Monday, March 9, 2015

Epstein Torture Trial Does this court document mean that the U.S. Attorney is offering Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag immunity for testimony?

According to this document filed by the US Attorney, it appears that the US Attorney is going to give Rabbi Ralbag immunity in order to testify.  Otherwise, Rabbi Ralbag would, according to the document, invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.


  1. Yes, looks like the Court promises
    Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag that the Court will not ever prosecute him. His testimony
    will be extremely interesting. Good, I say.
    Rabbi Aryea Ralbag did the USA side of the Get I gave my ex-wife
    February 17, 1993. My ex-wife is still
    making trouble for me, nonstop 22 years, in Kings County Supreme Court. I
    remarried May 9, 1993 in Israel God blessed us with 3 children. We live happily in Israel, b"h.

  2. Someone should download every trial document from this case in PACER. From the pre-trial through the trial until its end. I'm sure there is quite a few more big surprises waiting for the Jewish world in these documents that is being overlooked.

  3. This letter seems to indicate that the U.S. Attorney believes that Rabbi Ralbag has information useful in prosecuting Epstein and the rest. And that when questioned R. Ralbag refused to give the prosecutors any information. His refusal was based on his Fifth Amendment right to not give information that would incriminate himself in a crime. Therefore, the government has the right to say we will provide you immunity from prosecution based on any information we glean from your testimony. At that point R. Ralbag is legally required to give the court whatever information he knows.

  4. The_Original_Bored_LawyerMarch 9, 2015 at 6:24 PM

    " looks like the Court promises Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag that the Court will not ever prosecute him"

    Just to clarify, there are two kinds of immunity a prosecutor can grant you (with Court approval): use immunity and transactional immunity. Use immunity means that the Govt. cannot use anything you say against you, either directly (i.e. using your admissions against you in a later case) or indirectly (using your statements to lead to other evidence used against you). Under use immunity, the govt. can still prosecute you, but it cannot use your statements in court, and has to prove that any evidence it does rely on was obtained independently of your testimony.

    Transactional immunity means the govt. promises not to prosecute you for certain crimes.

    In 1972, the US Supreme Court ruled in a case named Kastigar v. United States that the Fifth Amendment's protection against self-incrimination is co-extensive with use immunity. What this means is that if the Govt. grants you use immunity, it has satisfied your Fifth Amendment rights. The Court can now force you to testify on pain of contempt.

    That appears to be what is going on here. R. Ralbag refused to testify and raised the Fifth Amendment. The prosecutor asked for a grant of use immunity. If the Court orders that, the next step is that they will seek an order compelling him to testify.

  5. Ralbag was a partner in crime. Rumor has it that men could buy him off as well.

  6. Rabbi Ralbag and Rabbi Epstein et al will fight against “to
    invalidate the get as coerced under the law of the United States” (from Stahl’s
    3/3/2015 letter in Pacer). They’ll try to show that really U.C. and the other
    husbands wanted to give the get.

    Also, Rabbi Ralbag and Rabbi Epstein et al will try to show
    the jury how bad U.C. is. U.C. is so
    bad, they’ll say, that he’ll testify that he gave the get only because of the torture
    (the truth)---even though, his wife is now living with another man and maybe
    has illegitimate children from him.

    Rabbi Ralbag and Rabbi Epstein et al are so bad because of
    their taking the woman’s side so many times over 30 years and ignoring what the
    man says. I quote: “Where there is no wood,
    a fire goes out; and where there is no grumbler, disputatious quarreling ceases”
    (from Malbim on Mishley by Wengrov).

    The Malbim says here “The word madon (from the root din law) denotes
    disputing and quarreling that lead to litigation at court. This is what develops when a person
    constantly grumbles and complains that he has been wronged. Without such audible bitterness, fed by
    resentment and hate, quarrels between neighbors [I say Man and wife too] will
    subside before they ever reach the court---like a fire dying out when it gets
    no wood to sustain it.”

    I apply this to those wives that grumble and speak evil (lashon
    harah) of their husbands to Agunah International. Agunah International grows
    furious and decides to interfere. They hire Rabbi Ralbag and Rabbi Epstein et
    al. The root is speaking lashon harah!

  7. Some of the readers of this blog may remember that R' Aryeh Ralbag was one of the signatories on the infamous "seruv" against Aharon Friedman.

  8. Aryeh
    shoag mi lo yiro. Did he also get a Heter meah Mesirah from ORA veSIMCHA? Ahh...
    he now invokes Dina deMalchuse Dina, Dina debar Metsrei, and Achosenu Dina. Ma
    inyan Shfoch
    Chamoscho etsel Shir
    haShirim 'beleil shimurim'? When you Get to Shfoch chamoscho al hagoyim, that is
    to say Tadik nechlatz miyad rosho, oyev nitan tachas nafsho, they open
    the doors of Sing Sing and invokes
    the Song of Songs, es haZamir higia vekol haTor nishma beartsenu, wallah - free
    as a bird, free for a song and a dance, free at last from chad gadyo, and off
    you go. The husbands are singing - metsouni hashomrim hasovevim boir, hikuni
    petsouni nosu es rediday meolay. The peeping rabbi is singing, hinei ze omed
    achar koslenu mashgiach min hachalonos metsits min hacharakim, veat erom
    ve'er... Mendele is singing, od meat veovodnu, oy vey 've'ein menachem'. The old
    wives are singing, Shuvi Shuvi haShulamit , shuvi shuvi venechze bach, ki azo
    kamoves sinoh, kosho kisheol ahavoh, im yiten ish es kol hon beiso boz yavuzu
    lo. Veomer... shelomo yeshalem Shulamit salmo sheleimo, veyachzeru aveido
    lebaaleho.horishon, halo kvar shilamti shishim sloim tachas hatisho shittin,
    vearboim choser 'achas al achas' veal hatachas, achas lemalo, vesheva lemato bo
    beyom ubeoso mokom. vehineh chalom. ved"al

  9. My reading of Pacer is that the
    Court on Monday swore in Aryeh Ralbag and continued with Teiltelbaum.
    Teitelbaum testified earlier that one of Epstein et al punched him in the face
    on the day Epstein et al tortured Chaimowitz for the get. Clearly Epstein et al
    is liable for a maximum of 39 lashes for violating the prohibition of striking
    a companion.

