Monday, March 2, 2015

How CAN American Jews be conservative or vote Republican? Dumping Israel is easier than embracing God

Guest Post By Shlomo Pollak

One of the most frustrating phenomena to all those that love Israel, Jew and Gentile alike, is the American Jewish Voters' insistence on Voting Democrat.

From dropping support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from the Democratic policy platform, to Obama’s open hostility to anything Israel, there can no longer be any question who's side the Democrat/"liberal"/ "progressive" party is on. From meeting and supporting terrorist front groups to giving voice to the virulent anti-Semitic BDS "movement", the left has resurrected the evil snake of anti-Semitism that many thought was finally dead for good.

The million dollar question is, facing such hostility, how is it that a whopping 69% of Jews voted for Obama in 2012?!?

Recently the brilliant conservative pundit and Orthodox Jew, Ben Shapiro has released a video on this subject. (Link here: Youtube ,and transcript here: Truth Revolt ). In a nutshell, Shapiro argues that the average American Jew "does not care about Judaism or Israel. They care about secular leftism, which is their religion". This explains the great disparity between Jews, concludes Shapiro, "while in general Jews vote three to one for Democrats, Orthodox Jews vote nearly two to one for Republicans" (of the third that votes Democrat, I suspect at least half, are pork voters and do not share any Democratic party values).

Jamie Glazov, another conservative pundit, had on three Jewish writers, (here: Youtube) also attempting to wrap their minds around this puzzling allegiance. Together they work on identifying some subconscious need that seems to be active disproportionately by Jews. The suggestions range from a desire to do the cool thing, be the same as their Gentile neighbor, to cognitive dissonance, or an emptiness that must be filled with meaning and liberal causes.

Could it be that secular Jews find themselves between a rock and a hard place? Can it be that for many, the only two options are reluctantly removing the Israeli flag from their lapel or donning "kippot" on their head??

The Rights philosophy is based on the belief in God, rule of law, and individual responsibility. To Republicans, these concepts speak to the foundation of government and rights, namely that all were CREATED equal and endowed by our CREATOR.... A Gentile that feels squeezed out of the Democratic Party, is disillusioned by the left, or has finally seen the light, can relatively easily embrace God. He must overcome cognitive dissonance, but it does not necessarily mean a complete make over.

For a Jew, a full embrace of God will mean tremendous changes immediately, so long as it's not Christianity or Islam that he joins. The Jewish conservative and reform movements don't believe in God and the literacy of the Torah, and Jews don't tend to flock to Christianity.

That leaves them with what they consider two bad options, and overwhelmingly the Godless way of life is considered the lesser of two evils.

They have concluded, that continuing to support a party and way of life that has removed Jerusalem AND God from their platform, is less life-altering than joining a group that "clings to religion and Israel protecting itself with guns".

It can very well be that a number of motivations are at play, and these suggestions are not mutually exclusive.

Practically speaking, no Jewish need or concern will not be addressed by continuing on this suicidal pact with one political party. The left knows they have our vote no matter how cruel and insensitive they are to "The Random People". Politicians on the right are also beginning to realize that, regardless of their staunch support, Jews give them a cold shoulder. For the time being, has been doing the "right" thing, out of principle. But, with a burgeoning libertarian right, we can't take it for granted.

The conversation regarding this abusive marriage of Democrats and Jews must continue, and be conducted in as public forum as possible. Hopefully, together we will identify definitively the root cause of this self-destructive behavior, and be half way to the cure.

Even if no one changes their voting habits or associations, this conversation is important. The public must know that MANY Jews don't have Israel or Jewish people's best interest in mind. Most people instinctively believe that Jews and Jewish Politicians care about Jewish causes. The left and the media have disingenuously exploited this misunderstanding for years. That's how a Jewish Congressman (Steve Cohen, D-Ten.) has the nerve "to affirm his strong Jewish identity and support for Israel", but accuse Netanyahu and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner of playing politics against the Obama administration.

Here is a man that obviously views his friendship and political favors from the Khomeini hugging, Israel hating, bully President, as more important then his brethren literally facing Satan with THE BOMB. Since a healthy attitude towards his coreligionists is assumed, the Democratic Party can in turn use this to lie to the American people. They say, "even Jews that surely have Isreals' back agree, this is not a security threat but a political stunt etc.".

These conversations help set the record straight, that the survival of American and Israeli lives are not the main focus, and primary concern to leftist Jews...

...Just like our "cool headed" President .


