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Table of contents for Daas Torah Selected Blog posts

 Introduction 18

Dedication 19

The impact of the Daas Torah Blog 20

A person should always strive to be like others - Me'urav im habrios? 21

Abuse: If your child reports being abused - What would you do? 22

Abuse:Children are valid witnesses I 23

Abuse:Does a victim have to forgive abuser if he asks three times? 24

Abuse:Emotional abuse - Embarrassing with strong praise? 26

Abuse:Emotional abuse in Jewish sources: Reish Lakish 27

Abuse:Emotional abuse produces overly fragile children? 28

Abuse:Frum halachic concerns about abuse 29

Abuse:Verbal abuse is prohibited only if the person is helpless 30

Abuse:Verbal abusers mistakenly feel superior to Jewish victim - Alshech 32

Agada & Kabbala - learning things beyond comprehension 34

Agada must be accepted as true? 35

Age of the Universe 37

Aguna - What happens to celebrity media star liars when the truth comes out? 38

Altering Torah laws when they become a problem 39

Angels: Belief in Angels is required 40

Angels:Conscious beings with free will 41

Angels:Fallen 42

Angels:Free will and punishment 43

Angels:judge and kill 44

Angels:Natural forces 45

Angels:Not always intermediaries 46

Angels:Rav Tzadok 47

Angels:Worshipping angels is prohibited 48

Angels:Praying to Angels? 49

Ascertaining Ratzon HaShem: How do we know what G-d wants us to do? 50

Assisted martyrdom:Desirable or is it murder? 51

Astrology: Stars are intelligent beings 52

Astrology:Effort is worthless against mazel ! 53

Astrology:Jews - Meiri 54

Astrology:Jews not absolutely determined by Mazel 55

Astrology:Mazel is changed by G-d 56

Astrology:Stars are conscious beings? 57

Authority:Accepting G-d's authority is difficult for Jews 58

Authority:An Amora had the potential right to disagree with a Tanna 59

Authority:Chazal because of their superior knowledge of truth. 60

Authority:Gedolim  Because they are accepted - not because of their knowledge 61

Authority:Making up sources 62

Authority:Midgets standing on giants 63

Authority:Obeying Rabbinic authority even when they are wrong? 64

Authority:Obligation  to accept everything said by the tzadik of the generation 65

Authority:Psak is different for post-Talmudic authorites who lack ruach hakodesh 66

Authority:Rabbinic authority today? 67

Authority:Scientific statements of our Sages 68

Authority:Shmuel in his generation is like Yiftach in his generation 69

Authority:Shulchan Aruch is the default view only when Achronim are deadlocked 71

Authority:Words of our Sages are from G-d 72

Avraham and his descendants were punished 73

Avraham as source of magic 74

Banning a posek who errs and tells a married woman she can marry another man - Does it matter if the facts presented to the posek are not true? 75

Bar Kochbar - most doubted that he was Messiah 76

Bein adam l'chavero sins - only if done to hurt & vanquish the other 77

Belief that a Rebbe is like an angel and Emunas Chochomim 78

Believability 79

Beracha "Didn't make me a woman" - Magen Avraham 80

Best not to study Hashkofah but to have simple faith 81

Between a rock and a hard place 82

Bitachon 83

Blessing of Tzadikim 84

Brain Death - Rav Shabtsai Rappaport reports his discussion with his grandfather Rav Moshe Feinstein 85

Breslover Joke from Rav Yaakov Meir Schechter 86

Brothers and Sisters in Silver Spring - Wake up! It is deal time for Tamar and you are messing it up big time 87

Calling police for Jewish owned house of prostitution 88

Capital punishment:Rav Moshe Feinstein & Maharam Shick 89

Challenges are good or to be avoided? 91

Chanifa:Acting differently than what you feel is viewed by Chazal as a serious sin - So why do they require being me'urav im habrios (acting like everyone else) even while your true thoughts and feelings are never revealed? 92

Chanifa:Why flattering the rich is not only permitted but required 93

Chareidim and the reality of propaganda 94

Charity given with wife's assistance - still considered giving secretly/ Heter of Chazon Ish to speak lashon harah to wife 95

Chasam Sofer:Ruach Hakodesh of poslkim - is not binding authority 96

Chasam Sofer:Seek truth - don't be concerned to please others and win their approval 97

Chasam Sofer: Women superior to men? 98

Chasam Sofer:Explanations need to agree with scientific reality 99

Chazal believed in existence of demons and evil eye 100

Chazal have disputes only on correct viewpoint - all they say is true 101

Chazon Ish: Ruach Hakodesh is intellect joined with the Divine 102

Chazon Ish: True moderation can only be achieved as failure to achieve perfection 103