    Epstein et al would be liable for
    a maximum of 39 lashes but only if people warned him right before and he said,
    even so. Courts never exceed the 39 lashes
    maximum for fear, if a miscount, to give even one more than permitted. Were there people that warned Epstein et al of
    the Torah prohibition of hitting a companion? Dear Aryeh Ralbag or Teitelbaum of Chaimowitz
    warn Epstein et al?? Did Agunah International warn Epstein et al??

    Of course, the 39 maximum lashes
    would not exempt Epstein et al from the obligation to pay for damages, as

    “When men quarrel and one
    strikes the other with stone or fist, and he does not die but has to take to
    his bed—if he then gets up and walks outdoors upon his staff, the assailant
    shall go unpunished, except that he must pay for his idleness and his cure”
    (Exodus 21:18-19 ).

    “the assailant shall go unpunished”
    means that because “and he does not die” the passage “He who fatally
    strikes a man shall be put to death (Ex. 21: 12) does not apply. “except
    that he must pay for his idleness and his cure” means that Epstein et al
    must pay for damages.

  10. Epstein et al would be liable for a maximum of 39 lashes but only if people warned him right before and he said

    Where do you pick this up from? Epstein would get makus mardus hundreds of times. That means thousands of lashes! He would be incarcerated as well - to protect society from him.

    Oh, and Epstein was warned many, many times. Rav Elyashiv, the leader of the generation, sent him many messages to stop. The American Yated even published Rav Elyashiv's letter condemning this 10 years ago.

  11. Seems like the defense team of mendele is reading this blog. There were
    posters out to the other rabonim that are complicit in this highly explosive
    Agunah fiasco megaleh tefach umegaleh tfachayim of upcoming today, for
    testifying (MESSIRA BELA"AZ) in court singing 'zmiros vetishbochos' for Sedudas
    "Ochil bei Kurtsa" cookies in order to save their skin and be let off the hook.
    The Tayneh is, that you are not supposed to reveal what happened at Beis Din
    meachorei hapargoid, as to who said what to whom, the Mishnah in Sanhedrin calls
    it "Holech rochil umgaleh sod". This is the continuation of mendele's pilpulim
    of kovea itim letorah in the courtroom. Doesn't he know that there is no honor
    among thieves? The Lion roars, the Piper pipes, and the Cantors sing, and he
    also would love to sing along and join the Chior if only given the opportunity.
    Here is the simple way to explain away, Since you worked outside of the halacha,
    so do they with Heter Mea Messira. The Pilpul way is, when someone endangers
    Klall Yisrael with false denominations, it is not Messira. When you falsify the
    Coin of "Matbea shetovu chachomim", that is to say Megaleh Torah shelo keHalacha
    and working outside of the Halacha of the strict rules and regulations "BETIV
    GITTIN", Prodding away left and right, you're dead meat, and you will know it.
    This case is getting better every day. What they will reveal, you would have
    never believed, it is so highly explosive that it raises to the level of
    "Critical Mass", and will hit the Fan. Please make sure you buckle up. Yavo Baal
    haShor veYaamid al shoiro. It is shloshim yom lifnei haChag, a cleanup of all
    Chometz is due including Electric Prods. It wouldn't be so funny if it wern't so

  12. I usually don't comment, but I must say your comment really got it all... Veda"l

  13. Epstein may well needs to be killed because who can guarantee that using such extreme violance none of his victims will die. In this case he is a rodef

  14. Attackers delivered beatings, death threats to force a divorce, victim testifies in Lakewood rabbi trial

    TRENTON —A Brooklyn man testifying Tuesday in the trial of a Lakewood rabbi accused of orchestrating forced divorces said he was ambushed and beaten until he agreed to divorce his wife.

    The daylong testimony of Yisrael Meir Bryskman in federal court in Trenton did not connect Rabbi Mendel Epstein or his three codefendants to the 2010 attack but it set the stage for prosecutors' main witness who could provide more potentially damning evidence in the trial...

  15. Did you notice the ATM part of the story to pay for the cleaning of the carpet?
    Can these people be used by as sheliach beis din if the cannot be trusted at all? How can the Beis din know that the husband said these 'special words' if they have settled for money which the husband may have offered them?

  16. Lakewood rabbi ordered beatings and demanded cash for forced divorces, attacker testifies

    TRENTON —A Lakewood rabbi accused of arranging forced divorces orchestrated the beating of a Brooklyn man and demanded $50,000 for his work, a convicted Jewish religious leader said on Wednesday.

    In the ongoing federal conspiracy trial of Rabbi Mendel Epstein, David Wax detailed the roles of three of the four men accused of resorting to violence in exchange for large sums of cash to extract divorces from unwilling husbands.

    Wax, the founder of a charitable organization that funneled millions of dollars to Israel, directly linked Epstein and two of the three other men on trial with him to the 2010 attack on Yisrael Bryskman, an Israeli national who was living in Brooklyn to avoid giving his wife a divorce according to Orthodox Jewish custom...


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