  1. So sad to read that wishing to support universal access to healthcare, which I see as a basic chessed and and a fundamental human need, and which characterizes a humane society, is considered "leftist" and anti-Torah.

    As I see it, it's the Torah's version of "Family Values" as opposed to how the Xtian Right defines that term.

    I know this will only be met with attack, so I have no interest in continuing this discussion, beyond what I've written here.

    No, I don't vote for Obama, but it was a dilemma for me, because I believe that the Torah demands that I be a compassionate and humane human being. And I believe that, depsite many Jews' abandonment fo Yiddishkeit, some of its essence remains within their neshoma -- and that's why they believe in being Rachmanim towards the less fortunate (ALL of mankind).

    I call that Torah and you call it leftist.

    We can agree to disagree.

  2. This post is not only myopic, but fails to understand what the modern Republican party is about. The modern right, Republican concern is more money for the rich, period. Everything is about money. That is all they care about and the rights of the poor, disinfranchised and immigrants are relevant only insofar as they can create a scapegoat for their minions to hate. Just to be clear, haters rarely stop before they come to the Jews. It is for my sake that I must protest against their hatred. Moreover, I fail to see how the destruction of the American economy is in the best interests of Israel.

  3. I really hope this was meant as SATIRE...

    However, dropping a few catch phrases and not being ready for a rational discussion with this gem- " I have no interest in continuing this discussion, beyond what I've written here", is getting me nervous....

    For those that weren't following... in the last century, more than 50 MILLION PEOPLE were killed from Russian and Chinese "do-gooders".

    FACT IS: doing "chessed" with other peoples money, is theft. And, when done in a large scale very very bad things happen.


    ....someone that votes against his peoples' survival is hard to understand, and that's the point of the discussion.

  4. not getting involved in American party politics, but the current visit to speak to congress (Achashverosh) and to stop Iran (Haman - some things never change) are particularly well timed. Let us pray that our teshuva and simcha on Purim will bring about the the downfall of this generation's Haman.

  5. I am Charedi, and I voted for Obama twice, and generally vote for Democratic candidates. Here is my reasoning.

    1. Fiscal issues. I view the Republican party's tax policy, and social welfare policy, or lack of, as midas Sedom. Universal healthcare is a basic human right which many in our community take advantage of (Health NY anyone, or JerseyCare?). I'd like to point out that the Charedi parties in Israel are fiscally way to the left of the Democratic party in the US.

    2. Religion and state. The founding fathers separated religion from state for the good of the state. I say that it is for the good of the religion. I may agree with many conservatives that same sex marriages is wrong. But I also worry that politicians who use their religious morals to make decisions, will also make moral decisions that hurt me. I'd prefer they keep their religious opinions to themselves.

    3. Immigration. History tells us that Jews need as many open doors as possible. In the 1930s a tough immigration policy in the USA sent many Jews to death in Europe. I believe that we must promote easy immigration for our own protection. I know that post 9/11 we discovered that an open door can be dangerous, yet to deport people with no criminal background can come to hurt us. Democratic party i more in line with me here.

    4. Finally Israel. Contrary to right wingers, I am not convinced that Obama hates Israel. He requested money for iron dome (aside fro 3b in militarily aid yearly). There is also a consensus that military and intelligence sharing between USA and Israel are greater than ever before. I don't see the executive branch lashing out at Israel, or not defending them in the UN or human rights commissions (Kerry yesterday). I am also not convinced that a deal with Iran is so bad. There are many military and intelligence officials that believe that the deal with Iran is good (6 former generals and heads of mossad). Truth is that I don't know, and neither does any other civilian. We don't know the terms of the deal. It is more than likely that Netanyahu is grandstanding before elections. It is possible that he is blowing things out of proportion by creating this huge scary enemy to play up military issues (Herzog has a negligible background in), and play down fiscal issues (2 million Israelis below the poverty line).

    In general, talking civilly gets better results. Making the war on terror into a religious war would make things worse. There are a billion Muslims watching the war from the side. Talking nicely to Arab states doesn't make one Haman or Amalek. I think that harsh cowboy style talking to Arab states, only hurt Israel. The conditions in Israel were not better under Bush.

    Lest you think that I have no Ahavas Eretz Yisrael, I've been living in Jerusalem for the last decade or so.

  6. Wait, taxes are theft???????????? Government programs are theft???????????

  7. Recipients and PublicityMarch 3, 2015 at 5:05 PM

    We vote Democrat to get pork barrel politics benefits.