Child abuse:Bringing out the crazies 104

Child's education vs honoring father? 105

Chofetz Chaim:Chazon Ish & Rav Kook 106

Chofetz Chaim:Disagrees with Rabbeinu Yona about lashon harah said in public 107

Chofetz Chaim:Disapproved of the Netziv's criticism of the delegitimzing of religious maskilim and religious Zionists 108

Chofetz Chaim:Speaking lashon harah when angry at assailant? 109

Christianity:Avoiding 111

Commonsense is subordinate to Tradition 112

Commonsense morality and empathy can be corrupted by religion and theology 113

Consequences of religious anti-intellectualism 115

Contradiction between new 9th vol of Igros Moshe & older volumes regarding Magen Avraham & Shema 116

Conversion - Why Minor Mitzvos dissuade conversion 117

Conversion can be declared invalid 118

Conversion of intermarried couples is very problematic 120

Corporal Punishment & Gedolim 121

Corporality: Rambam's inconsistent views 122

Daas Torah A layman  can never ever criticize a Rabbi. Even it causes some to sin 124

Daas Torah first failure 125

Daas Torah means not only total obedience but an inability to judge gedolim 126

Daas Torah: Divrei Chaim claimed heretic mislead gedolim to write that they agreed with him 127

Daas Torah:Ramchal - knowledge obtained through ruach hakodesh is infallible 128

Daas Torah:Wife disagreed with Daas Torah 129

Dan l'chaf zechus - What is the obligation to judge favorably? 130

Dangerous times - G-d's anger 132

Dangers of losing grasp of G-d's personality is worse than dangers of corporality 133

Dating:Don't play house: Rav Moshe's advice for shidduchim 134

Dating:Social Dating 135

Daughters inheriting: Forcing the involvement of secular courts instead of beis din 136

Dedication Hebrew Yad Yisroel 137

Dedication of Child Abuse Book to Mrs. Judy Young A”H 138

Demons 139

Demons:Abaye banished demons 140

Demons:Beis Mamikdash and demons 141

Demons:Going out alone at night is prohibited today because of demons? 143

Demons:Kotzer Rambam's psak eliminated demons 144

Demons:Nonsense 145

Demons:Rav Tzadok 146

Demons:Three weeks are period of danger from demons 147

Destroying Television to Stop Sin? 148

Disagreements are bad in Torah study? 149

Divine Providence 150

Divorce Tragedies - Letter to Jewish Press 151

Divorce:Who gets custody of Kids? 152

Divorcee covering head 153

Doctors:Are only a minhag 154

Doctors:Obligation to use 155

Does effort in observing tznius guarantee parnasa? 156

Does sending girls to collect charity violate "the honor of the princess is to stay inside" 157

Don't ask a rebbe for secular advise 159

Drinking water at night? 160

Dybuk is mental illness 161

Education interferes with faith 162

Education not to be a fool - "A fool is one who believes everything" Mishlei 14:15) 163

Eilu v' Eilu: No disputes in the Talmud, Agada or Kabbala - 166

Eliyahu - who was he? 167

Empathy deficit and Torah 168

Eve was the mother of life because she brought death into the world 169

Evil Eye 170

Evil Eye - concern? 171

Evil Eye endangers Windfalls 172

Evil Eye: Rabbis can damage with evil eye 173

Evil has power -Ramchal 174

Exile from Spain;Abarbanel caused exile from Spain? 175

Expert's evaluation is like a beis din & witnesses 176

Failed Messiah blinded by his hatred for Chareidim - becomes incoherent when contradicted by facts 177

Failure of rabbinical leadership to see the consequences of their actions 178

Faith and philosophy 179

Falsely claiming to have ruach hakodesh is capital offence of being a false prophet 180

Father's sins atoned by son's suffering? 181

For the times they are a-changin' 182

Forced to sin? 183

Forgiveness of sins against G-d depend on being forgiven for sins against man? 184

Free Will- even against Providence 185

Free Will:G-d's knowledge and free-will 186

Frum or Normal:Which is better? 187

Frum:Jews died in plague of Darkness because they were being frum 188

Gam zu ltova - comforting mourners 189

Gam zu l'tova? 190

G-d color of hair? 193

Gedolim:A British madrich asks: What are gedolim? 194

Gedolim:A gadol explains what a secret psak is and why it isn't taken seriously 195

Gedolim:Are fallible but woe to the person who points out teir errors 196

Gedolim:Are not infallible - and this should be obvious but unfortunately is not 198

