Sunday, May 26, 2024

World narrative on ICJ ruling on Rafah wrong, officials say

"This is the fourth time South Africa has asked for a complete halt to the war. The wording of the ruling is not accidental," the official said. "When we read the ruling, we see a few things stand out and when we read the judges words individually, they say the same things. South Africa's demands are not answered, for the fourth time. Even the South African judge acknowledges that."


  1. All of this is a performance.
    The ICC cannot come out and tell South Africa - look, we don't have jurisdiction and frankly, there's no evidence for any of your claims. Doing so would cause the ICC to lose all credibility amongst the evil countries of the world. Nor can they ignore the truth and condemn Israel. They would lose all credibility in the civilized world.
    So they keep putting out these great rulings - we demand Israel not indiscriminately wipe out a civilian population and if it does, then it has to stop.
    Since Hamas' allies consider everyone in Gaza, including their terrorist forces, to be civilians, they interpret it as "Israel must surrender!" But everyone else knows what it really means

    1. You have established that traditional politics is all theater. Do believe the same about Trump? If not, is that a positive attribute?

    2. Of course Trump is all about theatre. His run for president isn't motivated by "I want what's best for America and I have a plan to help make this a great country". It's "I lost the last election and dammit, I'm going to get back in so I can get revenge on everyone." Any time he gives a speech about how he loves America, it's just theatre.


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