Sunday, September 10, 2023

Kosher Theft

 There is a bizarre phenomenon in Religious circles where taking something which belongs to others is justified because it is needed. 

There was a sign in the shul where I daven on Shabbos that a number of Kollels were using the building during the week without paying rent or even paying for the electricity they used or even for cleaning the mess they leave or even asking permission. Additionally we find schools or congregations taking over buildings that belong to others - because they need the building. This also applies to building on land that belongs to others. We also find individuals taking seforim from shuls and yeshivas because they need them. 

In apartments, storage areas are used even when it prevents others from their property. In one case one person blocked access to a public stair case because he wanted to expand his own apartment. People illegally extend storage areas and endanger the structure of the entire building - because they need the income from the illegal rooms that they have created

The excuse is well it wasn't being used and I need it. Much like the supreme court justice who said he merely sat in what would have been an empty seat on a private jet. Thus it is being claimed that the victim was being nasty by not sharing that which he didn't really need or use. 


  1. Nothing kosher about it
    If a Muslim steals from a department store, that's not halal.
    If an outwardly frum person wears Shatnez or eats lobster, it's not kosher either.

  2. Hasagat Gevul

  3. I recall a fragment of a statment attributed to Reb Yaacov that children begin with learning bava kamma because children need to learn that things belong to other people. The described examples sound like slippery extensions of another neglected area: Zeh Neheneh Zeh Lo Chaser


    Jake segal, also frum theft - the pictures show a talmid chacham and a menuval in the same person.

  5. לא יהיה קדש מבני ישראל

  6. Oh, so in litvish yeshivas they teach there is no sin involved in promiscuous arayos with multiple women, with no mikveh involved?

  7. Devarim 23:18 - How relevant?

    Sanhedrin 54b:2
    We have learned from here the prohibition for the one who engages in homosexual intercourse actively. From where do we derive the prohibition for one who engages in homosexual intercourse passively? The verse states: “There shall not be a sodomite [kadesh] among the children of Israel” (Deuteronomy 23:18). And another verse, cited to clarify the meaning of the term kadesh, states: “And there were also sodomites [kadesh] in the land, they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the Lord drove out before the children of Israel” (I Kings 14:24). This is the statement of Rabbi Yishmael.

  8. ספר החינוך (סדר דפוס פרנקפורט)/תקע

    ונוהג איסור זה בכל מקום ובכל זמן בזכרים ונקבות. והעובר על זה ושכב עם הפנויה, חייבים מלקות הוא והיא.

  9. Also it's 99% chance these women were all Niddah

  10. Limmud zchus?

  11. "Open Chareidi " movement?

  12. These zimri types are competing for the biggest chillul Hashem of the year.
    Just view it from the secular or traditional Jew point of view. Last year it was vilder, this year it's the yeshiva guy.


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