Gedolim:Blemished Gedolim 199

Gedolim:Can a godol be evil? 200

Gedolim:Disagreeing with Gedolim 201

Gedolim:Even gedolim are required to keep the Torah 202

Gedolim:Mesorah versus gadol --- the authority of Chazon ish 203

Gedolim:Produce gedolim even if most students are destroyed. 204

Gedolim:Rabbi Akiva Eiger - like all gedolim - needed to make a mistake to show he was human 205

Gedolim:The sins of Gedolim - have their roots in Korach and his associates 206

Gedolim:When a Gadol is afraid to correct his mistaken Psak 207

Gedolim:Yiftach who was the godol hador - was an am haaretz 208

Geirim - Shidduchim Issues - Relationship with parents 209

Genetic disease: Checking for genetic disease 210

Get  Forced: An apparent contradiction between Igros Moshe and Tendler's Mesoras Moshe 211

Get Forcing divorce on a mentally ill wife 213

Get: Forced Get –is it kosher bedieved? 214

Get:If a husband doesn't give a Get does he transgress Lifnei Ivair if his wife commits adultery? 215

Get:The sick reality of gittin today 216

Get:Withholding a Get is unjewish and evil "?! 217

Golden Calf reason for having children 223

Golden calf was an assistant G-d?! 224

Golden calf:There were 12 Golden Calves not one 225

Good Chanifa (chanufa) - the basis of personal mental health and a healthy society 226

Gra & Chassidus:Reason for dispute 228

Gra criticized Rambam regarding the supernatural 229

Gra: Scientific reality sometimes is used to decide between halachic views 230

Greater the person the greater his lust 231

Greatest Principle of the Torah - What is it? 234

Guma Aguiar lawyer's warning letter 235

Halacha: What is the halachic basis of EJF? 236

Halacha:Authority requires being committed to the Torah system 237

Halacha:By committee - Mishna Berura 238

Halacha:Innovation in halacha 239

Halacha:Majority rule in halacha 240

Halacha:Majority rule of halacha is not relevant in most cases 242

Halacha:Majority rules even if view is not factually true 243

Halacha:Problems are inherent when using mussar or agada as halacha 244

Halacha:Supercedes ethical principles /Chazon Ish 245

Halacha:The importance of accurately reporting the halacha 246

Halacha:Understanding Eliezer's process of identifying Yitzhok's wife 247

Harchakas of Rabbeinu Tam don’t make get me’usa 248

Harm of Talking a lot with one's Wife 252

Heretic:Denies the Mishna Berura and other major seforim were written with ruach hakodesh 253

Heretics:Answering heretics 254

Heretics:Learning from a heretic is prohibited - even though R' Meir did it 256

Heretics:Rambam - how could he learn from heretics? 257

His'orrus (stimulation) vs. Transformation - Kelm Mussar 258

Hitting kids is wrong because it causes emotional damage?! 259

Holiness is not asceticism 260

Halacha that a woman should stay in house? 261

Holy people transcend and can change Nature 262

Homosexuality - view of Rav Moshe Feinstein 263

Homosexuality:Caring for the Sinner 264

Honoring parents when a parent acts like a child 265

How Debbie Gross "saved" me from being abused physically and emotionally at her Convention dealing with abuse and violence in the religious community 266

How to have enemies suffer Divine punishment instead of you. 268

Idolatry: Principal purpose of Torah is destruction of idolatry 269

Idolatry: Support for Rambam's view of sacrifices? 270

Idolatry: The Temple and its mitvos mirrored idolatry 271

Idolatry:An attempt to concretise abstact religious belief 272

Idolatry:Changing 273

Idolatry:Mitzvos deal with people as they are to erase idolatry 274

Idolatry:Sacrifices were commanded to wean the Jews from idolatry 276

Idolatry:Shituf 278

Ignorance of pious people about sexual issues is problematic Rav Yitzchok Scher 279

Secular knowledge:Ignorance  is Chillul haShem 280

Image of elokim - creation of man Chizkuni 281

Importance of having a Rebbe 282

Incest: Yichud of brothers & sisters 283

Independent opinion in the matter of Kabbalah is folly and the cause of great harm. 284

Informing on tax cheats 285

Internet Filtering: The false sense of security 286

Internet:Fighting the Internet - no holds barred & any twisting of truth is permitted! 287

Introduction to my new book on the Jewish understanding of marriage and gender issues 288

Is a person tested with a task beyond his ability? Two opposing views 289

Issues that people have a lust for leniences such as birth control are not to be presented to the masses 291

