Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Elections: An open letter to Israeli voters from a concerned American citizen,

Guest Post:

As you go to the polls please understand friendship with the Obama administration is not on the ballot.

Israel, and all freedom loving democracies for that matter, will never  have a decent relationship with this bunch. The only friends Obama has on the world stage live in Iran, Turkey, and Cuba.  Those guys form a club that even your ardent leftists can't join, no matter how much they try.

Even here in America the only relationship Obama knows is "my way or the highway". Like a schoolyard  bully, either you just go along with his extreme discredited policies, or you don't exist. There is no discussion, and certainly no negotiations.

No speech or the lack thereof will change this Administration's posture, nor will the renovation of a couple of  apartments.

So if your a leftist and think redistribution of wealth is more important than national security, by all means vote for the left....

....but Obama’s love can't be a reason,

It simply ain't gonna happen!!


  1. This is a cute letter but lacks substance. The left in Israel isn't weak on security. Waging endless war against the Arabs is not sustainable. Israel is still in a war after 67 years with many Jews being killed every year. Support for the right is a byproduct of nationalist rather than security as claimed. Nationalist as in maximizing holding Biblical Israel land. The nationalist right would rather have Jews die year after year if that means controlling a greater amount of Biblical Israel. Yet far better is it for Jews to control less land if that would achieve a higher degree of peace with less loss of Jewish lives. And if it is the left willing to sue for peace that would cut back on the loss of lives, it is well worth that price.

  2. Time has clearly proven that retaining or giving up land has no direct link to peace with the Arabs. Eg disengagement from katif.

    You are deluding yourself if you believe that " far better is it for Jews to control less land if that would achieve a higher degree of peace ". Typical leftist propoganda with no semblance of reality.

  3. Lacks substance?!?

    The message of the letter seems to be, that the Israeli public should not fall for the narrative that Bibi is at fault for the relationship crisis. The left here in America and the left over there have been propagating this meme, for their prospective political reasons...

    That seems to me to be substantive point. It also rings very true, in light of all the hostilities and bad policies. (Closing Lod during Gaza war, as of September not renewing Emergency Petroleum Alliance, Iran deal, Al Sisi-the snub, and the various condemnations.)

    In terms of the left also having security as an important concern...

    Your guy, Buji, said, he "trusts that Obama will make a good deal with Iran"!!! Without knowing the deal or the negotiating party, that is a wacky thing to say. When your existence is on the line you don't just "trust", unless your not AT ALL focused on security.

    In this case it's much worse. Obama has messed up praticaly every allegiance and region, and there is no reason to assume here will be better here. PLUS, elements of the deal ARE know, and they are terrible.

    And Buji trusts..... The guy is smoking somthin, and his supporters are engaged in wishful thinking not their own security.

    -To paint the whole right as fanatics that want to hold on to the whole "biblical Isreal" no matter the cost is plain stupid. From Kahane to center-right, every one has expressed security as a factor to not give away land.

    -As far as land for peace, Gaza and Oslo should have proven that wanting peace and sacrificing for peace doesn't necessarily bring peace. In a conflict until BOTH sides stop, one side's laying down arms isn't peace,

    ...its suicide.

  4. Why do frum people buy into this right wing nonsense? It makes us look unsophisticated, blue collar, etc. We definitely do not show כי היא חכמתכם ובינתכם לעיני העמים.

  5. "Humble Jew"
    I hope the irony here, is lost on no one !!

    You self identify as humble, yet your only logic in a sirious, and life and death conversation, is that we must be identified as progressive, forward looking, intelligentsia.

    So while you ponder how to fix the universe and end pain and hunger, perched "humbly" in an ivory tower.....

    ...Us simpletons will know, פשטות איז גדלות all the rest is plain שקר.


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