Monday, March 9, 2015

Shul President Livshin and Rabbis Simmonds and Cohen write letter of support for Beth and her children


  1. People may think it is the courts that are to blame, but what about the Austrian Jewish community? They have a lot to answer for. Chief Rabbi Eisenberg has allowed lochen horah to be spread about Beth, which is against halacha! Untruths that she is mentally ill! It's time that all this evil stops in Vienna. The children don't deserve this brutality and lies spread about their mother. The only thing that Beth did wrong was to marry a boy from Vienna. How can he be so evil as to deprive his sons of their mother. Michael Schlesinger may have them now, but they will grow to hate him and the Jewish Community of Vienna for what the are doing to them. The father and the Jewish Community of Vienna need to stop being selfish and think about the children, who love and need their mother

  2. This type of letter is a first step. Now someone in Manchester has to organize "askanim", etc and lobby their MPs to intervene with the austrian authorities, etc.

    They tried this a while ago, but it fizzled. Gotta try again. And again.

  3. This letter is a welcome addition to the increasing public outcry at this terrible situation.

    Where are the letters from the Austrian Jewish community? Why are they shielding (supporting?) a person who refuses to have psychiatric diagnosis ( ) as mandated by the courts?

    Mr Schlesinger is corrupting the court to abuse the twins and their mother to his fullest extent possible, but even outside of the court process, he is spreading lies about her, cancelling her visits and even physically assaulting her.

    This is the sort of person who is making the community in Austria proud? This is the person on whom the ethos of Vienna Jewry is modelled? Is it any wonder Vienna is becoming a Jewish community that is succeeding in isolating itself from the rest of the world?


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