Jew: Can a Jew lose his status as Jew? 293

Jewish Calculus of Suffering:Stop sin or suffering? 294

Jews Were a primitive and uncultured people 295

Jews:In Egypt did not keep Torah & Mitzvos 296

Jews:Less likely to change from moral chastisement than goyim 297

Jews:Protected from assimilation by being despised and uncivilized 298

Kabbala is not for everyone    - Rivash 299

Kabbala can increase sexual lust even amongst talmidei chochomim - Rav Tzadok 300

Kanoi a path in Avodas HaShem 301

Key to learning Torah is challenging Sages who are presumed to be correct 302

Kiddush HaShem:Mesiras nefesh which ignores consequences? 303

Kiruv for non-Jews with Jewish Identity II 304

Kiruv - Lying to make someone religious?! 305

Kollel:Leaving Kollel is dangerous 306

Kosher equivalents - why? 307

Kuzari principle and commonsense 308

Lashon harah: Not speaking lashon harah might be sinful 309

Lashon harah:About yourself? 310

Lashon harah:Chofetz Chaim permits for to'eles only when not motivated by hatred. 311

Lashon harah:Circumstantial evidence & lashon harah 312

Lashon harah:Defining Rechilus - Rambam vs Chofetz Chaim 313

Lashon harah:Informing his students or children of bad deeds of others 314

Lashon harah:Only prohibited when there is no benefit or to'eles 315

Lashon harah:Public knowledge is not lashon harah 317

Lashon harah:Sin of not saying lashon harah /Rav Ovadiah Yosef 318

Lashon harah:The nature of the prohibition of not accepting lashon harah 319

Leaders:Avoid justifying views with logical proofs or reasons 320

Leaders:Problematic leaders 321

Learning from a teacher who is not fit 322

Lesson of Pinchas: Leaders must protest evil! 323

Love neighbor as yourself 324

Loving another - only means their welfare 325

Lust and the nature of children 326

Magic is real - Ramban 327

Magic:Jews used to have magic beds 329

Malbim disappointed Rav Yisroel Salanter by neglecting halacha for Tanach in order to fight Haskala 330

Mamzer 331

Marriage:A man is more of a slave to his wife than she to him 332

Marriage:A man should love his wife just as he does his tefilin 333

Marriage:A woman's do it yourself guide to annulling marriage. 334

Marriage:Avoid Marriage if it results in Adultery 335

Marriage:Bad wife is desirable 336

Marriage:Chasan steps on Kallah's foot to be boss? 337

Marriage:Divorce 338

Marriage:Eishes chayil - the ideal wife? 340

Marriage:Every wife is to be ruled by her husband - Ben Yehoyada (Men 43b) 342

Marriage:Free will Rambam 343

Marriage:Good wife views her husband as her master - Menoras HaMe'or 344

Marriage:How Rav Aharon picked his son-in-law Rav Dov 345

Marriage:Incompatible with greatness 346

Marriage:Jealousy can only be removed by G-d 347

Marriage:Kiruv can be dangerous to marriage 348

Marriage:Love for wife is qualitatively no different than that of  fellow man 349

Marriage:Maharal - BM (84a) discussing marital relations 350

Marriage:Man takes - Wife doesn't give herself 351

Marriage:Midos are the most important factor in choosing a wife? 352

Marriage:Misconceptions about marriage - a wife is not a shtender 354

Marriage:Misconceptions about marriage - asceticism is prime value 355

Marriage:Moshe why did he married Yisro daughter? 357

Marriage:Must husband be informed of wife's adultery  Rav O. Yosef 358

Marriage:Must husband be informed of wife's adultery  Tosfos Yom Tov 359

Marriage:Nullifying marriage with homosexual husband 360

Marriage:Pele Yo'etz 361

Marriage:Predestined? 363

Marriage:Rav Wolbe's advice to chasanim 364

Marriage:Rav Yaakov Kaminetsy's haskoma to R Travis's marriage manual 365

Marriage:Ropshitzer:Explaining shelo asani isha - to his wife 366

Marriage:Shalom bayis - wife's first obligation is respect of her husband - not her parents or children 367

Marriage:Subservience of wife was a punishment 368

Marriage:Taking care of senile ex- wife? 369

Marriage:Telling husband it is a mitzva to give Get/Sin not to 370

Marriage:Understanding Marriage through Divorce 371

Marriage:What is pritzus for wife - Different views 373

Marriage:What qualities to look for in a wife?" 374

Marriage:Wife is subordinate to her husband to the degree he is subordinate to G-d - Netziv 375

Marriage:Yibam (levirate marriage): A wife is considered as one of her husband's limbs like Eve was of Adam 376

