Friday, March 27, 2015

Epstein Torture for Get trial: Rabbi Jachter testifies -(not as reported Rav Herschel Schacter)    The son of a Lakewood rabbi accused of arranging the beatings of men who wouldn't give their wives religious divorces was in a meeting in Ohio when one of the attacks occurred, a business associate told jurors in an ongoing federal kidnapping and conspiracy trial.

The testimony of Greg Emmer, vice president and chief marketing officer for Kaeser & Blair Inc., was offered Thursday as an alibi for David "Ari" Epstein, who is accused of participating in the Aug. 22, 2011, attack on a Brooklyn man who would not give his wife a religious divorce.

That man, Usher Chaimowitz, eventually agreed to the divorce after hours of beatings. Chaimowitz's roommate, Menachem Teitelbaum, who was also beaten in the attack, testified earlier in the trial that he heard one of the assailants yell, "Epstein, call your father."

Federal prosecutors contend the reference was to David Epstein and his father, Mendel Epstein, a prominent Lakewood rabbi who specializes in divorce proceedings. The father and son, along with rabbis Binyamin Stimler and Jay Goldstein, are on trial on kidnapping and conspiracy charges that grew out of a federal sting..[...]

Another defense witness, Rabbi Howard Jachter, discussed the process of obtaining religious divorces. Attorney Nathan Lewin, who represents Stimler, asked Jachter about items taken from vehicles when several men including Stimler, were arrested after a sting operation in Edison in October 2013. [...]

The sting involved an undercover FBI agent posing as an Orthodox Jewish woman whose husband wouldn't grant her a religious divorce. The men were arrested at a warehouse in Edison where federal prosecutors contend they were ready to beat the husband until he relented. [...]

Federal prosecutors displayed on a large television screen photographs of Stimler wearing a face mask and Goldstein's son Avrohom Goldstein, wearing a Halloween mask, that they allegedly wore at the Edison warehouse.


  1. Hmmm... Wasn't it the ProdFather Zaken mamre that gave the eitzo for Mrs. macaroni to be in some public place where she can be seen, to give cause for an alibi. What time was A. Epstein in Ohio, and what time was it when the Klep took place? You know that there is such an animal Gmalim haPorchim Beavir as the good says, Voesso eschem al kanfei neshorim. I rest my case. Your turn.

  2. Yes, I see that
    Rabbi Howard Jachter testified. “He is a
    member of the Rabbinical Council of America’s Va'ad Halacha and chairman of its
    Iggun resolution committee. Rabbi Jachter is a major champion of the RCA
    prenuptial agreement.”

    What’s wrong
    with “the RCA prenuptial agreement”? The
    couple, at the moment of commitment to marriage plan for the divorce !? This makes the marriage an act of
    prostitution in violation of Deuteronomy 23:18: “No Israelite woman shall be a
    cult prostitute, nor shall any Israelite man be a cult prostitute.”

    2:22-24: “And the Lord God fashioned the rib that He had taken from the man
    into a woman; and He brought her to the man. Then the man said, “This one at
    last Is bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh. This one shall be called Woman,
    For from man was she taken.” Hence a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, so that
    they become one flesh.”


    כן כל אדם בילדותו ידבק באביו ואמו,
    וכשיגדל ויהיה לאיש יעזוב את אביו ואת אמו ויקח אשה אשר עמה יבנה לו בית נאמן
    בפ"ע וידבק בה, כי היא חברתו ועזר כנגדו והיו לבשר אחד להקים זרע לקיום המין:

    My translation: All persons in their youth cleave to their father and
    mother. When he grows and becomes a man,
    he will forsake his father and mother and acquire a woman with whom he build a
    faithful household by itself and cleave to it.
    For she is his companion and helpmate and they will be one flesh to
    establish the race.

    The Gamara says that all women have moments of anger and demand their
    husbands divorce them. My theory is that the man is so attracted to the woman’s
    body that divorce is out of the question for him. The wife could holler and annoy her husband
    no end, but he’ll never divorce her. Surely, the prenuptial agreement and
    hiring Mendel Epstein et al are bad ideas.

  3. Rabbi jacket is a great persona Oha ara osa I love you rabbi jachter

  4. RHS would make a lousy witness. Doesn't answer a question straight, goes off on tangents, adds extrenuous information. I heard him speak several timesk, is very good at 'ask the rabbi' type events; is entertaining there, but you wouldn't want him as your expert witness.

    R jachter, meanwhile, is very pliable. Will say exactly what you want him to say. Not aggressive (i had aclient who wanted to hire him as a 'toain'. I said no way -- not a fighter.)

  5. Looks like Rav Zalman Nechamia Goldberg could not learn Pesukim or Gemorah as well as such a Chashuva Talmid Chocham such as yourself.

  6. Huh? Where is your letter he wrote promoting and encouraging people to sign a pre-nup??? Is together with his supposed approbation to Krause's new "beth din"?

    Or is it like his supposed support to the beth din of Tzfat's "zikui get"?


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