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Perer Watson (Modern Mind) writes that one of Freud's radical ideas was that treating disease was beneficial.

A less familiar aspect of Viennese intellectual life that helped shape Freud’s theories was the doctrine of ‘therapeutic nihilism.’ According to this, the diseases of society defied curing. Although adapted widely in relation to philosophy and social theory (Otto Weininger and Ludwig Wittgenstein were both advocates), this concept actually started life as a scientific notion in the medical faculty at Vienna , where from the early nineteenth century on there was a fascination with disease, an acceptance that it be allowed to run its course, a profound compassion for patients, and a corresponding neglect of therapy. This tradition still prevailed when Freud was training, but he reacted against it. 13 To us, Freud’s attempt at treatment seems only humane, but at the time it was an added reason why his ideas were regarded as out of the ordinary. Freud rightly considered


  1. Although he was secular, he still had many Torah based concepts, and as a trained Medical doctor, he valued life above all.

    1. Are you claiming that doctors valued life above all - when they refused to treat disease?! Are you disagreeing with Watson?
      What is your evidence that he had Torah based concepts?!

    2. The Rebbe Rasha"b consulted Freud for some mental health issues he was experiencing at the time. He wrote of him very highly in recently published correspondence.


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