Mazikim Erev Shabbos 377

Mechitza 378

Mechitza  for how many women? 379

Meir Pogrow (founder of Master Torah program) has been determined to be a rasha by beis din and that it is prohibited for women to have any contact with him 380

Meir Pogrow: Learning Torah from morally disgusting individuals: The gag reflex 381

Meir Pogrow: Rav Chaim Malinowitz' response to the question of whether Pogrow's Torah shiurim should be removed 382

Meir Pogrow: Why wasn't he stopped by people who clearly knew he was a danger years ago? 383

Mendel Epstein - Gittin by torture trial: An urgent request for as many people as possible to attend the trial 384

Moderation is normally required but extremism is required in times of spiritual danger BK (60b) 385

Mordechai Tendler's "Mesores Moshe" - What is it? 386

Mother is main disciplinarian & should not show mercy when hitting kids 387

Mussar Movement as frum Haskalah 388

Mussar Movement did it fight Haskala by being a frum Haskala or by focusing on developing greater yiras shamayaim and character perfection? 389

Mussar Movement was haskala - a man-based vision to revive religion 390

Natural Childbirth 391

Need to apologize to maskilim who fought against hypocrisy 392

Netziv:Why Rikva couldn't communicate with Yitzchok 393

Not speaking to women 394

Obligation of loving gerim and not tormenting them 395

Occupation you like - only? 396

One who says This teaching is pleasant but this is not pleasant loses the fortune of Torah. 397

Order of protection in divorce cases 398

Original sin was to think woman equal to man - Chasam Sofer 399

Philosophy originated with the Jews - not the Greeks 401

Piety is primarily in motivation - not unique deeds 402

Pikuach Nefesh & mental health II 403

Pilpul without understanding text - stupifies 404

Pinchas was an angel 405

Powers of gemstones 406

Prayer -serving G-d 407

Proof of G-d's existence 408

Prophet can misunderstand his prophetic vision 409

Proselytizing is problematic - Aruch HaShulchan 410

Psychological Abuse - Identity & expectations/ Maharal 411

Psychologist's role in religious change - is there one? 412

Psychology:A Jewish therapist or a therapist who is Jewish 413

Psychology:Has it created an oversensitivity to torment or discovered it? 414

Psychology:How to explain Torah & Psychology to kiruv rabbis? 415

Psychology:Saving a suicidal gay man - by reconcilling him with his estranged lover? 416

Psychology:Torah Psychotherapy is learned from Torah or doesn't violate Torah? 417

Public challenge to any of Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky's supporters to defend his actions in a guest post! 419

Punishment of family is mida keneged mida 420

Purim and the Kaminetsky-Greenblatt Heter 421

R' Herzfeld's "heter" to publicly embarrass Aaron Friedman 422

Rabbeinu Tam's Shunning: Tzitz Eliezar & Rav Yosef 423

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin - president of the RCA -  clarifies the RCA-Rav Belsky joint statement on child abuse. 424

Rabbinic divorce decisions need greater involvement of mental health professionals 425

Rabbinic infallibility: Examples of  Rabbis apologizing for harmful mistakes 426

Rabbi's prime responsiblity is protecting people from harm 428

Rachel showed modesty by betraying Yaakov? 429

Raising children - curse or joy? 430

Rambam - does he agree with Ramban about sexual lust? 431

Rambam rejects Chazal because he was a rationalist 433

Ramban disagreeing with Chazal because of Zohar 434

Ramban's view of nature? 435

Rape - does G-d want someone to be raped? 437

Rashi indicates one's children are punished for not fighting molesters 438

Rationalstic and philosophical rabbis more negative to women than kabbalists or mystics 439

Rav Chaim Malinowitz: Rav Feldman is mistakenly transforming this outrage against the Torah into a mere dispute of poskim 440

Rav Chaim Malinowitz: Understanding suffering and revenge 441

Rav Dessler: Free-will & creation of Adam 442

Rav Dessler: Yeshiva should deny self-esteem to those not fully involved in Torah study 443

Rav Dessler:Failure of parents and teachers to hit children is producing Nazis and brazen people 444

Rav Eliashiv:Ma'os Alei - Get not required (1 174) 445

Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, shlita 446

Rav Ephraim Greenblatt:Interview from 1990 447

Rav Gestetner's letter regarding Tamar Epstein's heter to remarry without a Get 449

Rav Menashe Klein: How does calling an abuser a rodef - permit calling the police? 450

