Thursday, January 13, 2022

G-d's empathy

 Shemos Rabbah (02:05). 5. AND THE ANGEL OF THE LORD APPEARED UNTO HIM (III, 2). It is written: I sleep, but my heart waketh (S.S. V, 2). I am asleep as regards the commandments, but my heart is awake to do them. My undefiled-tamathi (ib.)-because they attached themselves (nith-tamemu) to Me at Sinai and said: ‘All that the Lord had spoken will we do, and obey’  (Ex. XXIV, 7). R. Jannai said: Just as in the case of twins (te'omim), if one has a pain in his head the other feels it also, so God said, as it were6: ’I will be with him in trouble’  (Ps. XCI, 15)....It says: In all their affliction He was afflicted (Isa. LXIII, 9). God said to Moses: ‘Do you not realize that I live in trouble just as Israel live in trouble? Know from the place whence I speak unto you-from a thorn-bush- that I am, as it were, a partner in their trouble.’

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