Saturday, March 14, 2015

Epstein Torture Trial: David Wax(2nd day) admits threatening to kill to Bryskman for $100k

Asbury Park Press     Wax testified for a second day in the trial of Rabbi Mendel Epstein, his son and two other rabbis, who are accused of kidnapping men so they would grant their wives “gets” — divorces that would be recognized by Orthodox courts.

Wax – who is serving as the government’s primary witness – gave a gory detailing of what he said he and Epstein conspired to do in order to convince the husbands to comply, all while charging the wives tens of thousands of dollars for the service.

As Bryskman lay on the carpet, Wax said he dropped a large bag next to him and threatened to stuff him inside and bury him alive in the Poconos, unless he gave up his bank account information. [...]

“You decided to put on this hat,” Mazrek said to Wax, waving in his hand a white cowboy hat with a dark lace. Wax told investigators that he donned the hat as he beat Bryskman. [...]

When the taxi driver questioned what had happened to the bruised and bloody Bryskman, Wax made a drinking motion with his hand and said that Bryskman had tried to hit on his wife, so he’d had to “knock him the ---- out,” according to previous testimony that Mazrek read in court.

As they rode through the streets of Lakewood, Bryskman had already agreed to grant the get, Wax said. But rather than let him go, Wax tried to get $100,000 out of him, he testified.

Before dropping off Bryskman at a home in Brooklyn, the two men stopped at a bagel shop, Wax said.

“We wanted to buy him breakfast,” Wax said. “We offered him a muffin.”


  1. And I wonder why such a thug does not get at least the same amount of attention from community leaders/BMG that the father of an abused boy who reported to the authorities the abuse of his son suffered and consequently had to move out of Lakewood

  2. New Definition of Mitzva (Hachnosos Orchim, in this case) Ha'ba B'Aveira:
    1. Kidnap guest.
    2. Torture him for hours.
    3. Now that he's got an appetite, buy him a muffin.

    What a distortion of the Torah.

  3. Simple. He is helping in the removal of a person they realize is a wicked menace. In fact, the kolko junior story helped in this one. In the Kolko junior story, the reason why they chased the father, Rabbi S., out of town was because they trusted rabbi Belsky. Had they trusted Rabbi Belsky they would support Wax and Mendel Epstein. However, now they won't support Epstein and will be just happy that Epstein is ratted out.

  4. They claim that those same people also got a bite out the pie. This case will suck in many smelly gedoilim.V'hoelokim ino leyodo.

  5. There is another big Mitsvas esse of "Veorav lo vekom olov", that makes it shtei esse doche lo se'esse. This saga is very similar to the Who done it story of sima vechiger "heicha timtsa". That is the blind man taking the double amputee for a ride on his shoulders to commit theft from the orchard. It's called Teamwork. The rest of the story is, they will end up pitting everyone against each other to solve the puzzle.


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