Rav Moshe Feinstein :A man is more of a slave to his wife than she to him 451

Rav Moshe Feinstein:Approches to psak 452

Rav Moshe Feinstein:Blessing the sun - and a child 453

Rav Moshe Feinstein:Honoring Conservative & Reform "Rabbis" with an aliyah? 454

Rav Moshe Feinstein:Medical screening and Bitachon 455

Rav Moshe Feinstein:The Obligation to Speak and to Act 457

Rav Moshe Feinstein:The statement found in Rashi (Menachos 43b) that a wife is a slave to her husband is nonsense 459

Rav Moshe Feinstein:Untrue story being circulated 460

Rav Moshe Feinstein:Validating conversion for non-observant gerim 461

Rav Moshe Shapiro: Meeting with Rav Moshe Shapiro 463

Rav Moshe Shapiro’s approach to kiruv and the month of Shevat by Rav Chaim Malinowitz 466

Rav Moshe Sternbuch - Authorized Translation 467

Rav Sternbuch's parsha sheet 468

Rav Moshe Sternbuch: Concerning the dreadful draft decree 469

Rav Moshe Tendler 470

Rav Noach Weinberg’s advice about my sefer Daas Torah 471

Rav Nosson Kaminetsky: Those who questioned the validity of the Chofetz Chaim's dibbuq 472

Rav Nota Greenblatt denounces those who claim they have secret poskim with secret reasoning 473

Rav Ovadiya Yosef: Forcing husband to divorce moredes 474

Rav S. R. Hirsch & his contemporary incarnation - Rabbi Slifkin 475

Rav S. R.Hirsch - we can't emulate great men who are portrayed as flawless 476

Rav Schachter joining with Rav Kaminetsky in disregarding the Baltimore Beis din and saying that Aharon should be forced to give a Get 477

Rav Shimon Shkop stayed at YU in order to emulate Rav Yisroel Salanter 478

Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach:Your spiritual (& physical life) comes before that of others 479

Rav Sternbuch: Get for civil & Reform marriages? 481

Rav Sternbuch: Tradition is not to teach Tanach - why? 482

Rav Sternbuch:Forcing Husband to divorce Wife 483

Rav Sternbuch:Husband should not be spiteful and should give a Get if there is no chance of reconcilliation and all issues are resolved 484

Rav Sternbuch's protest against heter for Tamar Epstein to remarry without a Get 486

Rav Triebetz: Does Rav Yisroel Salanter have a legacy? 487

Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky: Bean counting - Non-Jewish woman vs niddah? 489

Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky: Why he erred in thinking the Maharsham was senile 490

Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky:Zealotry is necessary - but only if guided by a clear understanding of Torah 491

Rav Yisroel Reisman: It is redifus to publish information about this particular sex offender - he is not a danger to the community 492

Rav Yisroel Salanter poskened: "It is prohibited to desecrate Shabbos to save my life." 493

Rav Yisroel Salanter tried being a chassid 494

Rav Ovadiah  Yosef (3:20) - Forcing only sometimes 495

Reality Check: A frum Jew is supposed to be a nice person 497

Redemption from Egypt by G-d or angel? 499

Religion has replaced sex as taboo 500

Religious Bullying - "You are a shaigetz, I am a tzadik" 501

Religious criticism:Responding  - Maharal in Be'er HaGolah 502

Remarrying after only secular divorce 503

Removing Mention of Michael Hersh/Hirsch 504

Righteous people can also change 505

Rivkah was afraid of Yitzchok and felt inferior to him - Netziv 506

Ruach hakodesh & Ruach hakodesh of the intellect are not the same 507

Ruach hakodesh is reason Biblical verses are omnisignificant - Netziv 508

Ruach rah - does it exist today? 509

Sanhedrin is not protected against error 510

Satanic  abuse rings:Is there a ring of such pedophiles operating in Sanhedria Murchevet? 511

Satanic abuse hysteria: Dr. Joy Silberg - what is her role? 512

Satanic abuse rings A disturbing postscript 513

Satanic abuse rings: Dr Joy Silberg a believer in Satanic cults (and repressed memories) and Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz 514

Satanic abuse rings:Therapists say go back to America or switch to Mizrachi schools! 516

Satanic abuse rings:The problematic paranoid thinking needed to accept the allegations of Satanic Abuse Rings 517

Satmar Rav says Six Day War victory was natural - without Divine Providence 518

Satmar Rebbe:Criticism of his views 520

Scheslinger Twins:A personal Elul message for Dr. Schlesinger - "Have you no shame?" 521

Schlesinger Twins: Rebbitzen Rosenberg comes to Vienna community to help Beth and her children 522

Schlesinger Twins: Why does the court prefer a Filipino stranger as primary caretaker? 524

