentch.

    Let's keep our eye on the ball. These people have wives, children who need them. Binyomin Stimler is a great guy and a wonderful father. He has helped loads of kids at risk, his home is a warm open place and his life is dedicated to helping others. His youngest child is not yet 2 years old... The others too have many good qualities. You may disagree with them on certain issues but none of us are perfect. You should not be hoping for a conviction... there is no glory here. If they go free, they will never engage in forced gittin again anyway... is that not enough for you? Is it revenge you are after? Maybe you are; I cannot judge you because I have learned via my own tests in life not to judge others; BUT i do say that you should examine your hearts... if a jail sentence for any one of them or for David or Judy wax, who also have a large family, gives you personal satisfaction then, you need to do some work on your character. If it is the cessation of forced gittin that you desire, then worry no longer.... those days are over... One more thing... there is so much going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of... I have seen comments here regarding people i know well that are completely untrue or based upon misinformation. what is reported on the news is often grossly inaccurate. Hold on to your mentchlichkeit and your IQ and reserve judgement.

  20. Actually, stimler's lawyer has a history of defending batei dinim (his father was the reisher rov, a prominent dayan in america and poland (and was a member of the polish sejm / parliament before the war.)

  21. Das
    Moshe veYisroel has nothing to do with his vows agreeing (verbally, he signs
    nothing) to be kidnapped. This is not only am ha'aratzut, but false as well. The
    Ketubah only entails the Husbands responsibilities to her in a MARRIAGE and a
    certain amount of financial compensation upon dissolution, created for the
    purposes of not to rush into things in case he gets upset with her. Das Moshe
    veYisrael are numerous rules and regulations composed after Matan Torah relating
    to Kidushin, in our specific instance the Das Moshe regulation requires to be
    mekadesh under a Chupah, acquiring = mekadesh "Harei at" through a consideration
    of minimum a Prita's worth, Document of a Ketubah, with two kosher witnesses.
    Yichud, eidei yichud etc. and she is to have and to hold. There are many other
    rules and regulations of Das Moshe that have absolutely nothing to do with being
    mekadesh a wife. Harei at "mekudeshes" li betabaas zu kedas Moshe veYisrael is
    nothing but Kidushin, and Kidushin only, and not a general kabolas haTorah or
    ways and means how to depart other than setting aside a designated amount
    security for Ketubah. Gittin has it's own set of rules and regulations included
    in Shulchan Aruch and has no place under the Chupah, period, nothing more, and
    nothing less. Furthermore, had this been so, Drachman and Rakman would not have
    the need to come up with prenuptuals or hatores Nedorim vehatoras Kaporas type
    of nonsense.

  22. True. He was able to afford his own lawyer, a very good lawyer, as well as have Yair Hoffman and others write articles in his defense.

    Who is paying Stimler's lawyer?

  23. being allowed to comment

    Huh? Rabbi Eidensohn has an extremely liberal comment-allowance policy.

    Stimlers' defense is that he was called in as a witness and had no idea that a beating was to take place.

    And when he would see the beating, would he have interceded to stop it? Would he still be willing to be a witness of this worthless so-called "get", or would he have turned his head away - and all would know it's an invalid "get"?

    Was Mendel silly enough to hire an eid of whom he wasn't sure as to how he would react when he would see the privates-busting?

    He is a licensed Therapist and if he would've taken a plea he would never be able to practice his profession again.

    This is unfortunate. Ironically, I've seen too many of Epstein's victims livelihoods destroyed by his disgusting tactics.

    It is obvious that commenters here, in their zeal to condemm, are not considering the human impact here. A 38 year old man faces life in prison. Maybe he deserves it, maybe he doesn't. But how can you be so cavalier with a mans life?

    I agree with you.

    Oy, if only all those fathers, and their innocent, unfortunate children, would have been given the proper consideration prior to the beatings, thuggery and their livelihoods destroyed. Oy. This is a serious and deep krechzt.

    This unfortunate and sad situation reminds me of the following: Medrash, Tehilim ‘137 says that when Yirmiyahu was being separated from the Jewish nation right after the Churban, they began crying that they wanted him to stay with them. Yirmiyahu responded that if they would have cried even one time prior to the Churban, back when he was imploring them to do teshuva, they would not have gone into exile. Oy, how history repeats itself.

  24. Maybe Stimlers vocal chords and contents of songs are not as talented and "valuable" as Wolmarks packet of songs. Thereby, leaving the ProdFather -The Author of "How to Divorce for Dummy's" -, isolated and solely holding the bag of rofl Golden Goose eggs, to be hung and strung dry high noon in Town's Square. Now you know why Walmark was offered a plea deal, and Stimler not, and why Walmark got such a sweet of a deal. The idea of offering a plea deal is to nail the Baal haSimcha, the conspirer Rav Tabachim along with his shnooks, and to only those that have valuable information in accomplishing an indictment. Walmark most likely was able to procure a heter meah messira to sing. At this rate, soon soon there will be an all out Star Wars of Gog uMagog, The Sar haShir haShirim against the Sar haTabochim, Rav hoErev Rav against Rav haMikvaot, Rav metaher kupa shel Shrotzim against Rav Revovo keTsemach hasodeh, ad shekol hagolah sheniglu sanhedrin nireh kimduras Eish.
    Avol ashemim anachnu ki lo shamanu es tsaakas achinu betsoras nafsho behitchaneno elenu, al ken baah alenu hatsara hazot. Therefore, we are going to have major gatherings in the largest Stadiums around the world about those asher Yechto Nosi Ra bonim, not to patronize them in any way, shape, or form. There will be tons of Buses leaving from every corner of the earth to the gatherings. More information will be forthcoming in due time. Chov Kadosh, Ish Baal Ye'edor, Uberov om hadras melech. Refreshments will be served for all participants. A kosherin Pesach und a freilichen Yom Tov. Dayenu.

