Friday, May 17, 2024

How Far Trump Would Go 

What emerged in two interviews with Trump, and conversations with more than a dozen of his closest advisers and confidants, were the outlines of an imperial presidency that would reshape America and its role in the world. To carry out a deportation operation designed to remove more than 11 million people from the country, Trump told me, he would be willing to build migrant detention camps and deploy the U.S. military, both at the border and inland. He would let red states monitor women’s pregnancies and prosecute those who violate abortion bans. He would, at his personal discretion, withhold funds appropriated by Congress, according to top advisers. He would be willing to fire a U.S. Attorney who doesn’t carry out his order to prosecute someone, breaking with a tradition of independent law enforcement that dates from America’s founding. He is weighing pardons for every one of his supporters accused of attacking the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, more than 800 of whom have pleaded guilty or been convicted by a jury. He might not come to the aid of an attacked ally in Europe or Asia if he felt that country wasn’t paying enough for its own defense. He would gut the U.S. civil service, deploy the National Guard to American cities as he sees fit, close the White House pandemic-preparedness office, and staff his Administration with acolytes who back his false assertion that the 2020 election was stolen.


  1. He will have difficulty winning the election if the illegal immigrants vote against him. Particularly in states that encourage ballot-by-mail.

    1. I have never heard a good reason why government ID isn't needed to vote in the US.

    2. Remember when Obama got involved in the Georgia "voter suppression laws"

    3. We should be worried about foreign influence from Russia, China and Iran affecting electoral outcomes. It's clear they're investing a great deal of money and effort into it.

  2. Does Trump sound scary? Yes. Certainly everything he's threatening are within the powers of the President to do. A responsible President certainly wouldn't do those things but they are within his ability.
    Here's the bigger question: You remember the investigation into Biden's "accidental" trove of government documents? You remember the conclusion of the investigation? Oh yeah, he's too demented to stand trial.
    But he's not too demented to be the President and to debate Trump.
    Which is it?

    1. That was not what the investigation concluded - that is the spin Republicans gave!
      This called the straw man tactic, Make a false assertion and say what is the consequence of this false conclusions.
      "When did you stop beating your wife?
      Are Jews today responsible for the killing of Jesus 2000 years ago,
      Since Jews were commanded to kill goyim aren't they guilty of genocide?


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