  8. Wait, taxes are theft???????????? Government programs are theft???????????

  9. Unfortunately The Democrats are following the Republicans when it comes to educational policy. Generally speaking, their belief in God and stated values seem to convince a person that as a Jew he can identify with them more than the secular democrats. But on a deeper level , their belief in individual responsibility just removes their responsibility for the Tzibur and especially the poor. One cannot ignore social and economic factors and blame everything on the individual and in so doing maintain the economic and social status quo. Education alone, won't address the issues of poverty , the issues of poverty need to be addressed so poor kids can take advantage of education. This is what is badly needed in Israel

  10. Wish I had the time to respond to all 4 of your points/mistakes....

    It is clear however, why you think this way. You're not in America for 10 years! Much has changed over that time. For Jews and they're relationship with the left,the changes have been only for the worse....

    From my front row seat let me inform you. The left is now, almost as a matter of policy,anti Isreal. During the Gaza war, arab spring, now with the Iran talks, the administration has shown time and time again which side they are rooting for.

  11. Bravo. I could have written every word myself (except that I have been in Israel for 20 years).

  12. I view the Republican party's tax policy, and social welfare policy, or lack of, as midas Sedom

    Obamacare has raised my health insurance rates by thousands of dollars a year, and has done the same for millions ot other middle-class families, while taking away benefits. That's what I consider midas sedom.

    I'd like to point out that the Charedi parties in Israel are fiscally way to the left of the Democratic party in the US.

    Of course they are. That's b/c most chareidim in Israel don't pay taxes. For them it's free money. They're on the other side of the ledger. Not to mention Israel is a quasi-socialistic state. They don't have the expectations of capitalistic gain as Americans do. Notwithstanding their anti-Zionistic pieties, they expect the state to provide.

    Not that I think frum Jews should vote kneejerk Republican, but these are bootless arguments.

  13. You're just making stuff up. The Affordable Care Act lowered premiums for just about everybody and provided health insurance for millions more. It has unquestionably saved lives. The essence of Judaism is community. The essence of Republicanism is selfishness.

  14. I'm making up nothing. It's you who repeating the talking points of the Democrat party, which every fool (but you) by now knows are a pack of lies. As attested to by Gruber, the actual author of the bill, although true believers like yourself mostly likely ignored his admissions. Very little penetrates the thick skull of a fanatic.

  15. Ok, what is your insurance company? How much do you pay now, how much did you pay before? What are the benefits now, what were they before? Where do you live? Let us be able to verify your statements or else I will continue to believe that you just made stuff up.

  16. Interesting.
    And I would have thought midas sedom was "Don't mess with my (best in the world) health insurance and I won't mess with (ie. help you with ) your lack of health insurance.

    And BTW, I'm not repeating Democratic Party / Leftist talking points, but telling you about my own situation as a hard-working father who went w/o insurance for years, suffered for it, and have the bills to show for it.

  17. That's really meaningful, coming from someone in EY, where there is universal health care.

    Midas Sedom anybody?

  18. No, midas Sedom is finding stratagems to take money from people that they actually do not owe and to give them no benefit in return. Which is Obamacare.

    I'm sorry that you didn't have insurance, but it wasn't my fault, and you have no business penalizing me for it.

  19. Speizer, you can go to hell. Some nerve you have telling me I'm lying. If only. Jerk.

  20. Believe what you like. You have some nerve accusing me of lying just because my actual experience (and that of many, many others) runs counter to your blind faith in your idol.

  21. So, why, according to the Torah, is it best to set up society in such a way that a significant number of people (lower middle class adults) effectively have no access to basic health care?

  22. I wasn't aware that the US is a Torah-centric society, whose laws follow the Torah. I have no idea how a Torah society would handle health insurance, nor do you, I suspect, but Obama certainly doesn't.

    Incidentally, your claim that these people had no access to health care is untrue. Anyone can walk into a hospital and receive treatment, and they do. Furthermore, anyone can visit any doctor and receive treatment, provided they pay for it. Not having insurance is not the same thing as not having access to health care. Furthermore, if government would stay out of the health insurance market, and allow interstate competition, and not institue all kinds of high-cost requirements, insurance would be significantly cheaper, and many of those people could afford it. This was a government-caused problem to begin with, which they have now exacerbated further. Furthermore, a large portion of the "significant number" of people without health insurance were not indigent, but were people who could afford to pay, but chose to spend on other things instead, wagering that they would not need serious care -- e.g., youthful people in good health.

  23. You just won't answer the questions, now will you?

  24. Absolutely not. My policy with trolls like you is not to to play the game.


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