  25. Sick
    and tired of these ponzi scheme investors cleaning nebach out people of their
    life savings, and we are not talking about small potatoes. We are talking about
    big bucks. Comes these noshim professional Mekonenos crying on their behalf
    crocodile tears, oy gevald but he was such a big Baal tzedoko, he gave lots of
    money for Mosdos, Nitzrochim, very involved in chesed, in Bikur Cholim, money
    for the poor, I know him personally, he gives for his wifes maintenance money
    very generously, drives an expensive car, and on and on. Of course, being
    generous is part and parcel of the ponzi scheme, so that the morei deasra will
    testify a yohr eidus that he is an Ish Matzliach, a successful businessman, a
    family man, very charitable to his Mosdos, thereby, sucking in more suckers
    every day, and Madoffing off Yankel to pay Getzel only to take them to cleaners,
    going bust with hundreds of Millions. All is only a facade, no business, no Real
    Estate, no nothing. Of course they are generous on yenems cheshbon, while in the
    mean time they live it up like there is no tomorrow. So much for the good
    people, Baalei Chesed, etc. etc. etc. BS, and BS and more BS. Save your tears
    for our seven precious children we just lost over Shabbos and the children lost
    to these recalcitrant wives, and to the umshildige Husbands beaten
    UNMERCILESSLY, blodied from head to toe. An achzar shebeachzorim doesn't do such
    things, what a shande. You sound lehavdil like Strongman madman Kadaffi begging
    for mercy after living a life of atrocities. Judgement
    is now in the hands of the Jury and let them get for the Get, whatever they get.
    That is the Law of the Land, and our brethren husbands and his children shall
    not be anymore at mercy of the so called Therapists looking to make an extra
    rofl $75. $75 my foot! My brothers blood is worth so much more, and his children
    as well are not for sale. Let this bum do something more constructive for a
    living and contribute to society in a decent manner. Look at all the families he
    destroyed, all the pain he caused for their greater families, my heart goes out
    for them, and even shed some tears. Al ele ani bochiyo, eini eini yordo mayim,
    al acheinu beis yisroel henesunim batsoro ubaSHIVYO, hamakom yerachem aleihem
    veyotsiem mitsoro lirvocho hashto baagolo uvizman koriv venomar

  26. Actually, stimler's lawyer has a history of defending batei dinim

    Who is footing Nat Lewins bill? Is Lewin doing it Pro Bono? Is Stimler paying for it himself? Who is paying may be the answer as to why he chose the route he has taken...


    there is so much going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of... I have seen comments here regarding people i know well that are completely untrue or based upon misinformation.

    I am amazed that a supposed former "agunah" is so closely involved in this case! You know all the particulars of the case. Hmmmm.

    You may disagree with them on certain issues but none of us are perfect.

    Ahh. So having married women "remarry" with worthless gitten is a simple "imperfection"?

    Destroying children's lives is a simple imperfection?

  28. You think Hoffman's writeup, or for that matter any other coverage of this case in the Orthodox media, influences the court or prosecutors?

  29. Who do you suspect might be paying Stimler's lawyer, if you took a few guesses? And why do you think that party is paying - and what type of defense would be more in the interest of the payer than of the defendant?

  30. Thank you for reminding us all about the 7 sweet and pure neshamos that were returned to Hashem yesterday. We all surely cry for them, and no one with any sensitivity would forget them or use them to make a point. zbeng, you are such an angry person, much of what you write is non sensical. You must have high blood pressure by now..... why don't you take an internet break for a week and see if you feel better....

  31. How many other $75 jobs did (the sucker) stimler do? Will the prosecutor bring witnesses, like he's doing against epstein? Stimler may be like the mashgiach on your food; the rav hamachshir makes all the money, and pays the poor mashgiach bubkes. Epstein / wolmark makes all the money, and pays stimler bupkes $75.

  32. Wolmark married into multi multi millions of real estate. He hired a lawyer whose reputation is $600,000 retainer. Only people who can pay that is mafia, rap artists, bank owners. Sometimes, it is arranged that someone takes the rap for a good fee, and the client gets off (look up nytimes story of 'shyne'.)

  33. Nothing
    insensitive about sharing my pain with my brothers, umakdim rachamim lerogez.
    You must be able to differentiate where to apply rachamim with chochmo. Kol
    hamitrachem al hoachzorim sofo lehitachzer al horachmonim. Talmud: Im ein
    chochmo, havdolo minayin? Bringing all these fiascos to Justice, is the best
    prevention against high blood pressure. I am not the trigger happy kind, but
    bemakom sheyesh Chilull Hashem, ein cholkin kavod larav, vaErev rav lo kol
    shekein. As for a break, maasei yoday tovim bayam veatem omrim Shira? Other then
    that I feel fine, thank you. Just one question for you, did you feel the same
    sympathy for my brothers when they were lured into the trap and beaten silly? Or
    mavchin bein Dam leDom ubein Din loDin? I haven't heard you raising your voice
    back then. And BTW, for those pure dear little neshomos, thanks for shedding a
    tear. Yitamu chatoim urshoim od einam...

  34. Veod lebatata. Don't rush to judgement so fast. In a blink of an eye, you have checked out my heartbeat, and gauged my blood pressure. Relax my friend, take a deep breath, exhale, and inhale again. Now, you can measure the vitals all over again and compare. Anger is in the eyes of the beholder, as it is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. You do sound like a Therapist, when was the last time you checked out your real name, Huh? You yet haven't explained why you exercise Sympathy selectively. Not to worry, I won't hold my breath, might just run out of oxygen. Other than that, wishing you all the best and a Kosherin Pesach un a Fraylichen Yom Tov.


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