Sunday, September 10, 2023

Range of Legitimate Views

I just received the following comment to a recent post that included:

 I remember going to visit Rav Bulman at Ohr Someach where he served as Mashgiach. He quickly grasped what I was doing even before I did. He said, ”You are showing that there is a range of legitimate Jewish views. But since the official view is that there is only one correct view, you will never get away with it. I want to buy the first copy. Do you understand I don’t want a copy as a gift, I want to buy it." 

The above is very important but I would like to get your thoughts (especially as a psychologist) on whether this could also shake a person's sense of stability. Seeing that basing everything is open to question and different opinions sort of pulls out the rug from under the person's feet (at least for some people). Basically, the answer to most questions of basic hashkafa is "we don't know." That's the truth, but it can be unsettling. 

I replied

true. But that applies to most things in life

Even getting married or child rearing or politics has no simplistic answers


Just want to add - I went to speak with Rav Eliyahiv  concerning this exact issue.

He first asked whether my sources were all acceptable main stream ones. Which I assured him that was all I used. He said simply, do not censor material  just because they seem to contradict each other. If a person is confused that is why he has a rebbe. Let him go to discuss this with his rebbe. 

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