Schlesinger Twins:A day in the life of the custodial parent - Dr. Michael Schlesinger 525

Science vs.Torah 526

Scientific facts are not final even for Chazal 527

Science:Use of DNA to free an Aguna 528

Science:Validity of views R’ Sherira Gaon & Rambam’s son 529

Scientific statements of Chazal might only be according to the science of their day 530

Secular education and Rav Shach 531

Secular knowledge is from ruach hakodesh 532

Secular knowledge:The importance of secular studies 533

Seminary Scandal: "They call him Tatte" - How should male teachers relate to female students? 534

Seridei Aish:Need to apologize to maskilim who fought against hypocrisy 535

Sex and kiruv: Problem of the charismatic rabbi 536

Sex as a metaphor for love of Torah & G-d 537

Sex change by surgery - halachically valid? 538

Sexual relations: Prohibition of thinking of another person 539

Sexuality 541

Sexuality:Reading medical texts regarding sex 542

Sexuality:Importance of sexual satisfaction - and not just focusing on doing a mitzva 543

Sheitel and maris aiyen 544

Should I avoid presenting the Torah viewpoint because of threats of violence? 545

Shulem Deen: Truthseeker who had too many unanswered questions or an apikorus skillful in deceptively leaving out most of the important details needed to understand who he is 546

Simonim 547

Sitting next to women on buses 548

Slander for the sake of Peace 549

Snakes as servants 550

Social pressure to sin? 551

Sorcery 552

Sotah an explanation 553

Source of the berachos of a tzadik - heard from the Bostoner Rebbe 554

Spilling soup on someone to stop bitul Torah: Rav Zilberstein 555

Stealing in order to help others - is it permitted? 556

Stefan Colmer - convicted molester has moved to Passaic - Rav Eisenman requested that this be publicized 557

Steipler: There is no rebbe muvhak today since we learn from seforim - and not orally 558

Stereotypic thinking:Intelligent opening-minded chareidim is not an oxymoron 559

Strange tale concerning a man of simple but flawed belief & the Arizal 560

Suicide & Teshuva 561


Superiority of Israel 568

Supernatural:Magic Demons and Astrology real? 569

Supernatural:Nature vs supernatural 570

Talmid chachom needs an attractive wife 571

Talmid chachom/tzadik is beyond criticism because he is presumed that he doesn't sin or because he certainly repented immediately? 572

Talmid chachom: A real talmid chachom needs to be insensitive to his family? 574

Talmid chachom:A seeker of truth must be rude (“navel") 576

Talmid chachom:A talmid chachom needs to be insensitive to his family? 577

Talmid chachom:Do talmidei chachomim really insult and belittle each other? 579

Talmid chachom:Is a worker superior to a talmid chochom? 580

Talmid chachom:Should be a nice person? 581

Talmid chochom is not necessarily kind and merciful 582

Talmud vs esoteric wisdom 583

Tamar Epstein Heter: R' Greenblatt said he simply accepted whatever R Shalom Kaminetsky told him 584

Tamar Epstein: Protest by Rav Shlomo Miller, R E B Wachtfogel, R Moshe Green and R Yechiel Tauber 585

Tamar Epstein: Protest from Rav Pinchus Rabinowitz' Beis Din 586

Tamar Epstein: Rav Sariel Rosenberg protests against heter 587

Tamar Epstein: What role did Rav Shmuel and Rav Sholom Kaminetsky play in the giving of the heter to remarry without a Get? 588

Tamar Epstein:A well known frum psychologist's two cents 589

Tamar Epstein:Rav Aharon Feldman's letter regarding Tamar Epstein's heter 590

Tamar Epstein:Therapists that saw Tamar and Aharon deny discussing Aharon with anyone 592

Tamuz letter of Baltimore Beis Din - removed at the request of the Baltimore Beis Din 593

Teacher beats student from anger at his inattention - must he pay damages? 594

Teaching child a trade 595

Telescope invented in his time to validate G-d's supervision 596

Text and verbal teachings are not the Mesorah 597

The dangers of being on a high spiritual level 598

The dangers of universal education and access of the masses to clear texts 599

The Emperor has no clothes - Eternal Jewish Family & Daas Torah 600

The honor of a Jewish women is staying in the house - moral value or halacha? 601

The insensitive condescension of the secular towards the Orthodox community 603

The necessity for Adam to sin - Netziv (Bereishis 2:4) 604

The need for WOW!! as an indication of the deterioriation of the system 605

The only defense  for the Kaminetsky-Greenblatt heter is to attack me personally 607

The problem of a convicted sex offender using threats of lawsuits to prevent publicizing his activities 608

The relationship between G-d and the Jews is like a husband to his wife 609

The severe sin of going to a non-Jewish court 612

The Sin of Adam - inaccurate self-assessment 613

The Tiger Woods of the Chareidi world 614

Thoughts of sin are worse than the sin itself 615

Three Belzers & a Blogger trying to understand Daas Torah 616

Torah is medicine for soul not body 617

Torah is the word of G-d - no need to apologize 618

Torah law is used as long as society functions properly/Igros Moshe 619

Torah laws must be observed even if observance causes degradation or shame 620

Translation of seforim including Igros Moshe & making halacha seforim with psakim without sources & reasons 621

Torah Study & Working: Payment for Torah - Rav Moshe Feinstein 622

Torah Study & Working: Shulchan Aruch (156) vs Mishneh Berura 623

Tropper - Smear Campaign 624

Tropper doesn't know when to give up 625

Tropper says he is not taking me to court 626

Tropper scandal Is this what Lakewood is producing? 627

Tropper:Advice & appeal for Tropper and his opponent 628

Tropper:Former defender has regrets 629

Tuma is it real?Rambam vs Ramban 630

Two attitudes towards mitzvos 633

Tzadik described as being G-d 634

Tzadik is born because of a clothes line - and other false stories 636

Tzadik overruling G-d 638

Unity of G-d vs belief in His physicality - Rav Tzadok 639

Use of deception to get mitzvos & spiritual perfection 641

Varieties of hashgocha protis 642

Views which grate on modern sensibilities:Sexual abuse is less serious than using an inaccurate commerical scale 643

Vilna Gaon's Letter to his wife: Mussar, beatings & sensitivity 644

Walking with G-d 645

Weiss Dodelson: Divorce settlement required the Weiss's to ask me to take down blog posts 646

Weiss Dodelson: Rav Shlomo Miller's letter to Rav Malkiel Kotler retracting his support for Dodelson 647

What is a tzadik? 648

What was Adam's sin? Decision whether to live as man or angel 649

Why didn't Ezra convert intermarried couples? 651

Why Moshiach is descended from the convert Ruth 652

Why is EJF refusing to have open for-the-record dialogue? 653

Why does G-d repent? 654

Why is Earth spherical? 655

Why were religious Jews attracted to Haskala? 656

Wife & mother-in-law fight - who has to leave? 657

Wife refuses Get /Husband remarry without heter 100 Rabbis? 658

Women:Death 659

Women:Inherently materialistic 660

Women:Mature intellectually earlier than men because they don't study Torah 661

Women:Men are equally holy 662

Women:Misbehaving woman is ugly-Beauty only to serve G-d 663

Women:Prohibition of looking at women 664

Women:Reach perfection only through men 665

Women:Should not drive because of modesty and temperament which results in many accidents 666

Women:Walking behind a woman - prohibited today? 668

Women:Weak minded but have greater Binah (understanding) 669

Women:What do women want sexually? sources in Torah literature 670

Women:Why exempt from mitzva of Torah study Rav Feinstein 671

Women:Witchcraft 672

Women:Woman lacks the image of G-d and intellect 673

Yakov called g-d 674

Yakov was he referring to G-d or an angel? 675

Yakov was punished for calling himsel Israel (Dinah was raped) 676

Yashar (upright) vs Tzadik (righteous) 677

Yeshiva as hospital - women aren't sick 678

Yeshiva is an artificial institution - Rav Hutner 679

Yetzer 681

Yoel Weiss and Rivky Stein: Update 682

You should know that Rav Dovid Feinstein and Rav Nota Greenblatt are good friends" 683

Your disgusting blog 684

Zohar was not originally in the form we have today 685

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  1. from Yated Neeman

    Gedolei Yisroel Are The Only Ones With Authority To Determine How Converts Are Accepted
    By Betzalel Kahn

    "Rav Nochum Eisenstein, chairman of the Vaad HaRabbonim Haolami LeInyonei Giyur founded by HaRav Chaim Kreiswirth zt'l, rov of Antwerp, which works hand-in-hand with Eternal Jewish Family, presented harsh figures illustrating the extent of the fictitious conversions that are carried out in Eretz Yisroel."


    So, a non-fiction (EJF) conversion , which is hand in hand with Eisenstein (poodle of Rav Elyashiv) includes the leniency of the Rabbi to copulate with a prospective convert, in order to give her the non-fiction certificate; too pimp her to his friends, and of course to bring his own wife into the game.

    All under the supervision of the Vaad HaRabbonim , founded by the rov of Antwerp and Gedolei hador - as attested to by Yated.


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